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I’m going to tell a story about my teacher whom I enjoyed this with. Believe me she was a real beauty and I was lucky chap to have her. This goes back to the studies time. Our computer teacher was a newly married lady around 24 years of age, 5′ 7″, extremely fair, with excellent figure. I was always waiting for a computer, so that I can have a glimpse of her and fantasize about her in night.

She generally used to wear saree or salwar kurta. She was extremely beautiful and in saree she just appeared to be real beauty as one can see her nice slim waist and her big boobs in her tight matching blouse. I always used to stare her while she is taking a class. My fantasy did not come true when I was in school time. It came true when I left the school and met her after 2 years, when I was doing my engineering in computer science.

I left the school but she was still in my dreams and in my fantasies, but I never met her, as I did not know where she lived. Nor did I go to school specially to meet her, as I felt awkward to go to school just to meet the teacher. One day, I was driving my bike in the evening and I found her in the market. She was there with her husband for shopping. I wished her and talked about the school days. She asked me what I am doing and she was glad to know that I am studying computers at the college. She told me that I could contact her, if I need any help or suggestion regarding books or project during the studies. I took her contact number and gave my mobile number to her. During this casual talk, I came to know that her husband engaged in a shipping firm and had to travel a lot.

I went to home and through her contact number I got down her address. She lived in our nearby place (around 5 km. from my home). I waited for 15-20 days and called her up and I asked her that whether she can suggest me some good books on programming and she told me the name of books on the phone. So, after every two three days we used to talk on phone and talk about computers. Of course we talked about general things too. So, once I asked her that I need help in making the project for my semester end and she happily agreed. It was summer vacations and she was free. I went to her home and I carried some fruits and chocolates for the couple (in fact for the teacher) and discussed the project with my teacher. Her husband was also impressed by my nature and my behavior. I used to go to her home in the evening around 5 pm and her husband came at 6:30, so we all had tea and snacks together. One evening her husband told her that he will be going to Singapore for an official tour and asked me to take care of my teacher.

I always used to stare my teacher, while she was explaining the project or working on the computer. She had long black hairs and her dress up sense was quite great. I loved the way she matched up the color combinations choosing her dress. She had smooth silky arms, a nice sexy waist and big round boobs. So, while her husband was away, I used to go to her home in the morning and helped her with her household chores, get the things from the market etc. One day she told me that I should do lunch with her and I agreed. So after the household chores were done, she asked me to wait and went to take a bath. I was watching the TV and reading the newspaper. She took a bath and came out and she was looking awfully beautiful in the pink gown and the towel tied down on her head. I was literally stunned by her beauty and could not move my eyes from her. She asked me “what happened?” I replied back, madam you are looking very beautiful and your husband is really a lucky person that he got married to you. She just smiled and said nothing.

While we were taking the lunch, she asked whether I have a girlfriend in college and I told her that I do not have any girlfriend. She asked me the reason and I told her that there are few girls in my college and I do not have special feelings towards anybody. I asked her about how the life changes after marriage. She told me that it is a big responsibility and one has to adjust with many things after leaving the mom’s home and all that. I left after the lunch and she asked me to join her at the dinner, as she feels lonely while taking a dinner. I promised that I would be at her home at dinnertime.

While having a dinner I was staring at her as usual and she asked again. What are you thinking? I just replied back, madam you are very beautiful and smiled. She smiled back at me. After dinner, we were watching a movie on a TV and she told me that she has got a pain in her back and if I can help her by rubbing some iodex (a medicine) at her back and I happily agreed.

She lied down on the bed and I was rubbing iodex at her back and she seemed to enjoy it. After 3 to 5 minutes I asked her if she is feeling better. She replied back “yes” and also asked me to rub a little up, so I did but it was touching with her blouse. I told her that her blouse might get stained due to medicine. She turned back and told me “ok I will take off the blouse” and she started undoing her blouse.

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Oh my god! I could not believe it, she took off her blouse and she was wearing a black bra and I could not take off my eyes over her beautiful boobs that were captivated in her bra. She asked “what happened”; I once again told that she is too beautiful. By now, I have gained some confidence as it was a clear indication, that she too is interested. She once again lied back and asked me to rub the iodex. I began rubbing it all over her back and asked if I can massage her shoulders and neck. She said “that it would be fine”, so I slowly put my arms over her neck and began working down her shoulders, gently pressing them.

Also, I was massaging her back in between. She had a silky soft back and shoulders, too sexy to resist, but I was bit afraid. However, while massaging her back, I unhooked the bra and she did not said a word. I was gaining confidence and I pressed her shoulders a bit hard and she said “aahh” and I told her that it will help her relax. She then turned around and looked towards me, her bra strap was loose (as I opened it before) and she took off her bra.

The beautiful boobs were in front of me and I could not resist my self. My eyes were shining. She told me that you are too shy and I was a big fool and I asked her “why?”, she smiled and said “such a beautiful lady is standing in front of you and you are not doing anything to please her, come on, don’t be shy”. I at once grabbed her boobs and started pressing them hard. I could not believe my luck. She loosened her hairs so that they fall on her back till her waist length. She came near to my face and our lips were hardly an inch apart. I kissed on her lips and began smooching her. I took her in my arms and began kissing her wildly. While kissing her on my neck, I told her “wow, madam, you are very sexy”.

She told me that do not call me madam; that was in school, call me by my name “we are good friends now”. I whispered in her ears sasi, you are very beautiful”. She undid my shirt and began kissing on my shoulders, and chest. I was loosing control over my self. I was busy kissing her and pinching her boobs and my cock was getting tight in my pants. I began kissing her big beautiful boobs and started sucking them hard. Her hands were busy opening my trousers, she opened the button of my jeans and opened the zip and she could sense my tight cock in my underwear. I hold one end of her saree and started pulling it. She was turning round and round the saree was coming off. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Once the saree came off, we cuddled together on the sofa and I took her petticoat off and she was wearing black panties underneath.

She put her hand inside my underwear and grabbed my tool. Then she took off my underwear and my 6″ inch dick was fully erect to please the beauty. She laid comfortably on the sofa and I slid down her panty and took it off. She had a beautiful creamy thighs and I kissed them every inch. Her pussy was shaven and clean. She told me to get the condoms from one of the drawer and I was back in less than a minute. She asked me to wear the condom and I did as she instructed. Then I began exploring her pussy and inserted my index finger in her pussy and rubbing it gently. She was enjoying it. Then she parted her thighs and asked me to come over. I got on top of her and inserted my dick in her cunt. Wow that was a lovely feeling, her cunt was a bit warm and my tool moved in. I put my lips on hers and began fucking her. She tied my round with her legs and asked me to increase the pace and I followed. I was kissing her on neck and our bodies were shaking. She asked me whether I have done sex before and I told her no, but I have watched many erotic movies and she told me to get one next time so that we can watch together. She clamped her legs, so her pussy was bit tight. I bit her gently on her shoulders.

Then we went into the bedroom and she asked me what I would like to do with her. I shyly told her that I would like to fuck her in doggy style and she was ready to do that. So on the bed, she got on her knees and asked me to come. I hold by her shoulders and rammed my cock inside her. I began giving her solid jerks. Then I came down and hold her by her boobs and started giving her more powerful shots. I pressed her boobs really hard and she moaned “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh easy, please be bit gentle on my boobs”

She had quite big boobs 36c and I really enjoyed playing with them. I fucked her for about 15 minutes and I told her that I am about to come. She took hold of my penis and removed the condom and started stroking my penis hard and I came on her face. She cleaned my penis with her tongue. Then we sat together, softly kissing and touching each other and she told me that her husband do a very plain and decent kind of sex. Just fuck her from the top and nothing else. So, I was getting late for home. Then she told me to come early in the morning, so that we can have fun again. So while her husband was away, we daily had sex two to three times in the day. When her husband came back, we used to meet in the afternoon and had a nice time. Then sometimes we watched adult cds together and imitated some of the positions. Then after 3 years, her husband got transferred to some other place and she left. Whenever she comes here as it is her native place we try to have some fun which is only between us.

Still I get fantasy dreams about her…..

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