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Hello friends and all iss readers I m very much happy due to this site I can have my child hood love with me in bed she was my cousin sister let me describe u about me and her

My name is vishwajeet (name changed) I m 27 height 6’ and a tight gym body and with a bit fat belly not beer belly but born belly and with whitish complexion my hobbies are music and playing guitar. My cousin sister payal (name changed) she is 28 and about 5’10 in height and a damn sexy figure 32-22-34 a real figure she is fit to her body and guys she is the dream girl of every man holding the rod.

We do stay in nashik and our education was in different schools she was very intelligent and I was not proper in studying a back bencher so she used to help me in studies during my 10th she had been with me studying and all night we use to sleep in one bed at that time I didn’t had any feeling for her as her tits were small and she was not so attractive, and she married to a person in nashik a arrange marriage as her financial position was not so good she had to get marry for her father burdens she had 2 younger brothers.

After her marriage we started roaming with my jiju and see movie actually I was very close to them as my jiju use to be my best friend in my college days we did not entertained her 2 younger brothers they were rude. Coming to the point.

After marriage payal had gained a bit weight she was looking more sexy and once my jiju had to go out for a trip to pune on that day she was alone and she called me to stay as her younger brother had got exams and to wake up early and go for exams they were busy and her mother too so she told me to come that night. I went there by 9:00. With a dairy milk and a pack of ice cream and a cd of romantic songs for my luck to shower to enjoy at night (guys do try this its very romantic) we had our dinner and sat in the hall watching TV actually I m least interested in watching TV so I went in her bedroom switch on the music system and started the dim light it was a red light 0 bulb .And bed sheet was velvet I just lied on my tummy on it so that my arousal wont be seen by her she saw the serial kyunki saas bhi kabhi and came to the bedroom and sat beside me she also enjoyed the music and told me a great choice of music I was playing kaise mein kahu tujse rehna hai tere dil mein I was repeating it since an hour she also loved it and (guys the romantic atmosphere works the most so be romantic at least when on bed) we just chatted about my girlfriends my life our back days enjoying days of life and I just kept my head on her legs to rest my head she didn’t mind as it was normal.

While chatting I asked about her sexual encounters with her husband she said that he is fat and growing fatter so cannot satisfy me and he is getting very bulky so all of them tease us as father and daughter which is very underestimating for me I said its ok u better don’t feel so cause I know your how u got married what were the consequences and told I can help u for anything u can tell me she said bluntly to hug her hearing it I was toasted and hugged her she also hugged boldly we were feeling our warmth her chest was touching mine and we hugged for about 10 min and then I slowly started getting my face from her shoulders to her face to kiss her I smooched her she responded me our tongues met and our salvias exchanged sorry for a break (guys you should always have the habit of brushing at night cause girls doesn’t like bad breaths and even guys doesn’t like so girls do brush at night cause no one likes to kiss an dustbin or an astray) we had that mint in our mouth for 15 minutes then she told me to massage her (the most beautiful part of sex, girls love) so I removed her clothes kept her in bra and panty and started massaging her softly she told me to have the cream or the cleansing milk so I took the lakme and started massaging her starting from her upper parts that is her shoulders her hands her boobs her waist and thighs and ass till the toe (guys do it cause u will know which parts of that girl arouse u the most and girl let them do to satisfy more) and I applied her Vicks too so that she gets that bruiting smell while having me. Then it was my turn.

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She also removed my clothes and I was only in my under wear she asked can I remove it I said wait and she didn’t but massaged my whole body and (guys it was an over whelming experience everyone should have it) after that we just opened our arms for each other and took a blanket (reshmi chaddar) on our body and slept on arms of each other (guys & gals the more slow the sex the most powerful sex) and started smooching and made her necked she also took off my underwear and made me necked I started to have her boobs press her on and on and on and I slipped from her lips to her boobs I sucked the nipples and bite the nipples (guys do it for girls satisfaction) she was just engrossed and after having her boobs for 10 minutes I slipped to her pussy it was very much hungry for me so first I started licking the triangle as it was shaved and clean (ladies do keep it shaved cause guys doesn’t like any disturbance)and started sucking it hard she came she had 3 pre cums before this session but she wanted more and more romancing.

She loved foreplay I had it in my mouth she was tasting like the cocktail juice it was aussum and she was exhausted and was telling me to have her to fuck her hard but still I had not sucked her between her legs so I started sucking her between her legs she was stunning maaaaaaaan she had just cupped legs to my body I mean she had twisted her legs from back of my body and was moaning the aaaaaaaaaaaaa, oooooo ooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo suck eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don’t playyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckkkk

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I was going to start the play so was making her ready for it I was patting on her pussy. Hardly with my rod and with my hand (guys a best way to make girls arose) she was getting wild and sat and started holding my rod and telling me to fuck her she hold it so hardly it was the eagerness to make me fuck her and I went on her lips again gave her kiss and then she guided me to her hole I kept my penis on it and pushed inside she was not so tight I easily went into her and started stroking her she was full with satisfaction biting my hands next to her and pining her nails on my body, there were around 15-20 marks on my body from that hot tigress I told her I will cum she told to burst it in her pussy as it was her safer period and had no issues and want to have an issue from me as her son she told me to cum inside I cum with a huge burst in her pussy at the same time she also came. We were totally exhausted after my 3 and her 4th cum.

I just drop myself on her body and was resting there on her body after half hour we went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves she made coffee for me and her too she had put the pieces of Cadbury and the ice cream into it so it was tasting very nice we had it and half of the Cadbury she kept it in the fridge so after sometime we were into arms again I took the ice cream kept it on her belly and her cunt and started eating it she was getting vigorous and told me to stop as she was getting pains I stopped it (guys don’t ever make urself boss while making love always listen what ur partner says) she will enjoy it every time and will think of u lifetime u r the best on bed. After sometime we slept and the next day morning I just kissed her on cheeks and not on lips (don’t kiss on lips they stink u might get away from her or him) and wake up and made a morning tea for her and a hot breakfast (guys be better cook to impress girls and give ur best in the morning tea and wake before girls do to show how much u love her).

Then we bathed together and had a session in the shower and her bath tub too that I will discuss later that is also spicy and if u enjoyed and got something to share from me or something to tell me especially girls about what they love and aunties too

I love aunties girls widows who are not satisfied I can help you out so any girls around nashik or Mumbai cause every weekends I visit to Mumbai for my official works so m free in Mumbai u can contact me on my mail id [email protected]

And specially tell me if u like the story or not and please do rate me cause I m new to this site. till then cya and thanks to geeta for helping me to get my lust I will always be very thankful to make such a sweet move