My crazy uncle/husband | straight story from Niece to wife

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I’m 27 and a high school dropout, I wanted to party and not study. So, I didn’t do well at school. I worked low paid jobs to get by and partied, but the pandemic put an end to that. Out of work and a long way from home and no money, my mother’s sister who had died of cancer in 2018, her husband 49 was the closest relative living close to me. He hadn’t remarried, nor did they have any children. My mother always said he was a bit crazy, and I’ve always liked him when I saw him. He liked to put pranks on people, the one I remember the best. We were all out together before my aunt passed away, a snobbish woman was being rude to the staff at the place we were in. She dropped her bag and as she bent over to pick it up, my uncle torn his handkerchief. The snobbish woman thought she had ripped her slacks and back out of the store with everyone laughing at her. Anyway, my uncle lived alone on his hobby farm, and I rang him for help, and he came and got me and took me back to his place. Just in time as a lockdown was enforced, I help him around his farm feeding the animals and learnt to ride a horse. I quite liked living on the farm and secretly wanted to stay there forever, I felt free there and not in a rush all the time like in the city. When I walked in on him masturbating himself, just decided then and there to assist him. We ended up fucking and soon I was sleeping with him every night, he then asked me would I have a child for him. I could say I was shocked, but I wasn’t I agreed straight away, and it took 2 months, but I got pregnant. Having our son in August 2021 and I’m now pregnant again. We married in February 2021 and best of all he hasn’t changed still pulls pranks but is a great husband and father.

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