My Cute Brother

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Hi N8story readers, basically I am a regular reader to this site and I love to read incest story between brother and sister. I was always afraid to write my experience as I am afraid of this society rules. Though sex is quite natural and people love it like anything, still they blame others. I am not a story writer and I really do not how to write a story. But here I would like to narrate my first sex experience with none other but my own younger brother when I was at 18 and a school girl. Coming to my story my family has four members. My dad, mom, me and my younger cute brother. We are typical Indian traditional family. We are living as a normal brother and sister. He always used to tickle me and pinch me here and there in my body and whenever I wear a school uniform, he was always pinching my thighs and trying to touch my bare body when get chance. He sits close to me in the sofa while watching TV whenever he is at home. I usually wear skirt and shirt at home. He used to caressing my shoulder, hands, my long hair, my cheek etc and I was enjoying my brother’s brotherly love and affection. Even some time he puts hand under my skirt and runs his hand over my bare thigh. I enjoy his love and affection and close my eyes. This all happen regularly when we were alone at home. One day some guests came to our house so I had to share my bed with my brother. My younger brother and I slept in the drawing room on the floor over the cotton mattress. It was a cold night so we slept very close. His entire body was touching my body and his bare foot was touching near my ankle and he was rubbing his feet to my leg and then put his hand and legs over me. It was a cold night so I liked his act and slept quietly. 

After some time I found he was touching me on my cheek and slowly running his hand over my neck and shoulder and started caressing my neck and shoulder. He wanted to slide his palm into my shirt while caressing my neck and shoulder but couldn’t succeed. So he slides his fingers in my shirt and started caressing upper part of my breast. He was very much close to me. He was not able to slide his hand into my shirt from top side. Suddenly I felt his left hand was on my waist and he was caressing my waist. I slowly gained consciousness but not ready to open my eyes I found my heart started beating faster as it was first touch to my body by any boy. He slowly rubbed my stomach with his gentle hands under my shirt as I was wearing shirt and skirt. 

He was slowly running his hand around my waist. And his hand was running over my bare thigh under my skirt and started to feel my silky and smooth skin. I pretended to be in deep sleep. It gave him little boldness to move further. He started slowly massaging my belly which is little plumpy and during the Corse of massaging he moved his finger in my navel and massaged it for few seconds. My body was shivered but I controlled my self. He continued his job I was feeling his hot breathing but I too was enjoying closing my eyes. Over my thigh, I was also feeling a bulge in his boxer. I was really surprised and even want to know what he is going to do further, so I kept quiet. He was breathing heavily as I was feeling his hot breath. I was also enjoying but pretended as I was in deep sleep. I think he got courage. After some time, he then increased the speed of his warm hands on my navel, and then slowly he started to move a little up, and he moved his hands to my boobs under my shirt. And waited for some time without any moment. As I was not responding to his moves. 

He was caressing my boobs over my bra and tried to insert his hands into my bra but it was tight, so he couldn’t succeed. He was rubbing my bra for some time and then slowly came down to my belly. He again started running his hand around my waist and tried to insert hand under my skirt very quietly. 

Then I slowly opened my eyes, as it was dark he didn’t noticed me opening eyes. I was enjoying it so I kept quiet. He came very close to my body touching his rock hard cock to my milky white creamy thighs. He inserted his palm into my skirt and reached upon my panty but couldn’t able to insert hand into my panty and kept his palm over there for sometime. He was also pressing hard his cock against my bare thighs and also holding it in his hand I was excited very much after sometime I found sticky liquid flowing out from his cock and then he got up and gone for toilet, came back and slept quietly by not going further that night. Our regular story continues on next day while watching TV and sitting together but didn’t have chance to sleep together for a long day. After some months we got chance when our parent was gone out for attending a marriage. We didn’t go as our exam dates was very close. I didn’t have a feeling about that and after study I slept in mom bed and he was studying in his room. I think he was waiting for me to sleep. Just after I slept he switched off all the lights and slept beside me. He was at my left side. I was sleeping on right direction. He was taking his breath slowly but his hot air was running on my neck and ear parts. He kept his one hand on my shoulder. He was slightly bent on me because his breathing air was running on my neck and ears. He kept his one hand around my neck another on my boob. He was messaging my boobs slowly over my shirt for some time. But my boobs were closed in cloths so he was not getting the pleasure. So he started to inserting hand under my shirt. His hand was stopped after reaching my one boob. I was wearing bra inside the shirt. So for some time he was messaging my boobs over my bra. He feared that I will awake so he won’t either press or rub my boobs more. I was lying in sideways position and he was behind me so he was also touching my bump with his bulge inside his Bermuda by keeping leg over me. 

His hand was running over my thigh inside my skirt very quietly. He was very much bent on me. I think distance between his lips and my necks were at least only half inch. He wanted free my boobs from my bra. There were two processes to bare my boobs, one to lift cup of bra to upside to bare boobs or another move his hand back to my backside and open the hook of my bra. But for him both work difficult for him. Because lifting cup of bra was more tedious job for him my boobs are tight. And opening hook of bra with shirt was also very tough. Second moment I feel that he was using power to moving cup of bra upside. But he was afraid that if I was I awoke with this procedure but I was kept myself quite and without movement. So he decided to unhook my bra from back. He kept himself cool for some time and then he was started running his hand on my naked back very quietly. My heart was shivered. I stopped to move my body very difficulty. He then slowly unhooked my bra and got my boobs free. How excited he was? For getting sex pleasure his mind took him to me. How I think badly about my lovely brother, although I was not thirsty for male relationship. But I was enjoying his act. After some time he again started his work. Slowly put his hand inside my shirt. 

He messaged my both boobs respectively and pressed them slowly. His hot proceedings also made me horny. My position was like that he hold me tight from back cupping my boobs from her hand and press them tightly. Actually he feared, if I awoke will be angry on him. But he doesn’t know this thing I was also enjoying very much. Brother will not get more hard work so with some sleeping voices I changed my position from sideways to straight. Now I was lying on my back and now he can message and touch my whole body parts easily. When I made movement he stopped his breath and hides himself on bed and he tried to keep his body away from my body in all best try. These seductions of my own brother was opening and arousing sex fire inside me which was kept stopped from last few moths when he touched me first time. I was losing my senses. I forgot that he was my own brother. In getting sex pleasure I forgot everything. After some time he again started his work. Slowly put his hand inside my shirt and slides up my skirt his bare thigh touching my bare thighs. He slowly slides towards me. His was partially over me, his thigh over me and his chest touching my breast holding me tightly and trying to kiss my lips. He messaged my both boobs respectively and pressed the slowly also and kissed my lips and nose very quietly. Actually he feared, if I awoke will be angry on him. But he doesn’t know this thing I was also enjoying very much. 

After some moment I feel movement on my naval. In next moment I understood that he was searching string of my skirt. My heart was again beating hard. After getting string in his hand he started opening it. He was doing everything very carefully and safely, although I was watching his every movement well and getting joy too. After some time he was able to loosen the string. And he slides up my skirt so that it made me totally naked. Below my waist I was laying stretched legs. My pussy was now covered with panty only. Then he tried to lower my panty but it was tight, he should use more power. He stopped and started his movement after some time. This time he was entering his hand inside panty. He found my pussy and his hand was stopped there. My body became tensed and strange types of waves were started running inside me. Now it was very hard to keep myself quite. 

My brother was running his fingers on my small and silky hairs then he slowly slides down my panty but he was not able to do so I cooperated with him by lifting my hip up without my desire. I was naked now my shirts buttons were open and bra was unhooked hanging around my neck and my panty was removed and skirt was around the waist. My back was on the bed and front part was upside. He started caressing my cunt with his finger. He slowly moved his finger on my cunt lips I was feeling on cloud. He wanted to insert his finger into my cunt but my legs were closed so he slowly stretched my legs in both side he entered between my thighs. In next moment I was feeling his hot lips on my pussy area. This proceeding of my brother explodes sexual desire waves of my body. And my every part was shivering with sexual fire. Brother was kissing my pussy with very eagerness and full mood then he inserted his index finger into it. 

After some time my pussy was started releasing the water I was breathing heavily and my heart was beating too fast. He got up and again enters between my thighs and placed his dick on pussy gate. I was in great hotness but I got shocked by his act and shivering due to fear so suddenly I pushed him hard and he was down from the bed. And I sat on the bed very fast. I didn’t speak a single word only staring at him. He was afraid I could see at his face. He started weeping and urging me to forgive him and became very sorry. I kept quite for some time. He became so sad that made me bit sentimental. I told him not to feel sorry about that, and then I stood up and hugged him and took him in the bed. Room was dark but our eyes were very much accepted and habituated the darkness so we can see the body parts of each other easily. I forgave him and warned him that he shouldn’t try to penetrate me. He gave me his assurance and swears. He slept with me and slowly kept his hand on my waste. I tried to remove his hand but he placed his legs over my thighs and made his position right. I was also feeling horny so I kept quite. 

He became bit bold and began to talk with me. I told him that I doesn’t want to get penetrated my pussy. I don’t want to loose my virginity with my own brother. He was speechless and urging me to forgive him. Since he was weeping and I was sentimental so I started caressing his cheek and hugging him. I slide my hand over her bare thigh and started to feel his cock which started to harden I was feeling like I was in haven but was not able to enjoy as he was also feeling fear. I became hot after feeling his erection. My body started sweating and my palm was complete wet by that time with sweat. He slowly took his hand put around my waste and hugged me tightly. He was slowly rubbing my back and moving towards my waste. I was enjoying his action. Then he held me bit tight and his cock was touching my lower stomach. I slowly kissed his cheek. while rubbing our bodies I slowly opened my half eyes and I seen my brother closed his eyes and without second thought I kissed on his lips, on my first kiss on his lips he immediately opened his mouth and I rolled on him topping me . 

Now I was on his top rubbing my clit to his cock while our tongues exchanging saliva. I was breathing hard and rubbing my pussy to his dick hard. While rubbing my pussy to his cock I could feel some sticky fluid on his dick. I never gave him any chance and I dominated him while moving vigorously on him .He was pressing my buttocks while I was on top of him, He was giving his quick and fast and hard thrusts from bottom while I was on top, After few minutes of topping over him, I gave a very deep moan and pressing my pussy to his cock for few seconds with out any moves, as I got tired. I was sleeping on him without moving for a minute and then slowly I opened my eyes and see he was still closing his eyes after few seconds he opened his eyes and now our eyes met. But suddenly closed our eyes, I felt we both are more embarrassed and shy. Now after some moment he started his act as he was partially lying over my body. He locked my lips and started licking it and slowly slides his hand to my boobs and started caressing it. I was unable to control myself. I was unable to even breathe. I was in mood suck his lips with heavy moaning but can’t give movement to my lips. 

After some time he left my lips so I take a relief breathe. He also leaves his hands from my boobs. My heart was stopped suddenly. This time again he stopped his act for some time. He was afraid. I also kept quite. I was enjoying his works actually. So don’t want this that he leaves me after knowing that I don’t like it. Seeing me quite he again started sliding his hand towards my naval and immediately reached to my pussy. Suddenly I felt big breathe so cant stop myself to take big breathe with moving my hands. When I kept my hand down then I got the touch of his dick. He was holding my hand and keeps it down and again gives his dick in my hand. He started caressing his dick with my hand. Now I was cooperating with him now and holding his dick in my hand. Hadn’t seen the dick of my brother only feel it by touching. I want to see it but also heart was beating with shy. I don’t want to open my eyes. I kept my eyes closed.Brother had kept one of his legs on my leg and he was on my breast and keeping my complete boob in his hand and squeezing it. Then he placed his lips on my lips. I can’t stop myself this time. I was sucking his both lips respectively and brother was badly pressing and squeezing my boobs. This time he was busy in doing sex play and his big dick was touching and rubbing my pussy area. 

Then he slides up his dick to my mouth I was feared but due to his many requests I accepted it, and kissed it after keeping my face down. He was trying to keep it in my mouth but I don’t want to lick it so I kissed upper part and its taste was good. Within some time he started moaning then he took away his dick from my lips. My back was on the bed and front part was upside. He put his hand around my waist and lifts my lower part slight up. After stretching me legs in both side he entered between my thighs. In next moment he started kissing my pussy area. Brother was licking my pussy with very eagerness and full mood. I thought he inserted his tongue into it. After some time my pussy was started releasing the water and he again felt the wetness of my pussy. I was breathing heavily and my heart was beating too fast. Then he took my hand, placed it over his cock which I gripped around and started stroking it on his guidance and after jerking me off for few moments he too released a huge amount of sticky water on to my hands and on my tummy and we slept in that position for rest of the night. I want to him to continue like this very long. Please send me your feedback if you like it.