My Dad Seduced Me

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tagIncest/TabooMy Dad Seduced Me

I was nineteen and living with my parents while attending a community college and working part time. I was saving a lot of money by cutting the dorms out of my payment plan, and since I could live with my parents for free, I was able to build up my bank account from working.
It was a smart decision on my part, and each check I received from working was like gold in my hands. My father was proud of my in particular, as he didn't go-to college, rather, he dropped out of high school, while my mother managed to graduate high school and decided to not attend further education.
My parents and I have always been close. Dinner every night together, family movie nights, little vacations here and there together. Though their marriage wasn't perfect – nobody's is – but they were happy together.
My father was indeed a handsome man. In shape from working out, on the slimmer side, with a head full of dark hair. I inherited his dark hair, though my hazel eyes came from my mother. Together, my mom and dad were a beautiful couple.
He set his sight on my mother when they were teenagers. They had met at a restaurant and had seemingly fell in love the moment they laid eyes on each other.
What I didn't know was that my father would set his sights on me next.
* * *
My mother had gone to the grocery store about an hour away from my house, leaving dad and I alone together. It had been a normal day for me. Online classes, lunch with dad, and then I headed upstairs to take a shower for the night.
I hummed in the shower, enjoying my peaceful, alone time. Though, upon turning off the water and stepping out, I realized- very foolishly – that I had forgotten a towel and was now standing naked and alone in a bathroom with no clothes in sight. The only towels were in the bathroom down the hall near my parent's bedroom, and I groaned in irritation.
"Dad?" I called out as I opened up the door to a crack.
No answer.
"Dad!" I called louder this time.
Still no answer.
I hesitantly took a step out of the bathroom and was about to run out when my dad suddenly appeared at the other end of the hallway.
He clutched a towel in his hand and was shirtless.
I yipped in surprise and embarrassment as he stared at me.
And yet, I didn't close the door.
Something inside of me was delighted that my father was looking at my large, natural tits with blush-colored nipples. I was still wet from the shower, so my hair was damp. Water drops rolled down my body, and my dad's eyes followed the water trails down my body.
His gaze strayed further, further, further.
He was now looking at my naked pussy. The inner pink lips were barely visible from my closed thighs, and he licked his lips.
"D-dad? I…I need a towel…" I stuttered out awkwardly. Despite myself becoming horny and turned on by the minute, I still sounded awkward and uncomfortable.
"Is that all you need?" He asked, his voice low and seductive.
Is a towel all I need? I mean, sure, I could use a little hot sex on the side, but I wasn't about to say that!
"Well, why don't you come find out?" I found myself saying.
I turned my back and walked into the bathroom and into the shower. This was crazy! This was wrong! How could I even think about crossing that line with my father? And the fact that my own father seemed entirely interested in me as well! I need to stop this right now, I need to-
I was suddenly pinned to the sliding glass of the shower. My hands pressed flat against the glass, my ass sticking out, and my large tits smashed against the surface.
My dad pressed up onto me from behind, and I shuddered. I could feel his naked, wet penis sliding into the groove of my asscrack hotly.
My back was against his chest, his mouth was placed onto the back of my neck. Sucking and licking, and making his way towards my earlobe.
His hands were placed besides mine before snaking under me to play with my soft, large tits.
"Ah, dad…" I protested. Though, it came out more as a moan. I was in ecstasy when his teeth nipped at my ear and he growled sexily.
"You want me to show you what else you need, baby? What else I need and have been wanting for quite some time now?" He whispered in my ear.
He kicked open my legs so that I stood, spread wide and waiting. My pussy pulsed against his hardened shaft when he suddenly thrust.
But he missed his mark. Purposely so, it seemed. Because he drew back his hips and speared his shaft through my wet pussy lips, parting them.
When I looked down, I could see the head of his cock peeking out from under my pink clit.
It was such an erotic sight. I gasped and watched as the tip of his dick disappeared and slid back through my hot pussy lips.
"I need an answer, baby." He muttered.
I gasped as he thrust again, stroking my clit with his cock.
I needed this. I wanted this.
"Yes, ohh yes!" I moaned.
I knew be liked my answer, because he groaned in my ear and thrust again, forcing his dick to through my pussy once more. I moaned, his thick shaft repeatedly rubbed my little hot clit back and forth.
It was like his cock and my clit danced together. Naked and touching, wet and ryhmatic. Both were stimulated by each other constantly, making me hornier and wetter by the minute.
"Oh yeah…" My dad muttered. I know he could feel how wet and hot I was for him, and I writhed uncontrollably against his dick thrusting against my pussy.
I could feel his stomach and chest lying along the length of my arched back. His hands were grasping the top of my thighs now as he humped my pussy harder.
He pulled back his hips fast before surging forward even harder. His balls mashed against my wet hole at the end of each thrust before pulling his slippery cock back again and repeating the process.
"Oh daddy, oh!" I yelped, and again I looked down at the completely erotic sight of my father's penis touching my pussy.
Not just touching my pussy, but thrusting against it, kissing my clit in a hot, wet kiss.
I know my father could feel my hard, small clit sliding along his shaft and carressing the top of the head each time he pulled back and thrust forward quickly.
I knew that the fact he could feel his daughter's wet clit sliding up and down on his cock with each thrust was turning him on.
I loved having my clit humped by my father.
I could see his shaft shimmering with my juices when he pushed it forward and I moaned at the delicious friction he was causing on my clit. It was constant, and the sound of our heavy breathing filled the air.
"Don't stop, please don't stop!" I begged through breathy moans.
I could feel my pussy tingling, the urge to cum was nearing, and it was nearing quickly.
"Oh dad, ah!" I exclaimed when he pulled back and changed the angle of his thrusts. I knew he was about to enter me and fuck me like a hot stallion.
And I didn't try to stop him.
He filled me completely with his wet, pulsing penis. I grunted and groaned, feeling stuffed and tight.
He fit snuggly inside of me, and he moaned in my ear when my pussy puckered and pulsed around his shaft.
"Daddy's going to fill you full." He grunted, pulling his hips back and thrusting. My body jolted forward into the glass.
"Oh!" I exclaimed again.
In fact, with each thrust, my body was pushed forward. My tits wiggled and my ass rippled when his hips collided with mine. As the force of his body propelled me forward.
That was when I realized we were facing the bathroom mirror. I could see his big balls dangling under me, swaying with his movements. They were pressed against me, I could feel the warmth of them touching my skin.
They disappeared out of sight when he pulled back, but they quickly came into view once more when he thrust his dick into my again.
I noticed they tapped and slapped against my exposed pink clit when I stuck my ass out towards him more, the feeling was erotic. His balls were wet from my pussy, which made the sound of his thrusts even louder against me.
I locked my eyes with his in the mirror, his gaze darkening.
"Ohh, babygirl. That's it, watch your father thrust his cock into your tight little pussy." He whispered seductively into my ear.
I panted and moaned. "Ah, ah…"
My gaze wandered down to his cock again. Fucking me in and out with a wet sound.
He breathed heavily in my ear, grunting occasionally. My tits moved up and down against the glass, the hardened little nipples were smashed against it.
"You make me so wet." I whispered when he sunk his dick into me again.
"I love when you push me into the wall." I spoke quietly, watching him go crazy with my words.
They were words to make him wild, yes, but they were true as well. I loved everything he was doing.
So I kept talking.
"I want to make you cum with my pussy. My tight…" He thrust hard, harder than he had done before, "hot," He moaned loudly in my ear this time, "Wet pussy."
"Oh, oh, babygirl!" He moaned helplessly, humping me hard. I couldn't help but to answer his moan when he really railed into me rough.
His eyes closed in ecstasy and his cock penetrated my tight hole again, sinking deep for a brief moment before being pulled out and thrust in all the way again.
My pussy grasped his cock and I was utterly and completely turned on.
"Do you want to cum in my pussy, dad?" I asked seductively.
"I'm going to fill you full." He groaned, thrusting into me with promise.
His finger went down and diddled my clit, and my pussy tightened around him. I knew I was going to cum. I could feel it building as his finger slid against my wet clit.
My breath hitched in my throat.
It was my turn to be rendered powerless against the feeling of sex. My pussy trembled and clenched his penis in a tight embrace as I was about to cum on his hot cock.
"Ohhh! oh daddy, daddy!" I moaned. My eyes rolled back in my head as my pussy froze in ecstasy, squeezing his shaft for a brief moment before releasing and clamping again. Release, clamp. Release, clamp.
I came so hard that my pussy squirted a bit and dripped down his shaft, wetting his balls more.
"Ohhh, yes baby!" He said, and I knew he was cumming now. I knew the feeling of my pussy pulsing and throbbing set him off.
He thrust into me all the way one final time, holding me against him tightly as he moaned and shot his hot, wet release.
As he inseminated me.
I felt him throb and pulse just as I had. It last for several seconds, and each time his dick pulsed, he would grunt in my ear, breathing heavily.
I felt incredibly wet down there. Our connected parts throbbed in unison, and I reached a hand down between us to feel such a forbidden thing.
I felt his dick plugged up into my hole with my fingers. It was extremely wet down there, his balls acted as another seal pressed up against my entrance that was stretched around him.
I could feel the hot throb stemming from the base of his dick. Each time it pulsed, my pussy did too in reaction.
Several moments passed and his dick finally softened and fell out of my pussy. A torrent of release dripped out of me, splashing onto the shower floor and around me.
It was time for another shower.

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