my cousin laying naked, her brother told me to fuck her

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We’d played naked, 2 cousins, male & fem, sis & bro, and I and another girl, since we were about 8. Only mouth and butts. Now she was naked spread

I was staying overnight with my two cousins. F who was my age, 14 and S who was his sister at 13. We
with another girl in my neighborhood played naked together starting at 8. None of us had pubes yes, or developed. The neighbor girl was the first to get sprouting tits, she was a year old than us. She had budding tits, then some hair on her pussy. We mainly licked each other, or they sucked us, we couldn’t cum yet, then we were afraid to actually fuck, penis to pussy, so we started to stick our little hard cocks into the girls butts. The older one loved it and begged me for it even when the others weren’t around. I was gladly giving it to her as much as she wanted. S my girl cousin got it in her mouth and butt whenever we were all together. It was a lot of fun, we were all feeling really good. Then as we were maturing, S developed small tits, eventually to DD’s but she let us play with them and suckle them a lot. She’d see us suckling on the neighbor girl so she did it. The neighbor girl got pubes and I ate her a lot after that she came a lot, I still couldn’t pump out cum. When S, my cousin, got pubes she started shying away from her brother and I.

We found out that her mother gave her the talk. So with her mother gone for hours one morning, she and I were talking about things, and how we used to play. I took it easy and she wanted to play house, her brother was giving us room, waiting for me to signal that it was OK. In house, I was the husband and daddy, she was the wife and mommy. We did a mock wedding ceremony, then we got under her covers in our underwear and tee shirts. We were kissing, and I was squeezing her tits which were now about B cups I guess, and moved down to her pussy. She tried to pull my had away but I wouldn’t let her. I stuck my finger between her outer pussy lips, and moved it around, she liked it and was starting to breathe hard. I got hard and was rubbing up against her hips from the side. I went down on her tits, while rubbing inside her now very wet pussy lips. She was trying every once in a while to move my hand but I wouldn’t do it.

Kissing her, she broke off saying “Please let’s stop” I asked why? Didn’t it feel good? she said yes it did it felt really good and that I should stop. I asked why, if it felt good I should keep it up. she finally answered YES! With that I asked her to get up and strip for me and her brother, I called him in. She was not shy with the two of us, only since she got hair on her pussy. She said she’d show us hers with hair if we showed her ours with hair. We immediately took off our clothes and stood totally naked in front of her. She kept looking at them and seemed transfixed. I told her it was her turn, and she pulled down the front of her panties to show us, finally her hairy pussy. I told her she had to take them off like we did, and her tee also. She did it. Standing in front of us naked, I walked to her, grabbed her and kissed her, holding my cock up against her hairy bush. Her brother got behind her, rubbing into her ass crack. Then he took her to her bed, and laid her down. She just automatically parted her legs. He went down on her pussy and started licking, she was liking it but he never did it fast enough on her clit. So I took over and buzzing my tongue on her clit really fast she got off. She had one orgasm and I continued for another. He was telling me to fuck her, I said yes, I wanted to fuck her in her butt like we used to, only this time we had bigger cocks and could shoot. She’s moving against my mouth as I’m flicking her clit. He says “No, S do want us to fuck you?” she mumbled Yes in between breaths.

She was building up to another orgasm and halfway through I moved up to her, and my cock was at her pussy, I wiggled it around, then looked down. I saw her hole and lined up, she was grabbing at my shoulders, my waist, pulling me into her, and I took the plunge. “Are you in her?” F asked. “Yes, he’s in me all the way” she answered. “Oh yeah man, I’m inside her pussy” I told her. Looking down at her face, so small, so angelic, I kissed her and we both zoned out. We were there for each other fucking, making love with each other we couldn’t even hear her brother. I was slowly fucking her and I couldn’t last long. I told her and she was fast and soft telling me to pull if out when I did it. I couldn’t though. I pushed deeper into her, she just nodded her head, as we kissed then she put her mouth to my ear saying “I know, I know, I want it too”. I came. My first time fucking her, my first time cumming in a woman, her first time fucking too. There was my cum pulled out with me and some blood on the sheet, on her pussy and on my cock. I stood up and her brother got on top of her. She just laid there, initially told him he couldn’t finish inside her, and he didn’t. He pumped back and forth, fucking not making love to her. He was fucking his sister, he pulled out, and finished jacking off on her soft tits.

He pulled out immediately, took his fingers and used them to get his cum and put it in her mouth. The last bit her put in his “Not bad” he said. Then grabbed his clothes and went to the toilet to wash up and get dressed. We got together whenever we could, eventually she made her brother drop out of fucking, only BJs. Her very strict parents told her she couldn’t date anyone till she was 18. When she was 16 she was allowed to go out with me because I was an older cousin and they liked me. She fucked me constantly in her pussy, her ass, in her mouth. I got her to flash her tits to people, even go shoe shopping without panties so the salesman had a great view of her pussy.

She got pregnant once from me, but had a miscarriage in the second month about a week before we were going to tell our parents. So we escaped that one. However; he mother could tell what was going on and she was called to help. Her mother figured and made her admit that I had been fucking her, she also said her brother would sometimes fuck her butt and mouth. The mother sat us down and talked. She wasn’t telling anyone, not her husband, not my parents. She said she knew how good sex was and that we weren’t going to stop so she put her on birthcontrol. However; she did make her brother stop getting BJs and buttfucks.

I lost my virginity inside my cousins virgin pussy. I loved it. Glad she wasn’t pregnant and carried through, I honestly wouldn’t want to be married to her, she looked angelic back then, but she’s honestly got a great body, really big tits, but isn’t too attractive in the face. I guess I got what I wanted and needed, and dodged a bullet too.

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#Incest #Pregnancy #Teen #Virgin