My cousin, Chris Chapter Four by gothgreendaygirl

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Introduction: I think that this one’s longer than the rest.I honestly don’t know……..What about a whoop from all y’all people out there who even slightly like my stories? Sorry about the wait.Evrn though it was just about a day…I hope you like it!

•The next morning…•

I woke up to someone tickling me.Or at least, trying.I’m not very ticklish.I opened my eyes just a little bit.I saw Rory.Bastard was the first thought that came into my head.I punched him without looking.My fist connected his jaw.I heard an “oomph” followed by a thud.I got up and stretched.I glared at him as he was laying on the floor, rubbing his jaw.I put my hands on his wrists, as I succesfully made him stay down.”What the fuck were you doing?” I asked angrily.His eyes slightly widened.”It was his idea! I swear!” He said pointung at Ry.Rory was a terrible liar.You could see it in his eyes.They change color a little bit, too.”You’re a terrible liar, Rory.” I said before spitting on his face.”EW! Did you just spit on me?” He almost yelled.”Aww.Did I make little slave mad?” I asked teasingly, pinching his cheek.He stared back with un-emotional eyes.I sighed and got off of him.”Sorry.” I said reaching down to help him up.He took my hand and yanked me back onto him.I realized that I was still naked.He raused his head up and pushed mine down.I didn’t pull back.I liked his kisses.They were rough and kind at the same time.Much like his brother’s.Although, now that I think about it.Hunter’s a litttle more on the rough side.They were walking contradictions.He pulled back and let out a contented sigh. I got up and walked to the door.”Mornin’ babe.” I said passing Ry.He was frozen for a minute or two.

I went to the end of the hall to our room.I had a strange feeling to dress sexy today.So, I did.I don’t wer a bra and panties.Unless I’m at a place for a long time.Like school.Then I just wear panties.Usually G-strings.Anyway, I was wearing no underwear(I think we’ve covered that), a red and black plaid skirt that barely went past my ass, a black belly tee that said “Rebel” in white gothic handwriting, and black wedges.I replaced my belly ring with a shiny skull, and put on some eyeliner.Once I was done, I darted down the stairs, thanking God that I was used to heels.

I took a big gulp from the orange juice in the fridge.I did a spit take when I suddenly felt hands around my waist, lifting me into a bear-hug from behind.They didn’t feel like Rory’s, Hunter’s or Ry’s arms.These were more muscular.I looked down to see a bracelet and a ring that I recognised immediately.”Eli put me down right now or I’m going to HURL!” I yelled.He was swinging me around like a rag doll.”Sí, chicka.Miss me, couz?” He said, dropping me.He had me off the ground so I fell on my ass with one knee up.He walked over to my front.He started staring at me weirdly.Eli was 18 years old, same age as me.He was pretty big, though.He had light brown skin, dark hair, a very toned body, and mesmerizing grey eyes.He always wore his hair casually spiky.I hadn’t seen him in almost 5 years! I missed the big guy.I realized what he was staring at.My fully-exposed pussy.”Whoops.This is embarassing…” I said getting up and dusting my skirt off.”Why so emabarassed, couz? I’ve already seen you like that.”He said in his spanish accent.A smirk forming on his face.”Remember?” He asked slughtly lifting his shirt.I saw the tattoo I made him get.It went around his belly button.It was my name repeated only to be separated by a “•”.That one was just for fun.The real seal was one by his left eye.It was an intertwined G and E.Our first innitials.He eyed my neck.I moved the shirt collar a little to show him what he was looking for.It was the same tattoo.”Haha.How could I not forget?We were drunk off our asses! But I’m good at remembering things even when drunk, so…” I said smiling.He pulled me into another hug.Not lifting me off the ground, this time.”Do you wanna see the guys, G?” He whispered in my ear.I pulled back and raised an eyebrow.’The GUYS?’ Last time I heard, he only had one friend.I guess a lot changes in 5 years…I thought.I smiled and nodded.

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He covered my eyes and led me outside to the front yard.”Guys! Line up!” I heard him yell.I heard some talking die down.And some feet slapping against the hard gravel pathway.”You ready?” He asked in my ear.”Yep.” I replied.He let go and I opened my eyes to see 3 strangers looking at me with eyebrows raised and mouths open.”You can’t be related to her, Eli.What happened to you?” The tallest one said, gaining a few laughs from the other two.”Shut up, asshole.” Eli snapped.Their eyes went back to me.I could almost feel them undressing me with their eyes.I moved uncomfortably behind Eli.”Quit the staring, guys.You made her uncomfortable.” Eli said.He turned around to me as he held me by my shoulders.”You okay, flor?” He asked concerned.He never called me flower anymore.I missed it.”Y-yeah.The tall one’s purple-grey eyes looked so familiar, it’s scary.”I said.He chuckled a little.”I think you’ll be surprised when you see who he is…” He said pulling me out from behind him.”G, I’d like you to meet the twins.Carlos and Vince.” Eli said gesturing to the first two.They came up and kissed the back of my hands.They looked exactly the same.Except for one thing.The one I’m guessing is Carlos had a scar on his lip.They wore a chain around their necks.One had C and ine had a V as pendants.I felt myself blush as they retreated.”Micheal…Hey, where’d he go?” Eli asked looking around.Just then, A shirt-less guy with a very well built body came running up.”Eli! Sorry.Some guy tried to steal my bike.He had blonde hair, and a tattoo of a black rose on the back of his neck.” He said breathlessly.His eyes drifted over to me.”Well.Hola, señora.And what may I call you, lovely maiden?” He asked walking towarda me.Spanish accent.Nice.Apparently, all of them had spanish accents.”You can call me Gaby.Can you give me one second? Thank you.” I said walking to the door.”RORY! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!” I yelled as loud as I could.I turned back to Micheal saying, “I think I know the dumb-ass who tried to steal your bike.”.Rory appeared from the door.He put his arm around my shoulder and kissed me on my cheek.”What’s up?” He asked, ignoring Eli and his friends.I pushed him over to Micheal asking, “Is this the jack ass?” Micheal turned him aroud and checked for the tattoo.”Yup.That’s who tried to steal my bike.” Micheal said.I pulled Rory back harshly.”Rory.Why the FUCK would you steal a bike? You know I could just buy you one, right?” I asked him.He rubbed the back of his neck a little.He turned toward Micheal.Micheal looked furious.”Look, man.I-” Was all that Rory could say before Micheal punched him.

I rushed over to Rory.I kneeled down, putting his head on my lap.”Rory, are you okay?” I asked gently slapping his face.His head was slowly shaking from side to side.”Baby?” I asked him.He managed to get out a groan.I saw that he had a cut on his lip.I slowly stood up as I put his head down on the grass, gently.I ran in the living room.”HUNTER! RYAN! QUICK! HELP!” I yelled in.Moments later, they came in running.”Rory…in the front yard…Carry him to his room….I have something to…take care of.” I said crying.Rory landed pretty hard.They nodded and ran outside with me.Eli and his friends were frozen in shock.They were staring at Micheal.Who went to go sit on the front porch with his head in his hands, mumbling to himself.Rory was still on the ground.Hunter and Ryan took him to his bedroom.I kept staring at Micheal.I felt Eli’s hands around my waist as he whispered.”Micheal has behavioural issues.” I nodded my head, never taking my eyes off of Micheal.”Let’s leave him for a bit.He needs to calm down.” Eli said.He turned me around to face his friend that I hadn’t met yet.”G…I think you’d remember this one by his name.G, this is Valentino.” He said.My eyes widened in shock.I walked over to him and gave him a hug.”Miss me, Val?” I asked him.He looked down at me and smiled.”Too much, little G, too much.” He pulled back.

Ryan appeared back outside.”Gaby.We need you upstairs.” Ry said pointing to Rory’s window.I looked at Valentino one last time.”Just a minute, Ry.” I told him as I guided them into the house.I pat Micheal’s shoulder on the way in.”This is the living room.The fridge is over there with some beer.Make yourselves at hom.If you need anything, just yell.I’m right upstairs.”I said to them.Ryan came back down again.”Gaby.We really need you.” He said pointing up the stairs with his thumb. I turned to him.”Okay.” I turned back to the guys.”I gotta go help my boyfriend and Rory’s brother with Rory.” I looked at Valentino one more time.He looked about to kill.I wondered why.I gasped when I realized why.

Oh Shit.He…


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