My Daughter is a Good Teacher

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tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter is a Good Teacher

"Wow, that was great, daddy!!" My daughter Susan said, as she laid her head on my chest, my cum seeping out onto her thighs.
We had just spent an hour making love in the bed where she had been conceived 20 years before. Her mom had left a few months ago, and one night she joined me in that bed. I was half asleep but she woke me with her mouth on my cock, and we had slept together and fucked together there ever since. Somehow it seemed natural to both of us, since she had always been daddy's girl. There had been no limits, no inhibitions that her mother had shown. I used her mouth, tits, pussy, and ass for her pleasure and mine, and she loved every minute of it.
"You know Tommy, the guy down the street?" I asked her.
"Yeah, he's kinda cute but awfully shy."
"His mom is kinda worried about him. He has never had a girlfriend and he starts college in a couple of weeks. She's afraid he will be missing out on his chance to sow some wild oats before he settles down."
She smiled "Maybe we should have them over, I bet I can get some of his shyness to go away."
"His mom was thinking the same thing. She is always saying how pretty you are and I think she has kinda guessed that we have a special thing going."
"Why don't we have them over tonight? I can cook us something good. Maybe a little food and wine will loosen him up a little."
"This would be a good time for you to wear that short skirt and halter top. The thigh highs would look great too. Don't bother with a bra or panties. You wouldn't have them on long anyway." I have her a long, slow kiss and squeezed her nipples before I got up and showered. She joined me and gave me a great blow job with the warm water running over us. She swallowed every drop before she toweled us both off and dressed.
I called Tommy's mom Marie and invited them over for dinner, suggesting that she wear something sexy as well. "You bet." She responded. "Will see you at 8."
All during dinner Tommy couldn't keep his eyes off Susan's top. Her nipples are perky and perpetually somewhat hard, and they very visibly poked through the top. Susan is a great cook and her special spaghetti carbonara was wonderful. Tommy was a little surprised when his mom let him have a couple of glasses of wine.
After dinner Tommy and I sat in the den and chatted as the ladies cleared the table. When they came in, his mom sat next to him and Susan sat on my lap. Tommy's eyes widened as she opened her legs to give him a clear look at her shaved pussy. His mom put her hand on his leg and said "She's really a doll, isn't she?" All he could do was nod and hope no one would notice the bulge growing in his pants.
Susan gave me a long slow kiss on the mouth and my hand cupped one of her firm young tits.
"You like her tits, Tommy? Would you like to see them!" While he was trying to figure out what to say, she lifted her arms and I slipped the top off. Her nipples poked out as always. "I bet your mom has nice ones too, Tommy. Have you ever seen them?"
"Tell the truth, Tommy. I have seen you check them out when I was dressing."
"Gee, mom!! Did you have to tell them? I couldn't help it, mom. I'm sorry." He was bright red.
"It's ok, Tommy, it's normal to be curious." He hears you let out a low moan and looks over to see me fondling your hard nipples.
"Maybe you should give him a closer look." I suggest, and she stands and takes off her top and lacy bra. She sits by him and guides his hand to one of them.
"You can squeeze it, baby. You won't hurt me."
"But mom, are you sure this is ok? We might get in trouble." He squeezed it gently, feeling the nipple respond.
"Not if we don't tell anyone, baby. I won't say anything and I don't think they will either."
"Our secret, right, Susan?"
"Of course, daddy. We're good at keeping secrets." She got off my lap and walked over and sat on the other side of him. His mom pressed his hand against her taut nipple as Susan unzipped her pants and pulled out his stiff cock. It was a nice size, and she smiled. He was nervous but aroused as two sexy women were paying special attention to him.
All of us knew that he wouldn't be able to hold his first load back for long, and it only took a few strokes from Susan's talented hand to extract a ribbon of cum which spurted onto Susan's tits. She smiled and rubbed it onto her nipples.
"Oh, god, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it." He was even redder now.
Marie spoke up. "No, Tommy, at your age it's hard to control. But I bet there's more where that came from." She took a tissue from her purse and tidied him up. "Maybe you should take off your pants and briefs, though. They're a little messy."
"I guess so." He slid them off.
Susan stood up and unzipped her skirt and stood there in only her black thigh highs. Tommy's eyes roamed over her body as his mom gently stroke his cock, bringing it back to life.
"Do you like what you see, Tommy? Would you like to fuck me?"
"I never…"
"That's ok, Tommy. There's a first time for everything, as they say. Let's go in the bedroom." She took his hand and they went in and closed the door.
She told him to lay back and enjoy himself. His cock was semi erect and she took it in her mouth. "My dad says I suck his cock better than anyone."
"Your DAD???"
"Yes, Tommy, my dad. I bet you and your mom could have a good time too. She's pretty hot." She turned her attention back to his cock, and pretty soon it was rock hard again.
In the meantime, Marie and I were watching them on the TV, since I had set up the camera. Pretty soon she was sucking my cock too, hearing my moans as she pleasured me with her hot mouth. She was soon rewarded with a mouthful of hot cream, which she swallowed. I returned the favor as she watched my daughter ride her son's stiff cock until he groaned and filled her with his second load. Her pussy was dripping wet as I expertly worked on her swollen clit with my tongue and finger.
She saw her son look around as she cried out during her orgasm. "I guess he will need a lesson in eating pussy." I said, laughing. "Maybe you two need to come back tomorrow."
"Are you ok, mom?" He asked as they walked out, naked, cum covering his cock and Susan's thighs.
"Yes, baby. Tomorrow night we're coming back and we'll show you how to make a woman scream like that."
Susan gave Tommy a nice kiss and they dressed and headed home.
"Did you get a good tape, daddy?"
"Yes, baby, I guess it's your turn to cum now. Let's get a shower and clean you up."
We showered and I got her nice and clean. Then we went to bed and I made her cum a couple of times before we went to sleep.
The next night, Susan and I met them at the door in our robes. It didn't take them long to undress and soon the two women were on the couch with their legs spread while I taught Tommy the fine art of cunnilingus. His mom opened her pussy for me and Susan opened hers for him. I showed him how to use his tongue and fingers in concert, and before long both women came loud and hard.
"I think it's time we switched partners." I said.
"But…but…she's my mom."
"It's ok, Tommy." She said. "Show your sweet mommy how well you can eat her pussy."
He reluctantly took his place between her legs and gently placed his tongue on her clit. She pulled his head closer. "Eat mommy's pussy, baby, make her feel good."
I started working on Susan and she opened wide as she welcomed her daddy's tongue. Tommy had been enthusiastic but awkward, and I correctly guessed that she had faked her orgasm to make him feel good. Pretty soon she came for real on my face as her heels pulled me closer.
Meanwhile Marie was enjoying her son's tongue and fingers, awkwardness and all. He looked up at her. "Mom, am I doing ok?"
"You are doing great, baby. Call me 'mommy' like you used to, baby. That turns me on." Pretty soon, her legs shook and she moaned "Oh, god, baby, you made me cum so good." If she was faking it, she was faking it pretty well.
She stood up and said "Now it's time to use that nice cock of yours to make mommy feel good. Let's go in the bedroom."
"Are you sure, mom…mommy?"
"Yes, baby, it's time." On the way in she turned to me and made the charade gesture for "movie". I nodded and she smiled as she closed the door.
"That will give them something good to watch." I switched on the camera and sat on the couch as Susan straddled me and took her daddy's stiff cock inside her, riding up and down, her pussy squeezing it.
I watched as Tommy climbed between her legs and she guided him inside. I read her lips as she said "Fuck me baby, fuck me good!!" and watched as he complied.
I sucked her nipples as she moved up and down on me, slow, then fast, then slow again, like I showed her. We heard Marie's squeals from the bedroom and saw him collapse on her after he came. Susan's spasms caused my cock to pump her full of wet, sticky cream.
They came out of the bedroom, holding hands and smiling.
"I think my baby is ready to make those college girls feel good, don't you, Susan?"
She walked over and squeezed his slippery cock as she kissed him. "I think so, but he'll be coming home to see his mommy and me now and then, won't he?"
"You bet." They both said as they dressed and headed home.
"I guess we better make copies of the tapes." I said, as Susan and I went to bed.

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