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It has always been my dream to have sex for as long as i could remember, but living in my household made it kind of hard ,i wasn't allowed to go anywhere and i wasn't allowed to invite any boy home. But I had a plan and nothing was going to stop me, I started masturbating at the age of 14 but after a while nothing seemed to please me sexually so i waited.
I moved to the UK at the age of 19 and then decided that i was finally going to get fucked on my 20th birthday. I and a friend of mine named Jeslyn decided to go to a sex club and immediately we stepped in all eyes was on us I and my friend Jeslyn moved to a booth and as we sat down three handsome black man soon came to join.
They bought us drinks and we were feeling light headed but just enough to let loose the guy seated next to me slid a hand up my thigh and left it there for a few seconds and slowly started to move his hand upward he then discovered i wasn't wearing any panties so he placed his on my pussy and started to feel around my already soaking vagina I looked up and noticed my friend having a pretty intense make out session with the first guy and the second one was fingering her pussy i looked around to see if anyone was looking at us but discovered that everyone around us was having sex with someone or was too drunk to notice us in fact they didn't even seem to be bothered by anything going on around them
My eyes locked with the guy he then slid his hand down to the base of my pussy and then looked me in the eye and penetrated me ,he began to work his hand in and out and i was ready to explode i had never felt this level of pleasure before and before i could comprehend anything he added 2 fingers this time and slowly started to finger fuck me, my entire pussy was drenched and i begged him to speed it up but he didn't i looked up again and saw my friend Jeslyn was on the stage of the with 3 other girls and was being fucked by two guys she looked up at me and smiled.
I was writhing around on the chair begging for some sort of release as he picked up his speed and began to finger fuck me faster i couldn't holding it in anymore and began to moan and beg for more and very soon i was cumming all over the edge of the chair.
He let go of me and gave me a minute to rest but when i turned to look at him he had his dick out and was wanking it. It was really large and big bigger than anything i had ever seen on the internet i looked at it and i knelt under the table and grabbed his dick i knew i wouldn't be able to fit everything in but it was worth the shot i kissed the tip of his balls and then began to lick the the precum off his dick like a lollipop i then took his dick in my mouth and he grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth i was gagging and choking but i really loved it.
I looked at him and was getting turned on by the sounds he was making i reached down into my pussy and began to play around with it and then i could see his balls tighten and i knew he was about to cum he asked if he could cum in my mouth and then he said that if he came in my mouth i would have to swallow when he came i lapped everything up quickly and it tasted salty and tangy but i loved it
i then led him upstairs to the room i had booked a day before for him to finally fuck me .
Immediately we got there we started making out i quickly fumbled to lock the door as he began kissing down my neck he laid me on the bed and moved his attention to my boobs that were already perky from the cold air and began to lick suck and pinch them i had never gotten sexual pleasure from my boobs before no matter how hard i tried but this was another thing entirely he was sucking an twisting and then he let go of them and lowered his head down to my pussy and placed his mouth on it and began to lick and suck it was like he was trying to suck the cum out of me and eat me alive i was quivering and shaking and literally felt like i would die of pleasure.
I was going to cum and i told him that but he told me not to just as i was on the edge he stopped i wanted to scream at him in frustration and asked him why he would do that but he told me i was moving too much and then he grabbed the handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed i wasn't in the least scared just more turned on and then he went down on me again and this time i couldn't move i was at his mercy as he continued to attack my pussy i couldn't hold it in anymore i came all over his mouth and he lapped me clean .
He removed the shackles on my leg and told me to wrap my legs around his waist he took his dick and slowly plunged himself into me it didn't hurt at all considering it was my first time he continued to push himself into me and i felt myself stretching until his entire dick was snugly fit in my pussy and i felt full and complete.
In that moment i knew i was a slut cause i loved dicks and sex he then began to move in and out and i used my legs that were wrapped around his waist to guide him he was slow at first and then he started moving faster. I thought i would pass at from the sheer amount of pleasure but his mouth and my nipple and started sucking and i knew i wouldn't last long .
I was moaning screaming and shouting the bed was shaking and i kept yanking at the cuffs on my hands and he kept going faster and faster i thought that it couldn't get anymore pleasurable until he reached a point in my pussy and i saw stars i soon orgasmed and he followed and came and buried his seed deep into my pussy he pulled out and i felt empty like there was a hole in me quite literally.
He unshackled me and then i grabbed a towel and cleaned myself and he cleaned himself to my legs still felt like jelly but i managed to get downstairs i said goodbye to him and thank him for an amazing night he joined his friends and i went looking for Jeslyn and i soon found her asleep with a dick in her hand.
I managed to wake her up and hail a taxi when we arrived home we both went our separate ways and took a shower we returned later on and watched reruns of How I Met Your Mother and the we both fell asleep on the couch.

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