My Daughter My Best Dealer

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My Daughter My Best Dealer
My wife had left us a few years ago for someone that wasn’t a dirt farmer. She had always hated the hard farm life and it was just a mater of time before she left us. She granted me an uncontested divorce and she didn’t want any alimony or our beautiful daughter Alicia either. She just packed her stuff up one spring day and left us while I was out in the fields and Alicia was in school.
My teenage daughter Alicia is a d**g dealer. I just found out about it. Actually I found her marijuana plants out behind one of my cornfields.
After I dropped her britches to her knees and blistered her bare ass pretty good, she told me everything that I wanted to know. At fifteen years old she had quite a little d**g business going on. She earned more than enough money to cover all of her ‘girl’ needs and she only sold to other girls. She said that dealing with guys was a very unpleasant thing. I could sympathize with her because almost everyone that I have to deal with is a guy. I only deal with one woman and she is by far the best person that I have to deal with. She isn’t any beauty queen but she has a great personality and a sense of understanding.
For a farmer’s daughter I was actually pleased that Alicia grew, harvested, and sold her own crop. I wasn’t all that pleased as to the type of crop that she chose to grow and sell, but I remember smoking corn silk in a corncob pipe out behind the barn when I was a young k**.
The next couple of days went by pretty smoothly but I couldn’t get her bare ass out of my mind. Alicia harvested some of her plants and started to dry them up in our hayloft. Now that I knew about it, she was much more open about her d**g business. I was not sure that was a good thing.
I found myself preoccupied with my daughter’s body and took extra notice of her whenever she was around me. It seemed that she had grown up over night. She dressed the same way but I was now more acutely aware of her maturing body, the amount of exposed flesh, and how tightly her clothes fit her curves. I noticed that Alicia wore a lot of really tight T-shirts around me without wearing a bra underneath and that she wore a lot of very short shorts that showed off the bottom half of her ass cheeks nicely. I could still feel her fine bare ass under my palm as I spanked her a few days earlier. So when I caught her bent over in the kitchen that evening I came up behind her and ran my hand over her ass lightly. She didn’t even flinch so I gave her a little smack on her butt when I finished and then she made one of those sounds that told me that she had enjoyed it. That little smack also allowed me to cup her warm pussy with my fingers for a few seconds.
Alicia stood up and had a cute little smile on her face when she said, “Dad if you don’t give me a hassle about my pot business I won’t complain when you cop a feel and I just might be able to toss some sex your way too.”
Shocked I asked, “Sex?”
Alicia laughed and replied, “Not with me silly. Some of the girls that I sell too ask for credit and I don’t give them any. However I know for a fact that they put out, so I bet that you could fuck them if you paid me the ten dollars for their bag of grass.”
Now I was curious so I asked, “Would they really let me do that?”
Alicia said, “Yes they would. Pot heads will do just about anything.” Then she patted my crotch and said, “Just wait and see.”
All of a sudden I realized what she had said earlier and said, “Hey, you said that if I copped a feel that you wouldn’t mind. Really?”
Alicia then explained to me that she had actually liked it when I had dropped her shorts and panties to spank her bare ass a few days ago and also when I had cupped her pussy a few minutes ago. She said that it wasn’t easy being a horny fifteen-year-old girl living way out in the country and that she kind of liked it when I touched her. She asked me if I would do it to her more often like I used to do to her mother before she left us. I assured Alicia that I would love to touch her like that, then I reached out and cupped a breast as I turned her body around and pressed my crotch into her firm ass as I squeezed her breast tightly. I told her that I loved seeing her in tight T-shirts without a bra. We decided that we would help each other out.
Friday evening Alicia got a frantic call from a girl that needed a bag of weed for a party that she was going too. Then when she arrived she didn’t have enough money to pay for what she wanted. She had ten dollars but she wanted two bags of grass. That’s when Alicia told her that if she let me fuck her that I would cover the cost of the second bag. That was when they started making counter offers like one extra bag verses two extra bags of grass, a blowjob verses a fuck in her pussy, and partially dressed verses full nudity. Soon it was decided that the girl would get completely naked, fuck me while she was on top, and that I would cover the cost of her second and third bags of marijuana. Before we got started she wanted to smoke a joint to mellow out as she called it. I assumed that it gave her the courage or the excuse to sell herself to a perfect stranger for twenty dollars worth of pot.
Soon enough I was naked and lying on my back while the girl got naked and sat on my hard cock. It was my first fuck since my wife had left me. I looked up at this eighteen-year-old girl and couldn’t believe that she was willing to fuck me for twenty dollars worth of weed. She was actually quite pretty, a varsity cheerleader, and she was a senior about to graduate from high school. I reached up and grabbed both of her tits as she bounced up and down on my cock. I reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands as she bounced some more. I was so happy to have her on top of me and in charge because it took so much longer for me to cum that way. However the girl was obviously in a big hurry and just wanted to get it over with. So while she was still on top of me they came to a new arrangement where I would fuck the cheerleader doggy style while Alicia filmed us. Okay! So I did just that. The girl got on her hands and knees while I got behind her and slipped my cock in. Alicia filmed us from low and toward the front to get the girl’s face and her tits swinging as I fucked her. Then she got low behind us to get my cock slipping into her juicy hole. After I finally cum and pulled out of her, Alicia got the big white gob as it started to come out of her pussy. Alicia quickly handed me the camera and started sucking on the girl’s pussy. I got all of that action too. The girl finally got dressed, took her three bags of grass, and then left to get to her party.
Alicia turned to me and held her hand out. I gladly paid her the twenty dollars. It was certainly worth it. That evening we watched the recording over and over again as we cuddled together on the couch. Even though I was still naked and she still had on her shorts and T-shirt it never slowed me down. I held her soft tits in my hand, I fingered her moist pussy, and I let her play with my cock. It was the best Friday evening that I had had in quite a few years. Alicia jerked me off once and I tickled her clit to three orgasms. We both went to bed very contented that night and I slept soundly.
That Saturday morning started out so much different from normal that I was not sure at first what was going on. Alicia jumped in bed with me before my alarm even went off. Farmers usually get up with the sun but I’m a little lazy. I stay in bed until my alarm goes off at seven o’clock. Then I normally get dressed, eat a good breakfast, and start my day’s work by eight o’clock or so.
However on that Saturday I got to watch my own fifteen-year-old daughter sit on my morning erection. I hadn’t had one in quite a while but after experiencing sex the night before with that eighteen-year-old cheerleader I had a pretty good one even if I do say so myself. Alicia was completely naked and just sat down on it. It slipped into her pussy so easily that I couldn’t believe it. She told me that she was almost a virgin but that she had let a boy she knows fuck her a couple of times. She also dumped his sorry ass as soon as she found out that all he wanted was sex and free pot. She said that she had felt used.
It was my good fortune that Alicia woke up horny as hell that morning and wanted a good stiff cock, and I had one for her. I kept my eyes open and on her breasts. Up until last night I hadn’t seen a set of breasts in a very long time and her hard nipples were hypnotizing me. Her tight pussy sliding up and down my cock felt incredibly good. I reached around to place my hands under her ass cheeks as she came down. I felt them fill my hands with her firm yet soft flesh. Alicia reminded me so much of her mother. I had such a raging hard-on that when I finally exploded inside her it was such a relief. I fired shot after shot of my cum up her love hole and I was still amazed when it lubricated her to the point where her eyes rolled into her head and she too had an orgasm of her own.
Right after that I had to pee like a racehorse. I rolled her off from me and then I went into the bathroom. Alicia followed me right in. She stepped into the bathtub, pulled the shower curtain, and started the water. I finished pissing and climbed in behind her. As we showered together Alicia made sure to wash her pussy out as best she could with the douche bag that had always hung on the showerhead. Her mother had always kept it there and I never moved it. I figured that Alicia had used it from time to time but now I knew that she would be using it a lot more often. When she finished I reached down with a bar of soap and rubbed it into her pubic hair. With my bare hand I massaged it into a nice thick lather. After poking my fingers around inside her pussy for a while I rinsed off, slapped her bare wet ass with a solid blow, and then I got out.
I got dressed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. Alicia met me in the kitchen as I was frying up a pound of bacon. She got out the eggs, scrambled them in a bowl for me, and then set the table. I told her which field I was going to be working in that day and Alicia told me that she was going to take care of her plants drying up in the top of the barn and then put a couple more up there. She also asked me where the best place to plant some more marijuana would be, where no one would accidentally stumble on them. I told her about a pricker patch that was in among some trees where the planes that fly over looking for marijuana plants couldn’t see it. I told her that she could uncoil a spool of barbed wire around it, clean out a few plants in the middle, and plant her new pot plants in there.
That day I didn’t even break for lunch and neither did Alicia. However I finished what I wanted to do and then headed out to where Alicia was supposed to be. She had made considerable progress and was ready to call it a day too. As soon as we got in the house she ran up to her bedroom, showered, and came back down nude. This was something new but then again the past couple of days were chuck full of new sexual adventures for us both. I started the steaks while she popped a couple of potatoes into the microwave to bake. It didn’t take her long to open up a can of corn to pop in just as soon as the potatoes came out. I finished the steaks just as she put two plates on the counter next to me. We fixed our baked potatoes up the way we wanted them and sat down to dinner. It was hard enough to eat while staring at her lovely tits the whole time but she didn’t help anything either by recalling how great sex had been that morning. After dinner I was ready to drag her back upstairs to bed but she insisted that we do the dishes first, damn it.
That time I was determined to taste that juicy little pussy of hers. When I did it was everything that I had hoped it would be. It was fresh, clean, and it tasted like a woman should taste after a day of slaving in her pot field. She asked me if she should shave her pussy and I told her not too. I told her that I liked the natural look. She said that she would keep it but that if it showed too badly in her bikini that summer, that she would have to trim it some. I told her that I understood about that. After I ate her out and gave her two orgasms, I fucked her doggy style. I hammed her so hard that I pushed her up the bed until her head hit the headboard. I figured that must be how it got its name. Once she stopped crawling away from me I was really able to slip it to her. I watched as her ass cheeks puffed out just like they had when I spanked her. I looked over at a mirror that my wife had me mount on our bedroom wall so that she could check herself out after she got all dressed up. I could see Alicia’s B-size tits bouncing with every thrust and it excited the hell out of me. Soon after that I was cumming buckets in her and she was moaning in pleasure.
We both fell asl**p after that just to be awakened by the telephone about seven o’clock that evening. It seemed that the cheerleader that I had fucked the night before had told some of her girlfriends that I was the best fuck that she had ever had. The girl asked Alicia if she could come for a sl**pover and wondered if she could get me to fuck her too. Alicia told her to come over and to bring something sexy to wear to bed.
About an hour later Joyce and her mother arrived. The mother wanted to meet me and make sure that it was okay if her daughter spent the night. She was anal! She gave me a list of foods that Joyce was allergic too, a bag of vitamin pills that she would have to take in the morning, and several phone numbers to reach her…just in case. Joyce’s mother was not only thorough but pretty as well. I could clearly see where Joyce got her good looks and her tiny breasts.
Once her mother had left, Joyce let out a sigh of relief and changed into a typical young girl of sixteen. She told us that her mother treated her like a little girl and that it was damn near impossible for her to go anywhere anymore. It took her a lot of work to get to the pot party the night before but she was happy that she had because she had heard the girls talking about Alicia’s father. The girl had told all of the other girls that I was the best lover that she had ever had and apparently she had somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty other lovers to compare me to, however they none of them were fully grown men either. Joyce and my daughter were in the same class in school even though Joyce was almost a year older than my daughter was.
Joyce made it quite clear that she was there so that I could fuck her. She said that she really needed a good experience. Then she proceeded to tell Alicia and I all about her loosing her virginity two weeks before.
Joyce said, “Well Tammy Green invited me for a sl**pover.”
Alicia said, “She’s a lesbian.”
Joyce said, “Yeah, I found that out the hard way and I found out that her two b*****rs are gay too.”
Alicia giggled and said, “I already knew that.”
Joyce said, “Well anyway I managed to talk my mother into letting me go to a sl**pover now that I’m sixteen. Her youngest b*****r wanted to fuck me and I kind of liked him so I said okay. Then he wanted me to get totally naked so that he could look at my body. Tammy got naked with me and then both of her b*****rs got naked too. They kept complimenting me on my boyish body, my tiny tits, and my short hair. All he talked about was butt-fucking me as if I was another boy and I wouldn’t let him. So anyway I eventually let him do me doggy style in my pussy. It was my first time and I didn’t enjoy it very much. It wasn’t very good at all. After that Tammy coerced me into having sex with her too so that we could entertain the boys. While we were locked in a pretty nice sixty-nine I watched as Tammy’s older b*****r butt-fucked her just inches from my eyes. I could hardly believe it. At that time Tammy wrapped her arms in my legs tightly and let her youngest b*****r butt-fuck me at the same time. I couldn’t fight the three of them so I got sodomized. After he finished cumming in me, Tammy’s oldest b*****r took his cock out of Tammy’s ass and put it in my ass until he cum too. It was just terrible and I couldn’t do anything about it. After that, they left me along until my mother arrived the next day to pick me up.”
Alicia was totally surprised by her story and finally said, “Oh my God.”
I took Joyce in my arms and hugged her tightly to me. Once again Joyce made it quite clear that she was there so that I could fuck her and that she really needed a good experience. So I kissed her and ran my hands over her thin body. As my hand ran down her back I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I smiled knowing that she didn’t need to wear one. As I ran my hands down her ass cheeks I cupped her flat bony ass and pressed my crotch into her pussy. She hugged me tightly and pressed her pussy into my hard cock and kissed me back.
I picked Joyce up in my arms and headed toward my bedroom with her. Alicia wished Joyce luck and then she went outside.
I stood Joyce up in my bedroom and gave her another hug and a sensual kiss. Then I started to remove her T-shirt. As I pulled it up her tummy she raised her arms up over her head for me. I just stared at her tiny titties as they came into view. I stopped raising up her shirt long enough to kiss and suck her hard little nipples, then I finished removing her T-shirt. When I reached out for her shorts she grabbed my shirt and pulled it up over my head. Next I let her drop my pants to the floor and then I stepped out of them for her. She kissed me again and stepped back so that I could undo her shorts and push them down her skinny legs. Her panties covered her just enough but I could see her hipbones and I could even count her ribs. Joyce was ultra thin, five feet six inches tall, and she weighed only eighty-five pounds. She had little A-cup breasts that I just adored and very stiff nipples. I turned her around and I could see her entire spine, her ribs, and her bony ass. No wonder those fags wanted to fuck her like a boy. Even so Joyce was all girl and she excited the hell out of me. I lowered her panties to her ankles and watched as she stepped out of them. I was still checking out her ass when she turned around to face me. She had sparse hairs outlining her puffy pussy lips. She rubbed my stiff cock before lowering my underwear and revealing it. She was impressed with its stiffness. I pressed it into her concave belly as I kissed her again. I cupped her ass and rammed it into her belly even harder.
Joyce laughed and said that I didn’t have to drill a new hole because her other one wasn’t worn out yet. Then she jumped up on my bed and giggled. I decided to give her exactly what she needed and that was for me to boost her feminine self-esteem. I complimented her beauty, her body, and her tiny breasts. I kissed her lips and all the way down her body to her pussy. I parted her legs and drove my tongue into her. She grabbed my head and cooed as I ate her pussy giving her an orgasm. She said that I had been rougher than Tammy had been but that it was much better.
Then I crawled up her body, inserted my cock into her tight hole, and then I made long slow sweet love to this fragile little girl. I wanted to erase everything that Tammy and her two b*****rs had done to her. She was impressed with the size of my cock and I was impressed with how small her hole was. In reality I am only normal size but she only had two young boys to compare me too. On the other hand I recently had my own daughter’s pussy to compare Joyce’s pussy too. We both loved the feeling of my rigid cock sliding in and out of her love tunnel. I kissed her just as I started to cum. I was a little upset that she hadn’t had an orgasm with me. She loved it when I cuddled her into me for a while afterwards.
Alicia came up to my bedroom while Joyce and I were in bed together talking. She undressed and got in bed next to Joyce. We talked for a while but apparently Alicia had been fingering Joyce’s pussy because she brought her hand up to her lips and started sucking her fingers.
I watched as Alicia started kissing Joyce. It was rather exciting to watch the two girls making out like that.
When Alicia asked Joyce to get into a sixty-nine with her Joyce said, “Only if you hold my legs tightly while your father butt-fucks me.”
She assured Alicia and I that she was serious. Joyce did not want Tammy and her two b*****rs to be the last ones to butt fuck her even though they would forever be the first ones. So I dug out an old tube of lubricant and watched them. Joyce really did a good job on Alicia’s pussy and gave her an orgasm. I guess she was about to start her own orgasm because she shouted out for me to slip it into her butt. I had only butt-fucked my wife twice before so that was a big thrill for me to slip my cock into her ass. I felt her flinch but Alicia was doing her job and soon Joyce was panting out her orgasm. By then I was stroking her pretty good. She took it like a trooper too until I was done cumming in her rectum. We all cuddled together and fell asl**p.
Sunday morning I was up before the two girls were and was fixing breakfast when they came downstairs. They were holding hands and they each were wearing one of my white T-shirts with nothing else on under it. We ate breakfast and then the girls invited me back up to my bed for more sex.
Joyce informed me that her butt hole hurt slightly that morning when she took a crap but that she had actually enjoyed it and would let me do it to her again sometime. Then she surprised me when she said that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I would be the first one to do that to her and she really wanted me to be the first to do something to her. We took a shower and then I let the two girls suck my cock until I was ready to cum in Joyce’s mouth. It was a pretty good feeling too.
When Joyce’s mother Karen arrived for lunch with us she and I had a private talk while the girls made us lunch. She was an intelligent woman and quite attractive. I could imagine her small tits looking just like her daughter’s tits. Karen talked about how unfaithful her husband was, how he was drawn to any woman with big tits, and that she was about fed up with him.
About then the girls brought out bowls of soup, glasses of milk, and toasted cheese sandwiches. I squeezed Joyce’s leg when I asked her if she and her mother would like to join Alicia and I in the Jacuzzi before she went back home. Of course Joyce got my hidden message and said that she would love it. Karen said that they didn’t have a bathing suit but Joyce quickly asked Alicia if they could wear one of her suits. Soon I was smiling because there were no more objections and I was going see most of Karen’s sweet little body.
I quickly put on my smallest bathing suit and got in the hot water to wait for them. I had a bottle of wine and an extra glass waiting for Karen when she came out. They took their sweet time about it too. I finished off my first glass of wine and filled it again before they finally came out. The wait was certainly worth it though. Alicia had on a pretty pink bikini, which we had recently purchased for her. Both Joyce and her mother had on some of Alicia’s older suits. They looked good in them too even though Karen seemed to be very shy about it. I could definitely see the f****y resemblance. Karen weighed a little more than her daughter did. I couldn’t see her ribs as well as I could see her daughter’s ribs but she was certainly thin. Her breasts were also about an A-cup.
I offered Karen a glass of wine and she accepted it. Alicia asked for a small glass so I told her to get one. When Joyce asked if she could try it too her mother handed her glass to her. After a sip she asked Alicia to bring back two glasses. It wasn’t very long before Alicia came back topless. Karen was shocked but Alicia told her that she was always topless in the Jacuzzi. That was a bold faced lie but I didn’t say anything. Soon after that Joyce removed her top too. Karen started to stop her but Joyce reminded her that she was sixteen and that she was going to do what she wanted too.
That started a whole mother daughter conversation where Joyce finally told her mother that she wasn’t a virgin, that she had made out with two girls, and that three boys had fucked her a total of six time and in her all three of her holes. Karen was absolutely speechless. Joyce continued to tell her about her first sexual experience with Tammy and her two gay b*****rs, two weeks before. She even told her about the pot party Friday night. Then to my horror she told her mother about sl**ping with Alicia and I in my bed. I though that I would just die.
Karen took it all in gracefully. She had tried so hard to protect her daughter from a sometimes cruel world. However Joyce experienced it anyway and had survived. I had no idea what to expect when surprisingly Karen removed her top and stood up so that I could see her tiny tits too. They were small and they sagged a little. They were great.
Then Karen told us all about her life. She never had any tits and had always felt inferior too, until her husband had come along. At first he was great but he soon tired of her and wanted girls with bigger tits. When she first found out, she was going to leave him but then she was pregnant with Joyce so she stayed with him. After that he made it no secret that he was cheating on her. In fact he would flaunt it and even bring some of the women home to meet her and then he would fuck them in her bed. For the last ten or twelve years sex between them had been non-existent.
Joyce highly recommended me to her mother as a good lover. Karen pinched her nipples and said that she had nothing to offer me. I filled her wineglass and excused myself. When I returned I had several pictures of my ex-wife nude. Even Alicia had never seen them before. It showed a very flat-chested woman. I explained to Karen that I absolutely loved flat-chested women like her and always had.
Alicia cupped her B-size tits and said, “Believe me I didn’t get these from my mother. I got them from dad’s mother.”
That afternoon we drank two bottles of wine and sat in that Jacuzzi for hours just talking. We took a break to get dinner then got right back in with another bottle of wine. The three girls remained topless throughout dinner and cleaning up afterwards. Karen was one incredible woman and we hit it off nicely.
She decided to spend the night with me. Joyce slept with Alicia and Karen slept with me. Of course we made love. It was exactly what Karen had needed. I was everything that her husband wasn’t. In the morning the two girls caught us making love again when they brought us breakfast in bed.
Karen left her husband, moved in with me, and eventually we were married. Joyce and Alicia graduated from high school and then went on to college. Their marijuana business took care of their living expenses and made them very popular too.
Karen loved me and helped out around the farm as best she could. We both wished that we had met sooner in life.

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