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I’m 24 and the oldest of 3 and live at home with mother 43 and siblings, my father died when I was 12 and his brother George watches over us. George is 54 and is the older of the 2 and is married to my very ill aunt Mary always been ill as far back as I can remember. He never had children and they live next door to us; she is bed ridden most of the time and I’ve only seen her out of bed a handful of times. My mother Heather checks on her and is always available to help George. Going thru family papers for a project I was doing for university. I came across my father health records and found my father was badly injured on active service 2 years before I was born and suffered as a result thereafter. But reading the whole record I discovered that the injury had removed his testicles and left him in a wheelchair. I must have been having a bad day as it didn’t seem odd to me that my father had no testicles and then had 3 children. Only when I was writing up my family history project that it hit me. He couldn’t make babies and yet he had 3 children, first thought was IVF and they somehow had collected his sperm. But that didn’t make sense and a donor was used and who was the donor. Just then my mother said she was going over to check on our aunt. I suddenly hit me George was the donor and that made perfect sense to me. I was correct except he wasn’t a donor, he and my mother were lovers, they started at my father’s request to produce a child as he couldn’t and then another, followed by another and my mother couldn’t have any more children due to problems with the last child my second brother. I am the only girl in our combined family, both my late father and my aunt know everything about the relationship. How do I know this, well after I asked my mother. She had me join George and Mary and told me to whole story. It also explained why my mother never dated after my father passed away. I was also told George wanted me to keep referring to him as uncle not father. As it a request from his late brother that started the whole thing, George had agreed and believes it only right his brother is called father by the children. My brothers are none the wiser and I’ll let them find out as I did, but they aren’t into family history.

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