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I looked at Anna as the baby suckled on her mother's full breast. The milk was flowing strongly and ran from the baby's mouth, down Anna's engorged breast. I imagined what it would be like to reach out and take a drop with my finger and taste it. I already knew what that would be like. Sweet. Warm. I longed to replace the baby. To feel Anna's huge nipple in my mouth and drink deeply from her body.
"Daddy." Anna's voice broke into my dream. "Daddy."
Anna was 14 when her mother and I split up. Anna went to live with my ex-wife. I tried to keep my relationship with my daughter intact, but it was difficult.
"It doesn't matter what happens Anna, I'll always love you," I always told her, "and you'll always come first."
Over weeks and months it became increasingly hard to see my daughter. Her mother moved away and took Anna with her to a new city, new school and new friends. She started running with a bad crowd, feel behind in her grades, and by 16 she was a tearaway. I saw her when I could, and she was growing up to be a beautiful girl. Her puppy fat had disappeared, and she was skinny and lissom. Her hair was long and glossy, and she had legs that commanded attention. When we met, we got on well and it was increasingly clear how unhappy she was. I begged her to come and live with me, but she wouldn't come. A boy was involved.
Almost inevitably, one evening I got a text from her mother.
"Anna is pregnant. You need to know. The baby is due any day."
And that was how I found out.
Anna's baby was born two weeks later. A happy, healthy little boy. Mother and baby doing well, I was told. I was a grandfather at 44. My daughter was 4 months short of her 18th birthday.
On her 18th birthday I took a call from Anna.
"Daddy. I'm 18 now and mummy can't stop me from doing what I want. Can I come to you daddy?"
I was shocked but so pleased.
"Of course my darling. You know I meant what I said. You will always come first. But what about your baby's father?"
"He's left me daddy. He's never even seen the baby. And mum's just horrible to me. She tells me everything I do is wrong. I can't bear it. I want to be with a man who loves me. And I know you do daddy. I want to be with my kind, handsome, loving daddy."
And so it was arranged. She came to me on the train just a few days later. In that time I made her room as nice as I could, bought things for the baby, a cot, mobiles, changing table, a pushchair.
The day came when I went to pick her up. I was at the station when she came through the turnstile and as she walked through the crowd and came into view my heart lurched to see her. She was changed so much. She'd cut her long hair and it was in a cute elfin bob. She looked glowing, with her baby in a sling. An earth mother. And I was smitten by the change in her.
We embraced warmly and I took her bag. Her hand found mine and we walked happily to the car. The funny thing was, as we walked, people looked at us and I knew from their looks that they thought we were a couple. I wasn't too old, and we were so happy together. It was a strange feeling, like we were starting a new life as a couple.
Once at home Anna was delighted to see her new room, and the baby's things. She whooped with joy (quietly so as not to wake the baby).
"Didn't I say you would always come first?" I laughed.
She put the baby down and came over to hug and kiss me.
"You did daddy and I always knew you meant it."
Her hug was tight and then I noticed for the first time. How big her breasts were. They filled the space between us and were firm and warm. I was taken aback at the change.
"I know daddy," she laughed as she spotted my reaction: I couldn't help but look.
"Isn't it great? I only ever had small boobs. These are enormous! Feel!"
And she took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I was taken aback by her complete openness. But feel them I did. They were firm and large, warm, and she took my hands and rubbed them over her nipples. I knew my face was bright red and tried to pull my hands way.
"Feel my nipples daddy. They're huge!"
She wasn't wrong either. I could feel them almost trying to burst out from behind the substantial bra she was wearing. I pulled back my hands.
"Don't be shy daddy! It's all very natural." And she laughed excitedly. "If we're going to be together, you're going to have to get used to more than that!"
I laughed, flustered and left her to begin to settle in.
Downstairs I sat down in a daze. I'd just had an intimate moment with my daughter. I was shocked at my reaction. Not by being flustered or embarrassed. No. I was utterly confounded by the powerful erection I now had. I was both disgusted at myself and also really aroused. I remembered the saying – the best sex was the one you weren't supposed to have. I made her tea as a distraction and in a few minutes, she brought the baby back downstairs with her and settled into a chair. Just then the baby, who had slept through all of this, woke up, crying it's heart out. It was hungry.
"Dad I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. But now I'm going to feed him. You can go if you want but I'd like you to stay…"
I nodded, in a dream, and rooted to the spot. She adjusted her blouse and unhooked her front fastening bra. Suddenly her magnificent breasts were in front of me. The first shock was seeing her nipples. Bigger than any I'd seen before. And leaking milk. Then it was the size and veined beauty of her whole breast that entranced me. As the milk flowed it was squirting now. I couldn't take my eyes from it. The baby took the nipple from her left breast in its mouth, and almost choked with the volume flowing into it's mouth. The it properly latched on and began to drink hungrily
I looked at Anna as the baby suckled on her mother's full breast. The milk was flowing strongly and ran from the baby's mouth, down Anna's engorged breast. I imagined what it would be like to reach out and take a drop with my finger and taste it. I already knew what that would be like. Sweet. Warm. I longed to replace the baby. To feel Anna's huge nipple in my mouth and drink deeply from her body. I was disgusted and repelled by my thoughts but also excited like I'd never been before.
"Daddy." Anna's voice broke into my dream. "Daddy."
"Yes sweetheart?"
"Could you fetch me a towel? Look…" Her right breast was leaking milk. I looked. It was such a beautiful sight. Mouth-watering.
"Daddy!" she giggled.
"Sorry darling. I'll go."
Trembling with unexpected emotions I hurried to eh cupboard where I kept my laundry and pulled out a towel. For a moment I stopped and adjusted myself. My erection was uncomfortable. And I was overwhelmed with lustful and inappropriate thoughts. What was happening to me? Anna had been in the house just for a little while and I was having such thoughts! Even as I felt disgusted with myself, I remembered the milk flowing from my daughter's incredible breasts and imagined what it would be like to touch them. I had to stop. This was wrong. I pulled myself together and went back to my daughter.
"Hello daddy," Anna said "You were a long time. Everything ok?" She looked at me insouciantly, the tip of her tongue on her upper lip and a smile that hinted at something knowing. Had she worked out what I was feeling? Had she encouraged it? I blushed.
"All's good darling. It's lovely to have you here." I breezed it out.
"I'll go and put the baby down daddy."
When she returned she sat down.
"Daddy. I have a little problem. I have so much milk at the moment the baby can't drink it all. I have to express some more, or I'll be really uncomfortable. Do you mind if I do it here? The thing is my breast pump has broken and I'll have to do it by hand. Could I borrow a bowl daddy?"
I jumped up and fetched her a bowl from the kitchen and she placed in her lap, and released her beautiful breasts from her blouse and front fastening bra. I couldn't tear my eyes away. And already they were starting to leak milk. It was the single most beautiful and arousing sight of my life. Anna began to massage her left breast and nipple. The milk squirted into the bowl and I watched with fascination. After a few moments I look up to see Anna watching me, a smile on her face.
"Do you like watching daddy?" she laughed.
I blushed again and then nodded, smiling ruefully.
"I hope you don't mind if I say that I do. It's the most beautiful thing to watch Anna. So…womanly…" I tailed off.
"Daddy, I don't mind at all. In fact I kinda like it. It feels…wrong…but you know what daddy? Breast feeding, and this, expressing my milk, it makes me feel, well, sexy daddy. I can't explain. It's an emotional thing!"
She laughed a little awkwardly, but I could see she was flushed. And all the time the milk was flowing freely. She looked at me and our eyes met. She wasn't smiling now. She was deadly serious, As the milk squirted rhythmically into the bowl I half imagined, or was it real, that she was aroused. There was no sound other than her breathing and the milk splashing. And her eyes remained locked on mine. I was hypnotised.
"Daddy." She half whispered. She bit her bottom lip.
Her eyes closed, she shivered and there was an intake of breath, and the spell was broken. She looked away, a little embarrassed. I got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee and to leave her in peace. What had I just seen?
The next few days passed without a recurrence of the milk expressing in my view. She did it alone in her bedroom. She was just as loving, perhaps even more so. She was embarrassed by what we'd done. Our relationship had changed. It had begun to morph into something else. Closer. Loving. We looked after the baby together. We cooked together. We laughed. I was in heaven.
One hot and sunny day we'd been for a walk, the three of us. We'd had such fun and Anna and I were closer than ever. We'd held hands as we'd sat on a park bench, and she'd cuddled up close. We had a lovely relationship. It felt like we were a couple, not father and daughter. I must confess to being completely in love with this little, wild, beautiful person. My daughter was loving, full of life, and ideas, laughter and fun. And she was excruciatingly pretty. She had a slim and lissom figure that had been left untouched by her pregnancy. Her elfin hair cut set off her fine and even features. Her lips were full and soft, and her green eyes flecked with gold. And her breasts were magnificent.
The baby had fallen asleep at its feeding time and once we'd come into the house Anna's breasts were leaking milk. I could see it had made the front of her very revealing, black vest top, wet. The baby had stubbornly refused to wake up. She put it down in her room and came into the living room.
"Oh daddy my breasts are painful with milk. I have to express some. Do you mind?"
"Of course I don't mind darling. I'll fetch you your bowl." I then made a mug of tea for us both.
She sat down and unpeeled the vest top over her head. My breath caught in my throat. Her beauty made me speechless. I handed her the tea. This time she was wearing a back-fastening bra.
"Oh daddy I can't unfasten my bra with my tea in my hand. Can you help?"
Whether she meant take the tea, I'm unsure, but I took it that she meant unfasten the bra. I went behind her and began to unfasten the strap. She didn't object. In a moment her breasts were unleashed. They spilled out in front of her. And they were so full that her milk began to spray. Anna laughed.
"Oh daddy, help!"
I ran to get her a towel and came back quickly. I felt awkward but at the same time I was fascinated and aroused. She began to express the milk from one breast, but she was so full that it was pouring and squirting from her other. She looked at me. I looked at her.
"Daddy. Would you like to taste it? I can see you're interested."
"You…you don't mind?
"I know you want to. I don't bite!"
I reached put my trembling hand and with my fingers took a few drops from below her nipple. It was warm. Hesitantly I brought my fingers to my lips. I looked at Anna. Her mouth was open, watching the progress of my fingers to my lips. Then she looked me in the eyes.
"Go on," she whispered. "Please."
I put it to my lips and tongue. My heart was pounding. I was painfully erect. It tasted…sweet. Delicious. And so, so wrong.
"More daddy. Again." She'd stopped expressing milk now, and all her focus was on my tasting her milk. Her hand had also stolen down to the hem of her short skirt and was slowly lifting it, revealing her long legs.
I reached out again, quicker, and took more milk and tasted it again. I wanted more.
"Your lips daddy. Use your mouth. Go on Go on!! Don't be shy daddy. I want you to do it."
There was something in her tone that couldn't be denied. Not that I didn't want to. I was desperate to taste her. I knelt in front of her. It was like taking Holy Communion. I was worshipping at the altar of my daughter's beauty. She leaned forward, making her breast available to me.
"Go on daddy. Please," she whispered.
And so I leaned closer, opened my mouth, and took the first drops from her breast. It was divine. I took her engorged nipple in my mouth and began to drink.
"Yes daddy! It's so good. Oh. Oh… Let me feed you. You have taken me in and loved me daddy and now it's my turn to nourish you. To love you. Drink from my body daddy."
And I did drink. I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could and sucked, I used my tongue to lave her enormous nipples, and I drank and drank. It was so, so wrong and yet I was in heaven. She slipped down from the chair and we rolled together on the floor. Somehow, I ended up underneath her, drinking from her other breast, whist she rubbed her whole body against me. Her skirt was up around her waist now and she was rubbing herself against my cock. It was wanton, wild, and I wanted this with a desperate passion.
"Daddy. I'm coming daddy. Don't stop. Please. Please!"
The incredible eroticism of drinking from my daughter's breasts, and our rubbing together combined into the most magnificent orgasm of my life. And then she came and came.
After a long time where we lay kissing on the floor, I spoke.
"Baby…baby we're crossing so many lines here. I love you so much. Do we know what we're doing?"
"Daddy. This is wrong I know. So very wrong. But I want you to know that I love you daddy and don't care who knows it."
We kissed passionately. And then, of course, the baby woke up.
Later that evening, after my daughter had put the baby to bed, we snuggled up on the sofa together.
"We need to talk Anna," I began gently.
"Do we daddy? I don't think there's much to say. I want to share everything with you, my baby, my life, my milk and my love. I want to be your lover daddy. I know what this is. It's incest daddy and I don't care. Incest. I love the word now. I embrace it."
She reached up to me and kissed me passionately, her tongue in my mouth.
"Let's move into your bedroom daddy. I'll be your wife from now on, if you'll have me."
"God yes. I want you so much, in every way."
She stood up and took me by the hand to our matrimonial bed. Undressing in front of me, she revealed her perfect body.
"Be my husband daddy, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long we live."
"I will my darling. And do you take me to be your wife, for as long as we live?"
"I do daddy. I do."
I lay down and she climbed over me, her knees on either side of my hips. I was erect and I'd never been harder or more in love in my whole life. Her breasts were leaking milk again. I reached up and palmed them. She leaned down and I took a n ipple in my mouth.
"Let me feed you my essence daddy. I love you."
Reaching down she took hold of my penis and positioned it at the entrance to her vagina.
"With my cunt I thee wed", she said "With my body I thee worship." And I slid effortlessly inside her. She sat up straight, her magnificent breasts above me, milk pouring from them as she began to move, intoning words like a magic spell.
"Come in me daddy. Come in me. I've given you my essence, Give me yours. Fill me with your essence daddy. Come for me. Give it to me. Make me another baby daddy. I'll give you my milk. Give me your seed."
She was fucking me now, hard and fast, her breasts rocking, showering her milk everywhere.
"Come for me daddy. Come for me."
She was wild now, the rhythm of our incestuous sex so fast and passionate it was almost impossible to keep in time. Our loins slapped together, the bed rocked, her milk was everywhere. I was beyond, reason now, beyond logical thought and only lust and desire existed.
"I love you Anna. I love you. Let me love you for ever. We can have babies if you want. I'm yours now. Yours."
With that she came, and moments later so did I.
After a little while she began to giggle.
"Daddy. You used to say that I would always come first. And I did!"
Our incestuous coupling had begun.

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