My daughter

My Daughter
My daughter was 30 years when she split up with her boyfriend and got her own apartment.
She moved to her new apartment but there was still a lot of work to do at her apartment.
She could not take much leave from her office and I had plenty of time to do some jobs in her apartment.
I got a key from her and started to do some work when she was at her office.
The second day I was painting her bedroom and did see some clothes on a chair and I got curious about her underwear. I looked in her cupboard and drawers and found her underwear and I got excited by her panties, bras, garters and nylons.
I could not resist and had to wear them and it made me so hard and played with myself in her panties.
Since it was summer and the weather was hot I decided to do the work in just wearing my daughters panties, that was so naughty and exciting to do to walk around in my daughters panties in her own house.
From then the first thing I did when I worked in my daughter’s apartment was to change in a pair of panties of my daughter and did the work in her underwear.
Of course I worked not too hard to extend the time I could play with my daughter’s underwear.
Then one day I was doing some electrical work of course only dressed in a pair of my daughters panties when my daughter returned early home from her office.
She caught me in her panties and I looked speechless at her and became beet red.
My daughter smiled and said I suspected this daddy, I found my underwear different in my drawers in way I had put them and you are the only one that comes into my apartment so it must be you who is touching them.
I stumbled since you caught me there is no use in denying it; hope you are not angry at me.
She smiled and said no daddy I’m not angry at you, but why are you doing it.
I blushed and said to her, my sex life is reduced too nothing after your mom had her heart attack but I still need it and playing with panties arouses me.
She looked at me and said I understand it dad, you don’t harm anyone with it, in fact my panties looks good on you, did mom ever see in you panties.
I told her that I liked panties all my life and that her mom knows about it and didn’t mind that and that during time we had a good sex life she has often seen me in panties and liked that.
I still wear often panties at home and I masturbate in them, your mom knows about that and is ok with that.
My daughter smiled again and said you can wear them at my place too daddy, anytime you want.
I looked surprised at her and said do you mean that, I can’t believe it you make me so happy.
Sure daddy she said, keep them on, do you like to see girls in her panties too?
I said o yes I love that and she took her pants off in front of me and said let us both be in our panties.
My god I was in heaven, could not believe it that my daughter was so understanding.
From that day my daughter returned often early home from office and we both stayed in her underwear together.
Seeing my daughter in panties and me wearing her panties made my cock so hard and I couldn’t resist it to rub myself.
My daughter did see that and said go on daddy make yourself cum in my panties, do it for me and stroked my cock while my daughter watched and did cum her panties and my daughter was rubbing her cunt through her panties too and did cum too.
Next time we did the same but after we both did cum in our panties I embraced my daughter and rubbed my wet crotch against her wet crotch and we both felt our wetness.
The next step was when we started to masturbate each other, it felt so good my daughters hand in my panties holding my cock and make me cum while my hand was in my daughters panties fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit. I could feel my daughters cunt was hairless like it was the little baby cunt I remembered when she was little.
It did not take long before we started to fuck and it was so great to stick my cock in my daughters cunt, such a taboo and the idea of having incest with my daughter made it so excited.
I started to wear my daughters panties at home too and one day my wife asked me where I did get those panties from. I told her that they belonged to our daughter and she knows I wear them and she only commented you pervert.
Next time my daughter visited us I got bold and walked around in my daughters panties in front of my wife and daughter. My daughter looked surprised and scared and my wife ask my daughter are that your panties the pervert is wearing? I said to my daughter its ok mom knows I wear your panties and she don’t mind long as I do not touch your mom sexually. I ask my daughter what panties do you wear today and my daughter lifted her skirt and showed me her panties.
My wife said you both are perverts, do you what you want but don’t bother me with it.
I went to my daughter and started to rub her cunt, it was so exciting to rub my daughters cunt in front of my wife and it made me rock hard. My daughter looked at her mom and when there was no comment of my wife my daughter started to play with my cock.
From that day my daughter and I could openly play and fuck at my place and we did not bother if my wife was there or not.
One day my daughter asked me how come mom does not object we two fuck each other and I told her that in the past her mom was a hot wife and very sexually, we did a lot of things and had a number of fantasies we played. I always liked your panties and when they started to fit me I started to wear them and your mom loved that and bought for you lovely panties. Sometimes your mom did wear your panties too and showed me them pretending you showed me them. She also had wear your clothes and then we did fantasize that I was fucking you. I think that’s still on the back of her mind and that’s why she doesn’t object.
My daughter and I played and fucked regular for a number of years till she got married and moved to a different town. Her husband doesn’t know about all this but I fuck my daughter occasionally when she visit me alone.

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