My daughter’s cuckold Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooMy daughter's cuckold Ch. 03

This is a fictional story. All characters are over 18. The story includes sections of incest, forced-bi and cuckoldry. If you are not into those type of things you do best to read something else, but if you are — go nuts and enjoy!
If you haven't read the first two chapters in this story yet you are well advised to do so.
Chapter 1: I get blackmailed and chained, naked, to a chair in my own guest bedroom by my daughter and her two friends.
Chapter 2: The girls invite three black guys for an orgy as I'm forced to have my first taste of black cock. I have to swallow cum and clean up my daughter's soaked pussy. As the gang left the room I was left on the floor with aching balls, a still raging hard-on, my face covered with the cum of two bulls and my body drenched with spit and cum from myself mixed with the cum from a black cock. I was truly humiliated in a way that I would never recover from. I still felt the burning in my throat from swallowing two loads of cum. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that from now on I was truly my daughter's cuckold.
When I woke the sun was already up and birds where chirping outside the window. The cum on my body had dried and I felt like I was trapped inside a body cast when I started to move. My jaw was hurting from the abuse of last night and the taste of cum in my mouth was still very powerful.
As the rays of sun started to heat up my cold body it was clear to me that I had been out for many hours. I looked around the room and could see the traces of last night's activities everywhere. The bed was a mess, the handcuffs were still on the floor and when I looked at the carpet underneath me it had large cum stains on it that must have dripped off my body.
"Oh, shit" I thought to myself. "This really needs a big cleaning."
It was Saturday and luckily my wife, Jessica, had extended her business trip over the weekend. She had a business meeting in Philadelphia yesterday and since it was the town where her sister lived, she was staying at her house over the weekend.
So, the cleaning could wait a while. I got on my feet and stumbled my way down the corridor to our upstairs bathroom to take a shower. I felt sore all over as the hot water slowly started to liquefy the dried cum. I overdosed on soap and had to scrub forcefully all over my body to get rid of all the cum.
When I started to clean my cock and balls it was painfully clear that I didn't get my much-needed release at the end of our session last night. I needed to cum badly but was so exhausted that it had to wait. At least until after I got my morning coffee.
I dried myself off and headed into our bedroom, putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, before venturing downstairs. When I got to the kitchen Emma was already there. I completely froze in shock. I don't know why, but it hadn't entered my mind that I would face her in our house today. It probably says something about the state of my brain at the time. I think I was still in a daze.
Emma was only wearing a tight white t-shirt that hugged her breast beautifully, clearly showing the outlines of her nipples, and a pair of panties. The t-shirt ended about an inch above her bellybutton showing off her toned stomach.
I had no idea what to do now. Lots of thoughts were running around my mind. Is she going to continue the abuse of yesterday? Can I talk to her as before? How do I address her? My God, she looks sexy.
Luckily, she took command. She smiled at me and breezily said, "Good morning daddy."
I just stood in front her silently for way too long, before finally managing to mumble "G-g-good morning" back to her.
"The coffee in the pot is still hot if you want some." she said and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to her room as if nothing special had happened the day before.
I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed to the living room. As I regained my composure, I felt relieved that Emma seemed happy to pretend as if nothing happened. Maybe the events of yesterday were a one-off and we could all go on and live our lives as before.
Once my coffee was downed and I started to regain some energy, my focus turned to my dick begging for release. I was alone downstairs, sitting comfortably on the sofa and having lots of time to kill. Finally, it was time for me to get some enjoyment.
My hand made its way into my shorts and I started to think about the events of yesterday as I began rubbing my quickly growing member. I played out the scene when Amy stood naked in front of me and how I ended up kissing her neck and fondling her from behind.
Then, out of nowhere, I started getting images of how I sucked Andre's cock. How I scooped up his pre-cum with my tongue and eagerly let it slide down my throat. How I sucked his balls one at the time, filling up my mouth so I couldn't answer Amy when she asked me how much I enjoyed it.
"What the fuck!?!?" I thought to myself as I snapped out of the images in my mind.
"What's wrong with me?" I could choose to fantasize to the image of three damn hot teenage girls fucking and sucking and even, to some extent, pleasuring me. Still I started to think about sucking black cock.
"Come on!! Get your act together!" I told myself in anger.
I was upset with myself but still rock hard and horny enough that I had to slide my pants down to my ankles and really start jerking off. I re-centered my mind around the memory of Lisa pulling down her panties and the long string of pussy juice that trailed from her slit down to the floor as she did so.
I was beating my meat faster and faster as I thought about her straddling me and riding my cock. She was so amazingly tight, but still I slid in and out her easily as we were both lubricated with enough pre-cum to fill a swimming pool.
As I was getting close to coming my subconscious switched images again and I started picturing how I was face fucked by Dion, hardly being able to breathe. I re-lived how his huge cock head felt as it hit the back of my throat and I saw images of how his cock spasmed as he sprayed cum all over my face.
"Damn it!!" I went there again. But this time I couldn't be bothered. I was too far gone and just needed release. I continued picturing myself being abused by that magnificent black cock as I neared my eruption. Just as I was about to blow, I heard:
Emma was calling me from upstairs. I stopped pounding my own member, took a few deep breaths, and tried answer as calmly as possible.
"Y-Yes, honey — what is it?"
"Daddy, of course you know that you are not allowed to cum without my permission anymore. Right?"
All the blood from cock went immediately up to my head as I was burning up with embarrassment. She knew what I was doing, and what's even worse was the realization that her comment meant that we will not go back to normal at all. Everything will not be as before and my worst fears from yesterday will come true.
I was in shock, but still managed to reply in a somewhat audible tone of voice "Yes, of course honey."
"Good. Now put that thing away."
"Yes. Of course. I'm sorry" I said as I quickly stood up and pulled my shorts back on. My balls were swollen from all the built-up tension and my cock was still begging for release, but I had learned my place and not to argue with Emma or her friends when they ask me to do things.
~ ~ ~
I didn't see much of Emma for the rest of the day. She was up in her room and then she headed out before dinner. I spent the day doing the chores I didn't get a chance to do yesterday and cleaning up the mess in the guest bedroom, which wasn't easy. Have you tried to get cum stains out of a carpet? It's not easy I can tell you.
The following day Emma and I had Sunday breakfast together. It started off like a normal breakfast and we chit-chatted about school, TV, social media and everything else between heaven and earth. It was nice to see that we could still find that old familiar atmosphere despite everything that had happened.
After a while I summoned up the courage to ask about what happened two days ago. She seemed to be in such a good mood and willing to engage me on equal terms that I figured this was my best chance of getting a better understanding of what was going on.
"So, um, Emma. Why… What really happened in the guestroom?" I started, with a hint of hesitation in my voice.
"What do you mean, daddy?" Emma replied. "The fucking?" she clearly chose that word to be extra vulgar and explicit, thereby showing her dominance over me. "What do you want to know?"
I hadn't really thought about what I would like to know, only that it was killing me not knowing where it came from or what will happen now.
"Well, for example, what's the deal with the guys?" I tried. "Are they, ehrm, gay, or bi, or what?"
Emma broke out in laughter. "No daddy, they are certainly not gay. They are as straight as they come. Didn't you see them fuck us?"
"Well, yes. But, um, like they were okay with having a guy suck their dicks. That's not really what straight guys do."
"Oh, daddy. You really don't understand anything do you?" Emma said in a demeaning tone of voice.
"That's just a power dominance thing. To be honest, I think they hardly noticed you were a person. You were just a white hole that they could exert dominance over, and that's hot. They love girls and they love to dominate. Two days ago, we gave them both those things."
"Okay," I replied hesitantly. "I guess that makes sense, but I still don't really understand it."
"Look at it this way daddy. When you live in a society that is discriminatory by definition that impacts your whole life. Especially when you are part of the group that is being discriminated. The world we live in gives us unfair advantages and black members of society horrible disadvantages. Isn't that unfair?"
"Yes, of course" I replied. "I'm not denying the effects of structural racism, it's horrible. Of course."
"Right, but when it comes to physique and when it comes to sex, they are kings. It's their chance to take revenge of us privileged white middle class people. It's their chance to dominate. What could then be sexier than having young, white teenage pussy begging to be fucked? And if they force feed a mid-level manager dad with black cock in the process, then all the better. We owe it to them and we gladly submit to their cocks."
Wow, she really had thought this through.
"But you, daddy" she continued. "You should ask yourself the question, why you were so willing to have a big dick in your mouth and why were you so eager to gulp up their cum. What label suits you?"
As so many times during this weekend, I was left speechless.
"I don't have time to discuss this anymore, daddy." Emma abruptly said. "You contemplate that. I must run now. I will meet Lisa and Amy in the mall in 20 minutes."
With that, Emma was gone again, and I was left to clean up after breakfast.
When I was done, and the kitchen looked spotless again I had to do some grocery shopping to prepare for the coming week. After lunch I spent a few hours in the garden before taking a shower. Jessica was due back home from her trip at 4pm and I wanted to look good for her.
She sent me a message when she was in the taxi on her way home from the airport asking me if I could get started on dinner as she was hungry. I prepared a nice goat cheese and olive salad for the three of us and was done before she got home.
Just as I heard the taxi pull up to our house Emma came into the kitchen wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Without saying a word she walked up right in front of me and dropped the robe to reveal her naked body to me.
Again, she managed to shock me.
"Emma!? I. I. I." I stuttered. "Mom is coming NOW! Put that thing on, please!"
She looked at me with a stern face, replying "Take off your shorts — now!"
Doing this when we were alone was one thing, but I was deadly afraid of exposing our perverted actions to Jessica. I just had to protest.
"No, Emma. We can't. Mom will never…"
"Do it!" Emma interrupted. "Do it and you might just get a chance to pull them up before she comes in and sees you. If not, I will tell her everything."
Again, she had me right where she wanted me. I couldn't waste time arguing anymore and with trembling hands I pulled down my shorts.
Emma was just as beautiful as I remembered her from two days ago. She was fresh out of the shower and her skin was glistening with moisturizing oil she had massaged all over her body. My cock responded immediately and stood to attention.
"Suck my tits" she demanded.
I looked at her moist B-cups and slowly bent my head forward and let my tongue run from the underside of her left breast up until it reached the edge of the areola. The taste of coconut milk lingered on my tongue as I ran it over her soft but still firm breast. When I came close to the nipple I deflected and moved to the left, gently kissing my way all around her breast until I was back where I started at the underside.
I then licked my way up again, this time reaching her nipple and gently flicked it slightly back and forth. Emma let out a quiet moan as I put her nipple in my mouth, first sucking it and then biting it carefully. My cock was by now leaking so much pre-cum that it dropped on the floor.
"Hello, I'm hooome!" Jessica shouted as she opened the door.
I jumped from the sound of Jessica's voice in the hallway with only a thin wall between her and us. I had become completely lost in my worship of Emma that in only a few seconds I had forgot about my wife entering our home.
The sense of urgency and shock only increased as Emma suddenly switched gears and grabbed my balls as hard as she could and laid down the law to me.
"Now you listen!" she hissed at me.
"Remember, that from now on you are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission. Understood?"
I whimpered from the pain but managed to reply "Yes, yes. Of course."
"And you will always be clean shaven, so you are ready to be put on display at any time. Understood?"
"Yes, I will do whatever you want. Please, mom is here. Will you let me go?"
"Good. I will check up on you, so don't you dare break my rules."
With that, Emma put her robe back on and seemingly without a worry in world walked out to Jessica and welcomed her home.
I quickly pulled my pants back up and tried to recover from the pain in my balls enough to act normal as Emma and Jessica just turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.
"We… welcome home. I hope the trip was good." I stuttered, trying to sound as calm and collected as possible.
"Thanks honey. I'm starving. Let's have dinner and I'll tell you all about it."
With that, order was magically restored. The dinner was uneventful and now that Jessica was back home things quickly settled down. The next couple of weeks went by without much happening. I remembered Emma's orders though and started a new routine shaving my balls and surrounding area every morning while taking a shower. I also made sure not to cum, despite growing ever hornier from constantly denying myself release.
The worst part was having sex with Jessica. We had always had an uneventful but functioning sex life and all of a sudden, I had to start faking orgasms, which is easier said than done when you're a guy. Especially as I had so much built up cum, I would explode within minutes if we continued to have sex like normal. So, I had to pull out and fake early ejaculation (that magically didn't leave a trace – luckily she was not the most critical thinker when horny). I would then apologize to Jessica before going down on her, tasting my pre-cum in her, as I licked my way to her orgasm.
After a couple of weeks Emma's confidence apparently grew stronger and she started to play with our situation, giving small (and not so small) hints that, despite appearances, things were not back to normal. Like the time she came down in a small see-through t-shirt asking me, in front of Jessica, if I thought it was ok for her to wear it in public.
When I answered "of course not" she just laughed and said "Oh, you're not fooling me. I know you get off on it." It was so bluntly put that Jessica must have been sure she misheard, but my red face probably made her suspect that there could be more to it.
Another time, Emma had cut out a photo of me suffocating on Dion's big, black cock and placed it in my wallet, behind my credit card. When I removed my card to pay, anyone with a view in my direction could have seen the picture. My face was burning from embarrassment and I couldn't believe the risks Emma was willing to take to show her dominance over me.
She soon began to have ad hoc checks of my compliance to her rules. She would catch me alone in a room and demand that I drop my pants for her to inspect that I was truly clean shaven. She would look deep into my eyes and ask if I had cum. When I said "no" she could tell that I was truthful, and I always was. I knew that if I would cum and try to lie about it, she would immediately know, and the disappointment and punishment would be so much worse than if I just told the truth.
Emma was of the belief that a chastity cage was cheating. She wanted me to have the freedom to cum but that my bond and submission to her should be so strong that I refrain just by her saying so.
In between the moments of her exerting her dominance over me she also showed me affection and left me little "treats" to ensure my worship of her grew even stronger. One time, when I had coffee with Jessica in the kitchen she walked back and forth in hallway behind Jessica's back completely naked! I think Jessica turned her head at least 10 times to see why my eyes were growing so big, but she just missed Emma every time.
Another time we had friends over for dinner. Emma had demanded that I wear thin trousers with no briefs under and during the whole dinner she massaged my crotch under the table, edging me on the brink of orgasm for at least an hour. I couldn't have made much sense during that dinner conversation. Afterwards my pants were soaked with pre-cum and I had to make an excuse to remain seated as the others stood up and went to the living room for a night cap before saying our goodbyes.
It was surprisingly easy for me to get accustomed to this new way of life. I buried the day I met Dion, J.D. and Andre in my subconscious and convinced myself that the extent of my twisted relationship with Emma would level out and stay the way it had for the last couple of weeks, and I was very happy about that. Although I had always had a good marriage with Jessica, my days now had a new edge to them, and I felt invigorated by finally acknowledging my submissive side and being able to act it out with such an amazingly gorgeous girl as my daughter.
Of course, as soon as I was able to formalize these thoughts to myself something new happened. It was a Thursday afternoon and I heard some chatter from downstairs. I recognized the voices of Emma and Jessica, but from the context I understood that someone else was there as well. I walked downstairs to check it out and saw Amy standing in the kitchen sharing a laugh with my wife and daughter. She was wearing a short purple skirt that ended way over her knees and a tight, ribbed white top that showed off her big breasts magnificently. I immediately understood there was trouble ahead and I froze on the last step of the stairs.
"Oh, there you are!" Jessica said. "We were just talking about you. We were thinking Amy could join us for dinner, what do you say?"
"NOOO!!" I shouted out in sheer reflex without thinking how it would reflect on me.
Emma and Amy started to laugh at my obvious fear of Amy whereas Jessica frowned, not understanding what triggered that reaction from me. She felt a bit embarrassed by her husband and apologized to Amy.

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