My dark haired God finally breaks the kiss and starts nibbling on my jaw

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The sound of knocking rouses me from a deep sleep. I don’t even have to look to know what time it is. Still groggy, I lie on my back and sigh. For a minute I debate whether I should get up and open the door, or do nothing and wait until he leaves. From past experience, I already know what I will do, and I also know I won’t make him wait.
I know it was him, no one else knocks at my door at three in the morning. You could hear the urgency and it sent vibrations through my body. I had tried countless times to end it but he would just show up the same time every night and every night I would let him in. Reason being, I was addicted to him. I was drunk on his touch, his kiss, the massive tool between his thighs and the way he used it. Needless to say, I was hooked.
Getting up quickly, I pad my way out of the bedroom. I don’t bother grabbing a robe to put on over my over-sized t-shirt; it wasn’t going to take long for it to come off. I hadn’t even bothered putting on any underwear before I went to bed. I anticipated his visit every night and he wasn’t gentle enough to take them off properly, so I got tired of buying new ones,
Switching on the living room light, I stop and stare at the door and an array of mixed feelings sweep through me. This is the moment where I tell myself that tonight is the last night. Where I muster up the courage to say goodbye. But as I grip the door handle with sweaty palms and open it, he is standing there with his hands tucked in his pockets, legs parted and head slightly bowed and I forget everything I want to say.
He looks every ounce the gorgeous man he know he is. Even though the shy innocent look he is trying to pull off is as far from the truth as one can get, I still fall for it every time. Standing eye level with his muscular chest, I let my eyes slowly travel up the tight t-shirt that clings to his pecks, past the tattoos that peak above his neckline, until they finally rest on his perfectly defined face to meet mysterious grey eyes. A small smile play around his lips.
He doesn’t have to say anything. I already know what he wants and I want it too, probably more than he does. But at some point all good things must come to an end. Before I could formulate the words to say ‘not tonight’ he is walking through my door, forcing me to back up and then he kicks it shut behind him. During all this time nothing is said. We only stare at each other. I try my best not to take in his beauty, but it is hopeless. My body is already humming and I only want to feel those strong arms wrapped around me.
He must have read my mind because he took one last step, blocking out whatever breathing space I had left. My heartbeat was just a rapid thud when I first opened the door but now it started to race. I become very conscious of how naked and vulnerable I am underneath the shirt. This shouldn’t have been happening but it did every time he comes near me. Then his large hands snake out and circle my waist, pulling me tightly against him and causing my pulse to skyrocket.
His penetrating gaze holds me captive and I feel like a deer caught in oncoming headlights. But I can’t deny it, as hard and masculine as he is. He feels so damn good. He gently grasps my chin, lifts it up and my body starts to tremble. My mouth opens instantly as he covers it with his thick soft lips. Every last resolve I had melts away right then and there. He tastes so delicious and I know then I could not get enough of him.
He starts slowly teasing my lips, using his tongue to draw the outline of my mouth. I feel desire hot and strong pool at the junction between my thighs. I moan. My hands reach up and encircle his neck, clutching him tightly. His hands start to wander and explore all over my body. They caress my back and then travel lower to squeeze and massage my ass. Then back up to fondle and tweak my nipples. I am so wrapped up in him I cannot think of anything else but feeling his hardness inside of me. My nipples tighten at his first touch and they ache to be sucked. My pussy is throbbing and my juices are running down my inner thighs.
How does a woman resist a man like this? Thoughts of relinquishing my pussy to his ministrations earlier had walked out the door the moment he walked in. My pussy spoke and I listened.
With all that he is doing, he still has not given me his tongue and he knows this will drive me crazy. I groan in protest and use my own tongue to plunge into his mouth, overpowering his and seeking it out so that I can suck on it. He chuckles and grips my backside, lifting me off the ground and forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist. He groans in approval at my decision to go commando and starts groping and kneading the fleshy exterior of my ass. I feel the tip of his fingers brush my labia majora and I shudder. More moisture seeps out from the effect of his touch.
My dark haired God finally breaks the kiss and starts nibbling on my jaw and down my neckline. My pussy clenches and unclenches as jolts of sensation shoots through it, causing more of my wetness to trickle down my thighs. I chase after the sweetest sensation that was building up inside of me by grinding my hips against the erection that is poking me through his jeans. But he too can’t get close enough as he holds my hips and grinds me even harder against him. I whimper, willing him to understand how much I need him right then. I wanted to cum.
He stills my gyrating hips and for the first time that night he speaks. “Hold on baby. You miss me?” I am sure it is a rhetorical question because my flushed face and the evident wetness between my thighs is a dead giveaway but I still squeak, “Yes.”
My heart beat is erratic and I’m breathing deeply. He takes me back to my bedroom and gently lays me down on the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed he takes his t-shirt off in one fluid motion, his muscles flexing against the effort. I bit down on my lip; God, he is breathtaking. A large tattoo decorates his upper chest, left shoulder and runs down in eccentric, spiraling designs down his arm. I have never seen a tattoo look so sexy and dangerous on a man.
I lie there drinking in every ounce of the beautiful sight in front of me. God, he is too dreamy to describe but his thick full lips, straight nose, piercing gray eyes and short crew cut black hair make him look too perfect and too good to be true. Pride bubbles up inside of me, knowing that this man wants to fuck me every night and every night he can’t stay away. One night he even confessed under the duress of immense sexual pleasure he was addicted to my pussy. This man who is heart-stoppingly gorgeous and every woman’s sexual fantasy.
I watch his muscles bunch as he work his way out of his jeans, remembering he hates being restricted. His impressive thickness and length springs out and bobs up and down. My legs open eagerly for him, displaying how wet and ready I am.
His gray eyes darkens with lust and they never leave my pussy. He kneels on to the bed and positions himself between my thighs, hooking my legs over his shoulder and then dipping his face between my thighs. I’m breathless as my pussy quivers in anticipation, knowing with just one lick he can send me careening over the edge.
He notices my legs starting to shake and looks up, his perfect whites flashing with wicked intent. He fastens his arms securely around my hips and without hesitation, delivers. With one long lick from the puckering hole of my anus to my swollen clit and I’m undone. I scream and rear up from the bed, clutching his head and slamming my pussy against his lips. My body trembles and bucks as a warm sensational heat spreads through me.
My pussy’s assailant doesn’t let me go but grips my legs tighter. His tongue licks and laps at the juices that shoots from my pussy. I don’t have to look down to know his face and my thighs are wet because he told me I am a ‘squirter’. I never knew what that was until he explained, and I realize he is the first and only man that has done that to me. But he isn’t done, he latches on to my sensitive clit, still sucking and tugging. He is relentless and I’m riddled with pleasure. He makes me come again and then looks up at me with a self-assuring smile.
After much panting, my breathing has eased slightly. He bends back down to give my clit one last kiss, sending another jolt of sensation radiating through me. He finally moves up and top of me. He is like a large shadow looming above me. My hands reach up and explore his masculine beauty and I plant soft loving kisses on his neck and face. If I had been the one looking down at me, I wouldn’t have missed the naked adoration and love showing in my eyes.
His hands takes hold of my wandering hands and then secures them above my head with one of his own. Then he uses the other to direct his fat moist head at my entrance. He pushes, slowly burying his extraordinary length and thickness to the mouth of my uterus. I arch my back and bite down on my bottom lip, moaning. I still experience slight burning from his girth, even while my pussy is still extremely wet. I wrap my legs around his waist and the sensation is beyond anything I have ever felt. It overtakes me as he begins to move his hips in a hypnotic gyrating motion. Explicit and words of endearment are pouring from his lips and I know he is overcome with pleasure as much as I am.
Each time we make love or was it just sex? Either way it was always like this, passionate. I squirm in his grasp as he begins to pound harder into me. My pussy sucking and squeezing on his cock and I know I was on the verge of cumming again.
“Uuh… Uuh… Yes baby… Oooh!” I cry as my orgasm crystallizes into intense ecstasy that rolls through me in delicious waves, rendering me limp and shaking.
“Aahh! Fuck baby!” He grunts, letting of go of my hands and gathering me tightly to him. He doesn’t miss a beat as he fucks me mercilessly into another pleasure ridden coma. The squelching wet noise echoing between us was enough proof that when I’m done the bed would be soaking wet.
Only a hoarse cry leaves my lips after all of my screaming as I reach my peak yet again. For a moment I am disoriented as I slowly tumble back down. I lie limply in his arms as his cock jabs me hard three times before he finds his own release, roaring out loud.
I’m still tucked tightly in his embrace for a while as we try to catch our breaths. Realizing he was still on top of me, he eases up and kisses my eyelids. My eyes flutter open weakly and stare into his own and they are still smoky with lust.
“Hi,” he whispers in that sexy deep voice, lips quirking up into a smile.
“Hi,” I answer back hoarsely.
“Are you okay?”
I nod my head and say, “Mmhhmm.” I can barely utter a coherent word but this is my story. I’m in love with this man but he is not mine. He belongs to someone else. I’m his second fiddle, his booty call. I’m like every other side-chick that is given a pipe dream, along with great mind-blowing sex. We have an understanding but lately I’ve had second thoughts. I tell myself I can handle it but when love steps in unexpectedly, who am I to resist the inevitable?

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