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tagIncest/TabooMy Diplomat Sister-in-law Visits

Surprise, surprise! My sister-in-law has got a boyfriend. An older man, with greying hair. My sister-in-law, you must understand, is a very straight-laced woman, very religious, very prayerful. She had never displayed any interest in men in all the time I had known her before we began seeing her with this man who was seemingly exciting her so much.
We first met him when he came to visit us at my wife's parents' place. I worked in Mombasa but Ann, my wife, preferred the schools in Nairobi to those in Mombasa so she stayed in her parents' house just outside Nairobi, where she could take our son to a school nearby. I came to visit them once in a while. My sister-in-law worked out of the country and when she came home on leave, would come to stay with her sister in their parents' original home. It had also happened once in a while that when I'm up from the coast, she has come to visit. We will meet in that house and we'll all stay together. She's as tall as, or actually taller than, my wife. Even in my mind its a little difficult to decide which one of them is the more beautiful, but in the family it is held that my wife is more beautiful because she's light-skinned, has a lovely, sunny smile and a nice figure with huge breasts that I much love holding. She looks absolutely gorgeous I agree, but Debbie is also very good looking, with the same large bosom. Her eyes are much larger and sometimes seem to be looking right through you. I sometimes think she's more beautiful than my own wife. The two of them could even pass for twins, though they are actually three years apart.
There was this time she flew in to join the family as usual. We drove to pick her up at the airport and then headed home. Then out of the blues, she tells us that she's got a friend who would come and visit us. She told my wife that she too knew the man; that they had known the man and his family since they were children. My sister-in-law was very excited about the prospect of this guy coming to visit. This caused me to wonder what kind of person this was. This was because we never had heard our sister-in-law talking about any man in her life, although we thought that despite that stiff exterior she probably has had her flings, but she was never really serious about them and never thought of marrying any one of them. So we were eager to see this one who had pierced her armour.
He came for a lunch the two sisters had prepared for him with much giggling in the kitchen. They were very excited about his coming. When he arrived the tallest, darkest man I had ever seen in my life confronted me. He had these rimless spectacles with a greenish tinge to them. Debbie introduced him as Bill. Because of his height he had this way of looking at people as if he's looking down at them, which made him seem very proud and I wondered how my sister-in-law actually got in contact with this man. He seemed too aloof, and too proud to notice our Debbie even though she worked a diplomatic job in one of our missions abroad.
But he greeted us all very cordially. I could see my wife was somehow excited by his presence. I caught her several times looking in his direction when she thought that he was not looking. I noticed those looks as his eyes met with hers. I'll be damned if I did not see a spark flying between the two of them opposite each other at table. I was opposite my sister-in-law who was next to her new boyfriend. I could see there were probably some things happening with the lovers under the table like holding each other's hands, playing under the table, but at the same time my wife was shooting Bill eyes and as soon as he looked back at her there was definitely a spark.
Strangely, instead of me getting annoyed or jealous, I found myself getting excited about what was developing between Bill and my wife. 'Now that is a very strange thought,' I said to myself. I had never thought of anything like that but maybe it was because in my mind he did not present a permanent danger to my marriage since he was so obviously in love with Debbie. I could see there was a powerful magnetism between the two of them but didn't think it really mattered.
Bill was telling us about his new RAV4 that he had just bought, a vehicle which is very good for the road as well as off-road. How surprised I was to discover that Bill loved road trips! Somehow talk turned to the four of us on a road trip. Something shot through me while thinking about my sister-in-law, me and my wife and Bill on such a trip. I was thinking not so much about me and my wife, or Bill and his girlfriend but in a crooked, incestuous way. I had never had such a thought in my life but still we decided that the following month while Ann would be at the coast with me, Bill and Debbie would drive down and then we would take that trip all the way to Lamu, an island in the Indian Ocean.
In the days before Bill and my sister-in-law were to arrive, I seemed to be getting more and more excited and I could see that Ann herself was looking forward to it with a lot of excitement. I wondered what it all had to do with the looks I had seen crossing between her and Bill during that lunch.
But the day finally came and we started off in that beautiful new RAV4 going north. The first place we stopped at was Malindi, 160km from where we had started, with a further 200 to Lamu. Here we replenished food and water supplies while we had lunch at a place called Ozzie's Inn and then we continued on our journey.
Somewhere around 2pm we arrived at the jetty where they would load the car onto the ferry as we ourselves walked on and then be taken across from the mainland to Lamu island. It took a long time to get the RAV4 and the other vehicles off the ferry because the sea was a bit rough that day so there was a lot of bouncing around of the boat. Finally it became a little steadier and we managed a safe landing. On one of the two main streets we found our hotel, booking ourselves into adjoining rooms-Ann with me, and Bill with Debbie in the next room. Over the next two days we toured the many islands in the Archipelago.
On the Saturday we decided to go swimming in the ocean. I had never been into the ocean even though I am the one who lived in Mombasa but we all went together to the beach. For some reason Ann needed to change her costume. She crept into a nearby bush with short and stunted shrubs, which proved not to afford her enough cover to change her clothes. The wind kept tugging at the khanga that she was trying cover herself with. Both Bill and I noticed this at the same moment but as I took my first step Bill got there before me and held up the khanga for her while she changed. This struck me as funny because instead of me shielding my wife from strangers' eyes now it was a relative stranger who was shielding her from her own sister's eyes and from her own husband's! I could not resist joking about how appropriate it was for Bill to cover her up while he had freedom to ogle at her nakedness. We all just laughed uproariously but I could see there was a spark between Bill and my wife. I cannot give you any reason why I did not really mind, wondering yet again where such a strange thought had come from.
Ann finished changing and then we all ran into the waves, diving into the water, swimming in whatever fashion struck us. We played games, wrestled freely with each other. Ann invented a game in which the woman would sit on the shoulders of the man, and then try to wrestle the other team into the water depending on who was strong enough to dislodge the woman from her perch. She called it Naked Chicken. Of course we tacitly agreed that a team could not be husband and wife. With Debbie on my shoulders it appeared that Bill and I were of equal strength. But Debbie was a more gentle character, making it almost a given that Bill and Ann would win as my wife was very a competitive person, much more than her sister. Nevertheless I tried to give Debbie as much support as I could.
My one problem was that her body was distracting me because I could feel her inner thighs on the side of my neck, and her pussy on the back of my neck, while in the heat of combat, sometimes her breasts would press into the side of my head, all but taking my mind off the game. So in fact my prophecy was fulfilled when Debbie was dislodged from my shoulder and we all of us fell into the water, but of course the two refrained from celebrating as it was not really the victory of one over the other. After all these two were sisters both of whom I liked, Bill being the new entrant.
We played more water games where the men groped the women indiscriminately; they were touched all over causing all of us to become sexually aroused. At one point we found ourselves standing in a group in the water supporting each other while laughter convulsed us. Whatever was going on underwater was not observable when I felt fingers on my trunks, fondling. In a little while they found my cock over my swimming trunks and started squeezing it. I could not believe that Ann could be doing this to me in front of a stranger and her own sister! My jaws must have been on the ocean floor. An instant after she locked eyes with me, I felt a second hand, then saw surprise on her face when she found a hand already there. I did not know what to think at that moment. Then I noticed that Bill was also looking puzzled, causing me to wonder if what was happening underwater to me was also happening to him. Could it be that the two sisters were fondling each her teammate's cock underwater with one hand while the other was fondling the other man? In the next moment the hands slipped away. That moment passed and we then collapsed into a tight-knit embrace of all four of us with the seawater swirling about us and the waves crashing on the beach. Holding each the nearest body by the waist we trod water and out onto the beach.
As we went back to our rooms I could tell that something had certainly changed between my sister-in-law and I. We felt a closeness to each other even though she had her boyfriend right there. My wife, strangely, was very much in tune with Bill, this new guy whom she had only met in the last month. When we got to the hotel we all decided wordlessly that we could not part just yet, that we would go into one room, mine and Ann's. First of all Debbie wanted to go into the shower by herself but then I volunteered to scrub her back. Instead of getting strange looks or hearing a protest, the other two merely followed us with their eyes, thereby signalling acceptance of whatever would follow.
Once inside, we chose not to close the bathroom door as we shed the saltwater-soaked trunks and swimsuits and started washing each other. My wife was watching me run my hands all over her sister who has as big breasts as herself. I enjoyed washing them, lifting them to clean underneath just as I normally did with my Ann. I cleaned her front and back and she was really enjoying all this exhibitionist touching. She reciprocated by washing me from head to foot, paying particular attention to my cock and balls.
I turned my head into the room only to see that Bill and my wife were busy hugging and touching each other. They were kissing each other as they enjoyed this show I was putting on for them. All this was actually arousing them. I could see Bill's hands moving between my wife's thighs and caressing them softly.
I sank onto my haunches in order wash my sister-in-laws legs, starting at the hips. I went down one leg, cleaning the thigh and descending to the knee. I pushed her legs slightly apart to allow me to reach the inner thigh. This very intimate touch caused a low moan to escape her throat. I went all the way down in an earnest washing. As I started down the other leg, tenderly washing the inner thigh, Bill was lightly pinching the tender skin of my wifes inner thigh, his mouth still locked onto hers.
I bade my wifes sister to squat so that I can reach between her legs. She did not even hesitate a moment. I scooped water in my palm and splashed it full on her lips, then making washing motions with my hand. My finger slipped into her slit to find that she was wet, and very warm. Without being any more overtly sexual I bent her cunt lips this way and that cleaning her while splashing water onto her with my other hand. I wanted more than anything to stick a finger or two into her hole and finger-fuck her but I desisted, fully expecting that I would get the chance once we had finished and ceded the bathroom to the other two. I asked her to stand as I did too, now to rinse her body from head to toe. I finished and wrapped her in the towel as we told Bill and Ann, "Your turn!"
They wasted not a moment shedding their saltwater-soaked swimwear and getting into the shower, giving us a show rivalling the one we had given them. I now embarked on kissing my sister-in-law, with my hands caressing her back. Bill was scrubbing my wife's back, then turned her to face him while he cleaned her front, lifting her heavy boobs just the way I did at home, and had done with her sister moments before. My hands ran onto Debbie's tummy area, with its slight paunch which I enjoyed very much. Then I travelled to her thighs, to fondle them with purpose this time; she readily parted them for me. Now I visited her pubic hairs combing them with my nails as if looking for something I had lost among them. I rediscovered her wet slit in this manner, causing me to draw in my breath. I stroked her lips languidly as her sister got as thorough a cleaning as she had done at my hands.
We hadn't even bothered to towel ourselves or dress so no part of our bodies was inhibited in any way. She had my cock in her delicate hand, squeezing gently. It entered my head that it felt rather like the first touch I had felt underwater. The thought caused the cock to stand up taller and harder. She moaned at that and increased the pressure as she made a ring with her fingers drawing it up and down my stem. How can sisters be so alike, I thought, as that was exactly how Ann stroked me. Then she stopped briefly midway along, increasing pressure and releasing a few times. I grew even harder, if that were possible! All this in full view of my own wife. These permissions had not been asked for but now they seemed to have been granted in full.
How the two of us now decided to lie on the bed so that we can reach each other's bodies better is impossible to tell, but we did. Here I was in bed with my sister-in-law and we were touching, kissing and fondling each other, getting each other really heated up. Then I pulled one nipple into my mouth. As I sucked she shrieked, more likely from excess of pleasure, not any form of suffering. My hand went down to her hips, full and fleshy. I touched her thighs lightly, gently approaching their junction. When I did arrive, I found her cunt quite wet, not from seawater or from the shower but from arousal so I stuck a finger inside her pussy, drawing a loud, "Aaah!" from her mouth, declaring that she was in heaven.
My wife had come out of the shower with my future brother-in-law (strictly speaking, my wife's) and took such a position that they could see what we were doing, and we could in turn see them. We were really into each other at this point, my leg between my wife's sister's, eyes locked into each other as I jostled into the missionary position. She had opened her legs for me, ready to let me sink my pole into her sweetness.
From my vantage point, I could tell that Bill's cock was about to dive into my wife's tunnel of love. Under me, Debbie was pushing upward to bring my cock to her entrance. I was as hard as a steel rod and then she turned hips in such a way that she could meet my thrusts as I drove deeper and deeper into her haven. I found that she was so tight, not having had a man in her for many months. Entry was not going to be easy, but by making a few moves in and out, I began sliding on more of her juices, now lubricated enough, that I could actually get in more of me with every stroke. Pretty soon I felt my whole stem had been swallowed into her. I just lay there enjoying the snugness of her pussy walls around my cock while our eyes remained locked to each other, shutting out the whole world. Gently I began pistoning out of her cunt, in and out, in and out while she opened herself willingly, with her legs waving wildly in the air above me. I enjoyed the thought that it was because she was enjoying my cock ravishing her.
The kind of noises coming from the other bed told me that my wife was getting a right royal fucking from her prospective brother-in-law. It turned out that actually it was my faithful wife who reached her climax first, heralded by her very piercing trademark shriek. This in turn provoked her sister under me to crash into Station Orgasm with a similar cry to her sister's. The clenching of her pussy walls caused my own climax to suddenly come upon me, so I shot my load into my sister-in-law's depths.
I knew my wife was, at that moment, getting a full load from her future brother-in-law.

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