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Hi guys, back with another tale. Like all my previous ones, this is also a different plotline. I await your suggestions and feedbacks. Enjoy…
Opposites attract. I mean, literally, they do. I always thought of it as a scientific theory or so, until I met Diya… Until I fell in love with her… And until we married…
Hi, I am Milind and that young vibrant woman clad in her T-shirt flaunting her round tight breasts and a skirt that reached her knee, was my wife Diya. She was the opposite I have been talking about. To an outsider, we would be the perfect mismatch. She was wild, exciting, always surrounded with her wide group of friends while I preferred the calmness. I read and watched, while the world would dance.
If you thought these opposites makes us a weak couple, you are wrong. In fact, I'd say we are the perfect pair. The moment we are together, the disparities vanish and we become one. I hate parties, but I love going out on parties with her. She hates being inactive but she'd hold my hand and stay by me at a park for hours, sometimes even without a word spoken!
Diya is the perfect wife. She would reply the moment my mind speaks and don't get me started on our sex. The bed is where the vibrant one and the silent one join hands to craft the craziest of ideas and stages them in the most passionate (or sometimes roughest!) way.
Of course, Diya was the more creative one and she'd dedicate her creativity to her past flings. Some of them being very hot, that there were nights when the only act that would happen will be her narration of her stories while I (or sometimes she) jerk off.
And one such tale was of Nikita, who by the way, is the one who sits beside Diya while the pair share their past adventures and current gossips. I let the girls have their time and tried to engage myself in some magazines but the thoughts kept creeping back in. I mean, how it doesn't??? Here is my wife, next room with a woman who was her roommate during their college life… and also had her first sex experience with! Yeah, Diya and Nikita made out during their college life and I had jerked off to that stories many a times and now she is here… with Diya… in the same room… Now you get my dilemma, don't you???
The girls came out from their conversation and came to the living where I have been sitting. Diya sat beside me after placing a peck on my cheek. She had a disturbing smile on her face. A devilish grin I would have before pulling a prank. I hate those smiles.
'I have placed your things on our guest room… It's on the first floor, first left.' I spoke to Nikita trying to divert my fear from that grin.
'Oh… Thanks… Let me get some water for myself…' When one offered to get it for her, she waved me away as if she'd manage herself. I watched her stroll away. She was much thinner than Diya. Diya had gained some weight during the last few months, which benefitted her ass and breasts, but Nikita's tiny pair of ass were attractive too. The cute pair have a charm of its own.
Diya!!! How stupid of me…
'You were ogling at her, weren't you?' I flinched at the accusation. 'How dare you?' she snarled and pulled me. 'Come here…' She led to our bedroom.
As soon as we entered our room, she locked the door behind and commanded. 'Take off your clothes.'
The moment I was out of my cloth she pushed me to the bed and cuffed me to the back our bed. 'Stay there, I don't want my husband ogling the friends I bring home.' And with that she left.
A lot happened in a few second, didn't it? For one second, I was mesmerizing at the tiny cute pair of Nikita and now I am cuffed to my bed, naked. Yeah, I know, this isn't a punishment, this was some kinky sex that Diya had planned for me but she seemed to be taking a lot of time. Had she forgotten about me? Or maybe they might be making out at the couch while I am here. Come on, she wouldn't do that, would she? Yeah, it would be good story to narrate at night. The story of how a wife made out with her lesbian friend all over the house, while her stupid husband was cuffed to the bed. No way, I aint going to jerk off to that, although my dick had its doubts. It seemed to be throbbing for that thought. The thought of my wife's lesbian exploration.
My thoughts and my dick came back to the real world when the door creaked open. It was Nikita and she was wearing the T-shirt and skirt Diya had been wearing a few minutes before. Why was she wearing that? Had they exchanged clothes? Does that mean they stood by each other all naked? Interesting… This wouldn't be awkward at all. I am naked with my dick was longing for a warmth cuffed and hence vulnerable.
'Heard you were… Looking at me???' Nikita enquired with a sly smile. She sat on the bed left to me.
'Huh… No… It was just…'
'No???' Diya stormed in and stood by my right. 'So, you say you weren't checking out her?'
'No… Yes… No…' Confused by which was the right response to that question. 'I wasn't…'
Diya was glaring at me with so much intensity that I felt that some sort laser power would shoot out from her eye and burn me to ashes.
'But your dick says different.'
'No, It isn't…' and I was right. It wasn't hard yet, although it was throbbing to be hard soon and 2 women staring at it was not helping at all.
'So you don't find me attractive?' Now it was Nikita's turn and she was making a pouting face.
'I… Uh…' Come on girls…
'Can't you see it? He is drooling all over for you?' Diya complained. 'Why don't you take off your shirt. I guarantee he'd craving to see those pairs of tits.'
I turned to face Diya, shocked by her suggestion.
'You lied to me, didn't you? I'll prove you how much you were drooling over her. If not you, your dick would say the truth.'
I gulped in a spit as Nikita sat before me, bare chested. I tried to concentrate on something else but her cute pair of perky tits were like a magnet that I couldn't keep my eyes off. I tried to comfort my dick by attempting to keep it between my thighs but it seemed to be poking out, not yet completely hard. It wont be far before it will betray me.
Diya was out of her clothes when she came behind Nikita and gently held her breasts.
'Wasn't this you've been craving for?' She slid her finger through Nikita's chests and squeezed her nipples. Nikita gave out a moan. 'Ah…'
'Don't you want this Milind? Don't you want to pinch these cute tits? Don't you want to suck this? Taste her?'
I could see Nikita was turned on with Diya's touch. Nikita extended her slender legs towards my almost hard dick and started stroking it with her toes. That was it… All it required was the touch. I was full on hard…
'Mmm… Liar… Or was it this you have been craving for?' With that, Diya turned Nikita and kissed her on her lips. I watched the two women kissing with one's hand fondling with the other's breasts. If I could pull myself out of this cuff, I don't know what I would have done but now Nikita foot stroke was a help. It felt good.
Diya broke the kiss. 'Oh, so this was it wasn't it? You were thinking of our kiss. The love sessions that I had been telling you about.' Diya freed Nikita and came towards me. 'You were thinking of your wife with another woman, weren't you?'
The freed Nikita also came forward. I felt her kissing my dick and then soon I could feel ger mouth on my dick. Diya and I watched her blowing me.
Soon, Diya slid down and joined Nikita.
'Mind if I join?' she asked Diya.
'I wish you didn't… You husband have one hell of cock.' Nikita replied.
Diya gave me a look and took my dick in her. I lied while two women kissed and sucked on dick and balls. Each taking turns.
After a few minutes, Diya pulled out and started stroking me with her hand.
'When was the last time we did this?' she asked Nikita.
'I don't know… Josh?'
'Yeah… Josh… What a cock he had…. So big and… tasty…'
'Hey???' I interrupted. The women were rambling on their past sex life while I am lying here cuffed to the bed with my hard cock throbbing for a pussy.
Diya gave me an annoyed look for interrupting their conversation. 'Why? You feeling disturbed… I thought you loved hearing stories… Stories of how your wife pleasured other men… Didn't you?' Diya let go off my cock and Nikita gobbled it in.
Diya brought her finger and slid it through my chests. 'You thought you were the first man, didn't you? You thought you are our first threesome? Ha, well you were wrong. There were men long before you… Men with bigger penises, men with better body, muscular, fiery, talented.' She had a smile on her face. She came closer to me placed a kiss on my forehead.
I was in heaven with Diya, slight kiss and Nikita's blowjob, after her kiss Diya came down to bring her face very close to mine, we both stared eye to eye. She was not the angry pissed off wife for a second, she was the beautiful, pleasant woman I had fallen in love.
'How is it? How's my act?' she whispered.
I had no answer. I just smiled and then after placing a kiss on my cheek she moved to my side and whispered to my ear.
'For your information, you are our first…' Oh, my lovely wife.
'So, how's she?' She asked her voice normal.
Nikita was sucking with even more enthusiasm with that question, she pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. I saw her face flush red.
'Tell me… How's she?'
'She's… she's good…' I managed to say.
'Better than me?' Oh my god… I stepped on the wrong foot…
'You think she's better than me, don't you?' With that, she uncuffed my left hand and turned me around and cuffed again to the bedpost. Now I am cuffed, naked, on my stomach. I could feel my hard dick pressing on the bed. Diya then pushed my legs making me position like a doggy style and within second, I felt the pain of her slap of my ass.
'What a bad husband you are? You think my friend is better than me, don't you?'
I felt the pain of the slap accompanied by a sensation of pleasure when Nikita slid through my side and lied below me.
'Fuck me… I want your cock inside of me…'
Again, the stupidity in me woke up as I stared back at her like a dumb.
'Don't you want me? Did you see how I sucked your cock?' Nikita was tempting.
'What are you thinking? Fuck her… Isnt that what had been in your dirty mind the whole day?' Diya was complaining still slapping my ass hard. It must have turned red, because I was feeling its heat. Then I felt her teeth on my ass, she was biting my reddened ass like an apple.
But the Nikita beneath me was making me more anxious. I get it, the blowjob, the kinky stuffs, but fucking? I respect our marriage, should I do that? Moral consciousness seemed to have swept in me at the very wrong time. Diya, as always, read my mind and whispered to my ear. 'Shove that dick into her and fuck her before I do her myself.' And again, a spank and a bite and a kiss…
Total excited by the prospect of taking Nikita in front of Diya, I pushed my dick into her wet, soaked pussy. We both enjoyed the sensation for a second as we moaned in unison. Diya had stopped played with my ass as she lied to the side, her fingers teasing herself. Fucking from top with my hands tied to bed refrained me from touching Nikita's boobs. Diya, again, as if she read my mind, creeped in with that devilish grin.
'You miss this, don't you?' Diya kissed Nikita's breasts. 'You wish to touch and suck on it, don't you? But you'll have to wait…' And with Diya took Nikita's breasts to herself. I kept pushing deeper and deeper into Nikita. The 2 women watched with admiration as I ploughed her more and more.
'Oh my god… Milind… You are… humungous…' Nikita cried out. I smirked at Diya with that comment still maintaining my thrust.
Diya gave me an unimpressed look and turned to Nikita to whisper. 'You are making a lot of noise.' And kissed her. I watched the women kiss while I pulled on the bed post to thrust more and more into Nikita.
The session went on for hours with me freed from cuff after sometime. The girls insisted to me to put it on again late. After about 2 hours, I lied on my back with my hands cuffed to the post. I was so drained from the session and the girls ordered pizza. I was not uncuffed even when the delivery came and was fed by each other. It must have 9 when the pizza was done and the ladies came back and lied naked side by side.
'Okay aren't you guys going to uncuff me yet?' The girls giggled at my whining.
'I don't know. I forgot where I had placed the key. Let me search' With that Diya was on top of me. She crawled from my cock towards my face. 'Give me some time. I think I had placed it somewhere here.' And with that her wet dripping pussy was on top me while her face was on the bed post. She acted searching on top of the bed post. 'I can't find it. Can you?' The question was directed at me and before I could reply, she lowered herself on top. I breathed the smell of cunt and pulled out my tongue to have desert when I heard Nikita calling out for Diya from beside me.
'Hey Diya… I think you are looking at the wrong place… I think it is here…' Nikita slid down and fondled with my balls and then I felt her spitting on my cock… These women are insatiable… I don't think we are going to find the key any soon…
Hope you enjoyed. As I keep saying, I really would like your feedbacks and reviews. A writer is never satisfied with his/her work until he hears the satisfactions of their readers.

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