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We drank the juice and I asked her rather directly “are you into porn sapna; do you like watching it? I have brought some DVD’s if you’re interested that I thought we might watch?” she playfully responded “not wasting anytime are you ajit? Yeah I’m ok with porn. I like watching it” so I suggested we go into her living room where she had a large screen television. I had a DVD collection of 10 or 11 DVD’s I had brought with me. They were all rather similar featuring couples or group scenes but nothing sapna hadn’t ever seen before with her husband. We sat near each other on the sofa as the video started.

This all had started when my first porn experience with priya got published & I began to get letters from ladies stating how I could improve, some hate messages which I promptly erased and some mails from married & single ladies inviting me to their homes for satisfying their sexual desires. Sapna was one of the ladies who had mailed me her beautiful & sexy photo & also invited me to her palatial flat in a posh building at Malabar hill. She was about 5’ 3” tall, long shining black hair with a beautiful & intelligent face having great character. She had a super figure, extremely well maintained by regular visits to the gym, had a soft husky voice that made you feel like masturbating while just speaking to her on phone, and a very well read & informed lady. She informed me that she is faithful to her husband & never cheated on him till date. But of late, she began to suspect that he was having an affair with his secretary. Remember a wife knows immediately when her husband begins to sleep around. At present her husband was in Europe with his secretary girl friend enjoying himself so why should she live like a nun while her husband was away. So, she rang me up & asked me to come to meet her the next day, at 11.30 am, once the household work was finished & she was alone and her two kids were in school.

We made it through the first few scenes as we mildly petted and kissed. The porn movie on the TV acted like a ‘get to know you better’ and as the scenes progressed she and I became more aroused and personally speaking my inhibitions had completely relaxed. I turned to her and said “would you rather just watch this or feel the real thing?” without a moment of hesitation she leaned into me and we started to passionately kiss. My large hands slide down the contours of her upper body from her shoulders to her waist until I was able to secure her t-shirt and lift it up. Our hungry lips met each other and we indulged in some tongue-wrestling too!!! She looked at me as I raised her arms and allowed me to remove her t-shirt. She had not worn a bra and I just starred at her 36 d-cup tits slowly moving my hands below & across them. We continued to kiss as I massaged her soft & firm tits, teasing her taunt nipples that were standing at attention-position, literally saluting me for touching them. I began unbuttoning her jeans until it was fully undone. I helped her push it back which caused her tits to press against my face. “god your tits are beautiful sapna!”

In the background I could hear the moaning of two women being fucked on the porn DVD movie. It ignited stronger raw lust within her & me and I slid down onto the floor and started to kiss her belly button. Meanwhile, sapna’s hands were busy in unbuttoning my shirt, undoing my belt & unbuttoning my jeans. I quickly kicked off my Nike shoes and was standing tall in my birthday suit, but for the socks on my feet. ‘kiss it yes bite it’ she moaned. It looked that like my lover priya; sapna was also a vocal lover and liked to speak out her feelings freely while making love. She then bent down to remove my panties and my cock, the full 8” length sprang up on her in its full glory. She caught it in hand and placed her other under my balls. “yeah baby, that’s it… a good girl and suck my cock baby!” I said. I lifted myself so I could remove my pants and my briefs. She reached out and stroked my cock a few times, much to my approval kissed the head & licked it fully a few times. “you have a very nice and big cock ajit… I’m very impressed! I hope you will fully satisfy me and take me to heaven!!! My, you are bigger than my husband is’, she said. I centered my cock near her mouth and she again licked my dickhead. While continuing to stoke my dick she pushed it into her mouth and started swirling her tongue in multiple directions across stiff meat. “ahhhh that feels so incredible sapna oh that’s awesome… it’s great” I shouted. She then leaped forward to squat in the front of me as I leaned forward and pushed my cock further into her mouth.

By then, in the porn DVD one of the men climaxing in the mouth of one of the women. I watched the scene and looked over at sapna and said “does that turn you on sapna? Would you like to do that?” The man on the TV had just cum and began to squirt his male juices into the woman’s mouth and face.

“I’d love it if you’d suck me off and swallow me, sapna….fuck yes I’d absolutely love it. That’s so fucking nasty!” I responded. We were now completely naked and her desire to be sexually satisfied was about to happen. I reached forward and pulled her towards him. While she was sucking & stroking me, I took my face towards her crouch and smelled her pussy. This is the greatest of all aromas in the world a hot pulsating pussy waiting to be fucked. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot. This made her juice even more freely my it was great… a hot pussy dripping of juice is just too much!!! I saw stars and shouted “oh fuck that’s wonderful ummmm that feels so nice… so delicious, sapna! Oh fuck yes that feels so good!” I then slowly disengaged myself

From her, stood up and picked her up. She could feel my muscles flex as I lifted her. Our eyes met and we kissed. It was a deep, passionate kiss that indicated that she now only wanted one thing… my big 8” cock right up her hot pussy. She was a bitch in heat and wanted me like nothing else. I walked towards the stairs and after adjusting her slightly in my arms, I carried her up the six steps to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed and positioned myself on all fours. I leaned downward and she took hold of my throbbing erect cock, sucking and stroking me again.

I grunted “my, sapna you’re mouth feels so fucking awesome. If you’re mouth is this good your pussy must feel like heaven!” she tossed her hair backwards and seductively smiled at me. She rubbed her hot wet pussy and fed me her fingers moistened with her juices. The feel of my cock in her mouth, and knowing she was acting like a slut had emboldened her. She pulled back and leaned onto the bed, spreading her legs for me, exposing her wanton wet pussy that was neatly shaved and clean. Looking up at me she said “why don’t you feel how hot my pussy is for yourself baby and put your cock inside me? My pussy has been neglected for a long time. It requires real loving and fucking” saying this she rubbed her pussy a few times. My flag-pole was flying full mast!! It was hot it was rigid. it was ready to service sapna or any other lady that was in front of me at that moment. We had now reached a position where all you think about is to fuck fuck. And fuck to satisfy yourself and your partner; the most selfish act you can do. I took my cock and stroked myself as I climbed onto the position for the final countdown. “yes fuck me ajit put your big cock inside me and fuck me baby! I want you now ooooohhhh I can’t wait any longer just shove it in and ooohhh yea….rip me apart, my love just do it now” she exclaimed. I put the head of my cock on her cunt-lips and slowly entered her wet, hot and inviting pussy. I began to enter her and push deeper and deeper until the full 8” of big meat was fully inside her love canal. “wow! Ooohhh. Holy shit your cock feels fucking good ajit uuummmm, rock me baby yes fuck me baby oh fuck me! Yeah this is so good. Un hun, un hun fuck me oh yes, yes, yes, un hun, un hun, ummmm yeah, fuck me, oh keep fucking me ajit!” she shouted.

“you like my big meat fucking you sapna don’t you? Oooohhh you are spoooo nice. So tight you like to get fucked by big cocks don’t you? Shit your pussy feels so good. I can feel your cervix I’m in so far! You aaaahhhhh like me deep inside your pussy don’t you?” I asked. I was in total ecstasy and started caressing her tits and pulling slightly on her nipples. “yeah, .un hun ajit I like that do it again I love your cock inside me…..oh you feel so good. Fuck me deep baby, oh yeah fuck me real good and deep baby! I have been dying for your big meat just give it to me stuff my wet pussy with your big cock!” she responded. Our bodies were grinding and gyrating and her pussy was being completely filled by my dick. I leaned back, my big meat fully engorged in her cunt, I began to rock her to and fro. I looked down at her & said “do you want me to cum in your pussy? Do you want to feel my hot cum filling you? You want to feel me go faster & faster inside you” as if the moment couldn’t get more intense, my question caused her to start climaxing as I had made her so hot. “fuck yes cum inside my pussy. It’s ok, I am on a pill I am protected that’s why I allowed you to fuck me without a condom…I can’t get pregnant now, so fucking fill me with your hot cum baby! Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, aaaahhhhh aaaahhh oh fucking yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, .un hun . Un hun, fuck me oh fuck me ajit….yes I’m cumming baby, un hun, un hun, fuck yes I’m cooomingggg!” she screamed! As her pussy started constricting from the orgasm she could feel my cock growing and mushrooming before I began unloading rapid bursts of my hot lava into her steaming volcano!!! . “oh fuck yes I’m cumming, .oooohhh sapna you are too goooood I’m fucking cumming yeah oh yeah! Ummph, ummph, yeah you feel fucking awesome you feel great feel me fucking cum in your pussy sapna ummph. Oh fuck you’re so fucking hot! Fuck!” I shouted. Just then I came long spurts of my hot lava discharges into her hot love canal and slowly we came to a standstill, me on top of her, we both holding each other. Our bodies remained tightly pressed together as we both began to settle down from experiencing volcanic climaxes.

After we had slept for about 25mts. In each other’s arms we slowly came back down to earth from heaven from eternity. We smiled at each other…..she looked like an angle from heaven, smiling at me and I kissed her neck and shoulders, working my way down to her erect nipples. As I flicked her nipples with my tongue I sighed and said “sapna… it’s great that was fucking amazing! I was so fucking horny thank you!” she smiled and moved up to kiss me after which she said “so was I. I am one hot woman ajit a true milf! Just do me as much as you can. I want to get fucked for ever and ever.” I reached down and withdrew my still semi-erect cock from her pussy and said “suck me and taste yourself on my wet cock! Lick me clean babe! I want you to get me nice and hard again so we can fuck some more. I want to fuck you as much as you want and much more”.

I stood up on the bed and she moved to kneel in the front of me, taking my sticky cock into her mouth. She licked around the tip of my meat and again took it into her mouth, swirling her tongue all around my cock. She could taste the distinct twin-flavor of his cum mixed with her pussy juices. She felt very slutty and grew more expressive. She could feel my cock trying to recharge its batteries as she looked up at me and told me how much she was enjoying sucking my cock coated with her pussy juices and my cum. She made loud slurping sounds and did not care if the guard on duty at the main building gate heard it. I said “that’s it sapna….keep sucking my cock baby, you’re a fucking pro with that mouth oh fuck I’m so glad I met you!” she continued with the erotic blow-job for another six or seven minutes. During that time my semen mixed with her juices, flowed from her pussy onto the sheets forming quite a large wet puddle under me. As she moved her upper body to suck and stroke my cock I could feel the wetness on the sheets coat part of my ass. Again, it made me feel so nasty inside and I just wanted to totally let go and fuck wildly. Sapna could not believe that she had such a wild fucking secession and after regaining her composure she was working again on my erection and another round of mindless fucking. I fondled her tits and moved in to erotically kiss her face, neck and shoulders. I gave her a nice love-bite just above her left nipple; a place no one could easily see. “yes bite me harder I love it give me more love bites cover my body with your bites” she screamed.

“tell me what you want sapna? Tell me what made you call me to your place? Tell me how much you’re enjoying yourself? Tell me what you want whatever your fantasy is sapna?” I prodded. She softly kissed the side of his face and whispered “you know what I want ajit! Does it turn you on hearing me tell you I want your cock wildly fucking my pussy? In any which way you want. But, this time take me the hard way”. She reached down and grabbed my hot meat and slowly stroked & sucked it. “this is what I want baby, this is what I want, ajit! Your nice big cock for ever in my hot love canal. Does it make you hot hearing me tell you I want you to fuck me with your big cock and get me off? Yeah ajit, I want you to fuck me with your big fat strong cock! I want to feel you buried inside my pussy thrusting harder and harder, banging me as much as possible…. In and out of me, until I can’t take it anymore and scream from cumming! Does that turn you on as much as it does me baby?” no doubt, it really turned me on! My, what an amazing babe!!!

I seemed to have lost my ability to speak and opted to aggressively push her down onto the bed. I kissed her 36 d tits alternatively and passionately, sucking one with my mouth and caressing the other with my hand. Now, my left hand was free and my left hand was not enjoying so I took it and began to slowly rub her pussy. Slowly, I inserted my two fingers into the honey pot and enjoyed the moist warm feeling of her pussy that had engulfed my fingers. “you are fucking gorgeous sapna you are not only sexy but you are the type of woman who wants to take charge of the proceedings. Would you like to come on top?” I asked. At my cue, she tugged on my cock and directed me to lie down on my back so that she could straddle me. I repositioned myself and laughed as I felt the wet semen that had leaked from her pussy, press against my back. My cock glistened as it

Stood upward, awaiting to impale myself in her love canal. “this is my favorite position buddy,” she said “so you’re in for some ride; I hope you can handle it! I love to come on top but my husband only dopes it the missionary way. He does not like to experiment or change positions in bed” she said. Once she was on top of me, on her knees, her legs tucked under her she held my cock and lowered herself onto it. My cock-head easily passed the still slick entrance into her hot and moist pussy that was waiting readily for my big meat. As she sat on top of me her pussy completely swallowed my cock inside her. I could see her cunt-lips totally engulfing my big meat. My, what a sight!!!

She bent backwards and rested both her hands on my shoulders and remained in that position for about three minutes. She wanted to feel my big meat right into her cunt, just next to her womb. Slowly, thereafter she began to rock and gyrated on my groin. She was in heaven as she was enjoying feeling the different angles that my big meat was moving within her. I also think, this gave her a great sense of power over me; as she was on top of me and was controlling the whole show; and I was just lying helplessly, like a prisoner below her. I reached up to fondle her tits and again rubbed and softly rolled her nipples causing them to further engorge. “your pussy feels so good sapna….fuck you’re so silky so smooth I just don’t want to come out of it. Make me your prisoner and keep my cock buried in your pussy for ever!” I said.

“what did you call me before? A milf? So how’s this milf doing ajit? You’re hard cock feels real good inside me baby! How do you like this milf’s sexy body and the tricks that I can do to you?” she said. I grabbed hold of her hips and bucked and thrust myself in and out of her. So, there she was leaning backwards on me with my hands holding her waist and me fucking her brains out!!! She met my actions causing our bodies to slap together a number of times. I leaned forward just enough to suck her left tit & nipple in my mouth. I pulled on it slightly with his teeth and flicked it with my tongue. The feeling I was creating within her was truly electric. “yeah ajit that feels so fucking good baby….oh god I’m such a fucking slut! Oooh yeah this feels so fucking good!” she said. I sat up further to switch tits and he began servicing her right nipple in the same manner I had done the left. She was now sitting straight up on me and changed position. Keeping my big meat inside her she took half a circle and was now facing me, with my cock in her hot cunt. She then wrapped her arms around my neck. She continued to bounce and take my cock deep with each penetrating thrust. This was great!!! Slowly, she could feel another orgasm about to occur and said “I’m real close baby yeah oh fuck I am gonna cum I’m real close!” when I heard her say this I rocked forward with my body causing her to fall backwards onto the bed. “get on all fours and let me fuck you from behind like a real bitch come let’s do it the way dogs enjoy!” I said instructed. She quickly flipped over and angled her ass to me so I could reenter my pussy from behind. I plunged back in and started to wildly fuck her, she on all fours and I on my knees, just behind her, my hands holding her waist to ensure she does not topple over. It was just mindless fucking. Our eyes were closed and our bodies were enjoying the sexual pleasure that we are made to enjoy. In and out in and out my big meat dug into her juice dripping pussy that was stretched to the maximum. The bed began to vibrate against the wall from all of our savage movement and her tits were swinging from the rapid actions we were creating.

“fuck mmmeee ajit yes! Oh yes baby fuck my pussy! Fill me up…. Uummph, uumph, oooh this feels so fucking good!” she grunted. She brought my hand in an effort to rub her clitoris as we fucked. As soon as I touched her I could feel the wetness of her juices dripping and I began to rub her faster. The fucking & rubbing seemed to have a very heavy effect on sapna. By now all of my fingers were really flying in a manner and rubbing her cherry, combined with the thrusts of my cock, I could feel that she was about to cum. Then, without any warning she had a gigantic climax screaming “oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, of fuccccckkkking yeeeeesssss! Fuck my pussy …. Un hun, un hun, yes, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fucking yes, wow, oh wow, oh fuck I’m cumming wow I’m fucking cumming. Oh fuck I’m so fucking cumming. Ooooh yeah baby yea that feels so gooooood!” her screaming was like an aphrodisiac and I could feel myself on the verge of cumming. I was soon over the edge and I felt my ball spew out the love-juice in them right into her wanting pussy. I began to unloading another blast of my cum into her hot love-hole “I’m cumming oh, oh here it is babe I’m fucking cumming in you, feel my hot cum oh fuck your pussy feels so good ummmph, ummmph, oh fuck I wanna empty myself in you” I screamed. Spurt after spurt came and at each spurt I banged her pussy harder and harder. Finally, when my balls were empty, my final big thrust made her collapse on the bed with me right on top of her exhausted and finished for the time being. “just hold me tight from behind” she said. I obeyed.

I rolled off her back, my wet dickhead drawing a line of our combined love-juices, right across her ass-cheeks and waist. She leaned over to rest on me and we remained in this position for about 20mts or so. Our eyes were closed and we both were in the land of bliss and solitude that we mortals want to experience again and again. Thereafter, we regain our strength and she made the first move by holding my face in both of her palms. Just then the sound of the doorbell awoke us. She quickly wrapped a robe around herself and scampered to the door. She came back in two minutes smiling “oh it’s just a courier letter for my husband. My pussy is sore and totally fucked, and I mean it. My tits and my back ache like hell. But I really love this feeling. I have always dreamt of it. Today, thanks to you, I have experienced it” she said. I stood up and noticed myself in the double mirror closet doors. “shit I look like I’ve been seriously fucked, too!” I said. We both laughed and she came over to me, stood behind me, putting her arm around me and hugging me. “ajit, you were seriously fucked me & I seriously enjoyed every minute of it!” she joked before adding “are you up for round three?”

Looking into the mirror I said to her “do you know what time it is?” By then it was 2.30pm and her two kids came back from school at 3.00 pm. “your driver will be here in half hour with the kids and it would be suicidal for us if he sees me here”, I said. She agreed but said “you need to be going but just hold me & kiss me for the last time”. I obliged. We were again holding each other, exploring each other and behaving as if we had just met. “do we meet again”, I asked her. “yes” she said immediately, “I can’t afford to loose you. You are mine, now” I just then thought of priya; she also wanted the same thing. “may I visit your bathroom where I can get cleaned up a little?” I said. She pointed out where the bathroom was and told where the linen closet was too. I freshened up and did my best to straighten my hair. I redressed and met her in the kitchen where she stood in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. “when will I see you again sapna?” I asked. “I’m married. My husband has been away on business for almost two weeks and he’s coming home sometime in the next three or four weeks. So, please make sure no one knows about our affair. I want you very much and love to fuck you again and again. We have to keep this a private secret between us. So, we have all the time in the world” she said. “don’t worry about me. Your secret is totally safe with me. I swear, no one will come to know about it. This is my promise to you. So, keep your mind in peace & do not increase your blood pressure. But we will have to be careful & not give away the whole game. Do not be over-confident & I am sure we can have a ball. Next time lets meet at a hotel or some where out in matheran or khandala. No point in getting caught & loosing all the fun”, I said. She agreed. After giving her the farewell kiss I left her with her promise of calling me up in a few days time