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Author's note: Back for more? Yeah, thought so.
Haven't read chapter 1? You know what you need to do.
Not into guy-on-guy stuff? Click away if you need to, but I bet deep down you could be. Wink wink wink, winkity wink wink wink. Are you actually saying, "wink"? No! Wink wink wink, winkity wink wink wink.
Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror, but your reflection is doing different stuff than you are. As though that weren't freaky enough all by itself, he's got his tongue deep in your asshole, and he's as good as you are when you go down on your wife. I think every straight man has occasional curiosities about sex with men, but most of us come to the conclusion that we're just not attracted to men no matter how horny we are, and so we get off to some futa hentai every once in a while and then go on with our quite heterosexual lives. Also, most of us don't expect to be woken up by a clone of ourselves introducing us to the bi world's wonders with their tongue. I should have been freaking out.
The problem was that it felt really, REALLY good. I like to think that I'm pretty skilled with my mouth, if the sounds my wife makes when I lick her are any indication. And now here was another Me, using my own skill against me, and I couldn't help but squirm at the sensation. Besides that, my wife, my beautiful, my perfection, my angel, my treasure, or I suppose perhaps some other My Wife, was giving me her traditionally astonishing brand of head beneath me, and I think this other Me was fucking her while their mouths were busy with me. (I couldn't exactly tell; his face was in the way when I tried to look.) And so it came to pass that instead of leaping off the bed and screaming, or asking who he was like a moron, or wondering what was even going on, I simply watched in awe as this other Me (definitely male) and this other My Wife (definitely female) used their tongues to make me feel so. Fucking. Amazing.
Then he winked at me. A silent, nearly imperceptible message, but read loud and clear: Welcome to the dark side, or Nice of you to join us, or Took you long enough, or… maybe it wasn't so clear, but it was the loudest silent thing I'd ever heard.
"Fuuuuuck," I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head, and came, maybe not even from the sensation so much as my sudden acceptance of this delicious depravity. You know, like this: sigh, FUCK IT. The My Wife beneath me knew just what to do. She jammed the flat of her tongue against the base of my cock, pinning it up to my stomach, and licked forcefully up the underside of my length at the same time as my cum rushed forcefully up the inside. It was my favorite thing in all the sexual acts we ever did and it never failed to make me absolutely explode. Except she usually did it with me laying on my back, so I would ejaculate all over my tummy and chest. This time, she was on her back, and I ended up cumming all over her face and up onto her head, her voice and my own joining the chorus of horny voices that had woken me up in the first place.
And holy FUCK, what an orgasm it was! The other Me stuck his tongue into me as deeply as he could and began a series of slow, long strokes, and the My Wife had moved to gently kiss and lick my balls with my pulsing cock laying on her face as I unloaded over and over again. I'd certainly never cum for so long before. I thought for a moment that it would never end before it did, eventually, begin to slow down. With the last of the many, many spurts from my cock, I pushed myself up and away from my surprise lovers, crawled up to the head of the California king bed, turned around and sat on my pillow. As I sat panting, trying to catch my breath, I took in my surroundings.
I could now clearly see the couple who'd just taken care of me, and there was no doubt about it. It wasn't some trick of the light or mistaking similar-looking and -sounding people. There was my wife lying on her back near the foot of the bed, legs spread and feet wrapped around her lover, another Me, as I-he-plowed into her in the missionary position. Since I'd left, he'd lowered himself down and supported himself on an elbow, caressing her breast with his other hand and kissing her furiously. Cum swapping had never been a thing of mine, but watching myself licking my cum off my wife's face and then sloppily kissing her wasn't gross, I realized. It was fucking hot!
And, again, it wasn't MY wife, but some clone of her. I turned to admire the sleeping goddess beside me. She was lying on her back, and her breasts were sagging just slightly outwards, a sight I always enjoyed for some reason. One hand rested limply over her tummy and her other laid on the bed beside her, fingers curled up in a relaxed state. Her face was turned slightly toward me on her pillow, her mouth slightly open in a cute, little O-shape. She looked so pretty, and peaceful. And pretty.
Then I looked up and gazed around the rest of the room, and my jaw dropped. I found the source of the noise. Sitting on the end of the bed was another another Me, another another My Wife on her knees giving him an undoubtedly fantastic blowjob. Sitting on the love seat to the right was yet another Me, supporting his My Wife's back as she leaned back and rode him cowgirl-style with her nipples pointed to the ceiling. To the left a Me had a My Wife bent over the desk, holding her wrists together behind her back and thrusting in and out of her like a jackhammer. Finally, on the floor to the left in front of the bathroom door, a Me was laying on his back, a My Wife laying on her back on top of him. His feet were planted flat on the floor and he was holding her knees back so she was basically folded in half, and if I was not mistaken he was fucking her in the ass. There were five copies of each of us, their voices combining into a beautiful cacophony of grunts, moans, sighs and squeaks. My sleeping wife and my actual self made six couples total.
Now, I of course had made the choice just minutes before to not freak out about all this. However, my vanilla-sometimes-strawberry wife would not be comfortable at all if she woke up to all the pistachio-almond and caramel-ribbon and bubble-gum and coffee-toffee going on in our bedroom. Not to mention the implication of such an orgy on our sheets. And couch and desk and carpet. And sheets. I just knew that if she woke up to a copy of herself sucking on her nipples or trying to french kiss her in her sleep, she would bolt. I also knew if I tried to let her sleep, she would wake up while I was having fun in the sea of flesh, and that would be worse. So, I decided I needed to wake her up myself, WITH FOREPLAY, and hope she'd be horny enough by the time she came to to just roll with the spectacle of debauchery before her. If she wasn't, well… I would have tried.
I shuffled over to her side of the bed, bringing my knowledge of what she likes to the front of my mind. I positioned my cock near her hand so she could stroke it when she realized what I was doing, but I didn't put it IN her hand yet. Her pleasure had to come before her participation. I reached in between her calves and gently, SLOWLY, pulled her legs apart just enough to get to her center. I held my breath as she suddenly inhaled deeply… but stayed asleep. Holy crap. Go back down, heartbeat! I wished everyone else would be quieter, at least for a minute.
I took a deep breath and began, silently chanting to myself for this to go the way I wanted. I trailed the tip of my middle finger up the inside of her thigh, slowly, ever so gently, dang it, dude, feather-light I said! Before reaching for her labia I carefully slid my finger down between her legs and joined the rest of my fingers with it, finally resting my palm on her thigh. Pause for dramatic effect. Doggone it, this lady is soft. My index finger crept over and stroked her outer lips and an almost-smile tickled the corner of her mouth and disappeared. Sweet.
Not out of the woods yet, I kept it super slow and soft, just lightly petting her up and down. I went just a hair lower each time, patiently making my way to her opening. When I got there, I was surprised to find it nice and slick with wetness. Hmmm, I wondered, What could she be dreaming about? This might go easier than I was expecting. I dipped underneath her lips to gather some moisture from her opening and carefully curled my finger up, spreading her labia apart and lubing them up in the process. Then, applying just the tiniest bit of pressure, I slid my finger down along her sensitive flesh to her entrance and pushed the single digit into her. "Mmmmm," she moaned in her sleep, making me feel a lot more confident. So of course, right at that moment…
"Oh yeah, Baby, I'm going to cum!" I heard my voice practically yell from the foot of the bed. I turned to glare at him, but he was facing the other way, petting his My Wife, oblivious to anything but her tongue. I knew the feeling.
My own wife was starting to stir beneath me, so I turned back and, with some quick thinking, leaned over and kissed her. This also came with the added benefit of plopping my cock right into her hand, and just for good measure I pushed another finger into her pussy. She purred into the kiss and started gently rubbing me in her hand. Awesome, I thought. That little motion right there meant that her conscious mind, what little may or may not have been conscious, recognized sex happening and said yes. And it felt good. I curled my two fingers up in a "come hither" motion and kissed her a little more energetically. My goodness, this woman has soft lips! "Oh," she responded, still sleepy but coming to. With a little luck she'd be cumming to, as well. Heh.
"Oh," she moaned again, brow furrowing, still kissing. "Oh, Hon…"
"Good morning, Perfection," I kissed back, chuckling at her cuteness. She's so cute when she's into it. I wriggled a third finger into her. She sucked her breath in at that, then melted into her pillow a little bit. There wasn't enough room inside her to really make controlled movements anymore, so I just kind of wriggled my fingers all around each other, trying to rub more surface area in her pussy.
She audibly gasped, then breathed, "Mmmmmore," into the kiss. Hmmm, a little adventurous, aren't we? She must have been horny right from the start, or before even. What was she dreaming about? Whatever it was, she was primed and ready. I pulled my fingers out (she whimpered at that, but I just kissed her deeper) and rubbed my knuckles through her copious wetness to make sure I was nice and slippery. Then, forming my fingers into a duckbill shape, I lined up and began to push my whole hand into her pussy.
We'd experimented with fisting a little bit before, but not often. It was really only good for her if she was beyond horny, and the only pleasure I got from it was her positive reactions, which could be overridden in an instant by even a little bit of pain. That pain could come very easily if I pushed too hard or too fast, and if I wasn't careful I could tear her flesh, which would end not only any sex happening right then but also any sex for a few days or more. Needless to say, right then I was CAREFUL AS FUCK. What would be worse than her waking up to an orgy with clones of herself and her husband and freaking out? Waking up to a painful injury while an orgy with clones of herself and her husband rumpused around her bedroom. And freaking out.
Slowly, gently, with only enough pressure to move at all, I slid my hand miniscule amounts back and forth, twisting at the wrist and exploring her mouth with my tongue all the way. This was just awesome. She was into it, she was feeling good, she was gradually waking up, she was stroking my cock feverishly, everything was going perfectly. She would cum, she would come down, she would notice the craziness, I would tell her to go with it as sexily as I could, I would kiss her again, and we'd go from there. Then the My Wife on the floor shrieked with a powerful orgasm, and several things happened in such rapid succession that they might have been simultaneous:
One, I broke the kiss in a panic and said, "Just go with it!" much louder and much less sexily than I had intended.
Two, her eyes snapped open, she turned her head in their direction and shouted, "Who the FUCK is that??"
Three, her suddenly clenched muscles caused my fist to POP past her pelvic bone completely into her pussy.
And four, she gasped at the sudden sensation just as the other My Wife squirted right into her face.
I didn't even know my wife COULD squirt.

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