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Author's note: This chapter does NOT include any guy-on-guy action, but the previous chapters contain a little and there will be a lot moving forward. Your mission: be OK with bisexual stuff, go read previous chapters, keep coming back for more. Otherwise, you will be destroyed. Or you could just like, click away. That'd be OK, too.
Everything stopped. The room looked like a perverted mannequin challenge as everyone froze mid-fuck to stare wide-eyed at my wife. Everyone including floor Me, but not including his My Wife, of course, who was still squealing deliriously and frigging herself through her orgasm. My wife stopped, eyes closed and face dripping from the sudden barrage of girlcum that had exploded in her face. For some reason my attention focused on a single droplet forming on the tip of her nose, and I thought she looked awfully cute. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped, too. I mean, it was thumping so thunderously against the inside of my chest that it MUST have stopped, right?
That moment hung in the air for an eternity before I realized that it was all over. I would have to follow her out of the room, apologize, explain as best as I could, apologize, beg her to forgive me, apologize, and figure out what to do with the orgy of Me's and Her's soiling our bedroom, which I definitely wouldn't be rejoining. Maybe I'd apologize, as well.
First things first, I started to carefully remove my fist from her vagina, but I couldn't. As soon as I budged just the tiniest fraction, her pussy clamped down on my wrist. Despite how sopping wet she was, I couldn't even twist my hand, that's how hard she squeezed me. I panicked, again, and looked up to see her own eyes had opened and were now staring at her doppelganger, mouth still hanging open, unblinking and unmoving. And un-breathing. Holy FUCK, she was cumming! The My Wife before us had come down from her mountaintop and was now smiling and panting and winking, bouncing her eyebrows at my own wife, trying to writhe her hips on her lover's cock but unsuccessful as he still had her knees locked in place with his hands. He was still staring at my wife, although his eyes did dart to his own My Wife and back real quick. He tentatively started pumping his cock into her ass again, unable to resist her soft, cooing deliciousness despite obviously being in trouble. Dick.
I finally felt my wife's pussy begin to unclench, and started trying to remove my hand again. "Um, Babe?" she asked, turning to look at me for the first time today. "Why are we over there, and why do I havvvvvFUUUUUCK…" Her second orgasm cut her question off, her eyes rolling back and her nethers clamping down on me again, halting my exit and making me panic yet again. Although this time I was only half-panicking, and half-staring in awe at my wife's cum-covered and cum-twisted face. Her body wasn't still this time; she convulsed and undulated before me. She held her breath for the first bit of it, then let out a high-pitched squeak that hung in the air like a descant in an empty cathedral before devolving into a low, gutteral scream and some more profanity. I had actually forgotten she was still holding my cock in her hand until she squeezed it, HARD.
"Fuck, Honey," I grunted. That was not pleasant.
"Oh, fuck, sorry," she exhaled, and let go of my stinging manhood. She laid her head back on the pillow, coming down from her cloud. After closing her eyes and breathing for a few moments, she finally sighed, "Alright. I'm in."
I let out a breath I didn't know was holding, and leaned down to kiss her lovely face. Apparently the rest of the Us's had gotten back to business somewhere in the middle of her second orgasm, so the atmosphere had returned to the moaning and groaning it had been when I first woke up. She giggled into the kiss and mumbled, "This is crazy."
I screwed up my face in a girlcum-smeared caricature of a smoulder, deepened my voice and purred, "Just go with it."
That set her laughing. Oh, man, does she have the prettiest laugh and the prettiest smile. Also, YES!!! I pumped an internal fist like Success Kid. I didn't pump my actual fist, because it was still stuck in my wife.
She relaxed and let me set to work extricating myself from her depths, and propped herself up on her elbows to survey the bedroom. The My Wife who'd nearly ruined everything was now up on her knees, bouncing on her Me's cock and supporting herself on his ankles. The Me at the desk had sat back on the chair while his girl ground her pelvis in his lap. Interestingly, another My Wife had joined them and was now on her knees, lapping eagerly at their joining. I assume it was the first My Wife who'd licked me off in the beginning, because at the foot of the bed now sat two Me's, both vying for the attention of the best blowjob artist in the universe. The final pair were now both slumped back on the couch, kissing passionately with his hand on her cheek and her hand on his hand. It was kind of sweet. Their other hands, of course, were furiously rubbing each other's genitals. The whole thing was underscored by a symphony of Oh's and I'm cumming's and Fuck's and indiscernible cries of ecstasy, and the smell was incredible. You'd think a bunch of sweat and cum and saliva would smell terrible, but it only served to make everything hornier. Huh. Perhaps it would stink later.
I finally removed my sticky hand from my own wife's pussy, and a quick inspection revealed no blood. (Homer Simpson's relieved "Whew!" fired across my brain for some reason.) I began to lick her essence from my fingers, savoring the taste of the love of my life's most intimate place–holy FUCK there's nothing about this woman that isn't perfect–when to my surprise she leaned in and started licking it up, too. Something's right, something's gone terribly, horribly right, fuck, fuck, fuckity FUCK! We licked and sucked and moaned closer and closer, finally abandoning my hand and diving into each other's lips. We hadn't made out like this since we were teenagers, and I was in paradise.
Then a cheeky thought crossed my mind, and I started kissing to the side of her mouth, then her chin, then up her jawline. I enjoyed listening to her breathing get faster as I made my way to her ear. Her chest was heaving as I took her earlobe in my teeth and caressed a nipple lightly. Pause for dramatic effect. Then I whispered as quietly as I could, "Wanna see if you can squirt on my face?" and started kissing down her neck at breakneck speed. Holy crap, not "breakneck" speed, I was gentle, I just… you know what I mean. As Mitch Hedberg once said, "That was a MAJOR faux pas."
"Oh, FUCK," she responded when she realized, He's going to do that thing he does! (I like to think that's what she thought, anyway.) She grasped at my head, but I was too quick. She reached again and caught me by the ear as I kissed down the cleft of her breasts, but I tweaked her nipple and escaped. I spared a quick lick to her adorable, ticklish belly button, causing her to squeak and inadvertently push my head down in her attempt to stop me. Her legs fell open for me as though a ferocious war-game wasn't being played up top. Not that she was winning, anyway. I purposefully missed her pussy and sped past, coming to a halt while kissing her inner thigh, then rocketed back up, landing right on target and freezing completely.
Pause for dramatic effect, breathing gently on her pussy through my nostrils. Her breath hitched. Her fingers paused, tangled in my hair, and I knew I had her. I touched the flat of my tongue to her opening. I slid the flat of my tongue slowly up between her delicate, beautiful folds. I just barely kissed the flat of my tongue to the very edge of her clitoris. Then I pushed my tongue down her sensitive flesh and as deeply into her entrance as I could in one smooth, quick motion, and she screamed. Her fingers tightened in my hair and her thighs clamped my head in place like a vice.
I'm the master. You can see why it caught me so off-guard earlier when I was on the receiving end of my own tantalizing tongue talent.
I licked my wife into a frenzy, her beautiful skin reflecting the light gorgeously with a thin sheen of sweat, her voice rising above the choir in an ad-lib solo of profane glory, her hips bucking up into my face causing me to have to hold her down by her pelvis. I moved one hand so my whole forearm was laid across her waist, pinning her down, and brought my other fingers up to her entrance while I refocused my oral ministrations on her clit. As she was still stretched from my fist earlier, I was able to slide three fingers inside with no effort at all, and she cooed her approval. I rubbed her g-spot and sucked and licked her love-button until she was panting and whimpering, mumbling that she would cum soon. The question now was, how to make her squirt when she'd never done it before?
Well, I reasoned, What had made the other My Wife squirt? Oh. She had a My Cock buried in her ass. Inspired, I pumped my fingers in and out of her a few times to lubricate them, and then pulled them out and pushed one gently into her perfect little rosebud. She lurched just a little. "Babe…"
"Hang on," I said, and resumed tonguing her clit. I also slid a finger back into her pussy and tried to rub them together through the thin wall separating them, and the effect was instantaneous.
"Oh," she moaned. "Oh, yes, yes Babe, that's good. Good job." Encouraged, I started licking her labia more energetically, down to her entrance and up to her clit, back and forth, loving the noises she made. I was amazed at how far instinct could take me in new territory. And experience in similar territory. Insert sunglasses emoji here, heh heh heh. When she finally called out to the whole room that she was cumming, not that all of them noticed or paid attention, I pulled out of her pussy and pushed another finger into her asshole, thrusting furiously as though it was my cock instead. Then I lowered my tongue to lick her opening again, and was forced back!
The spray was powerful as she ejaculated all over me. I wanted to watch it happen, but had to close my eyes against the torrent. As I reared back I lost my grip on her waist, and she bucked her hips into the air and screamed. I heard a couple of Hey's from behind me as she must have squirted on the backs of the Me's getting blown at the foot of the bed, and chuckled to myself. I kept thrusting my fingers in her ass until she came down, muttering incoherently. "Oh my… Babe… Holy fff…"
"Shhhh," I consoled her, pulling out my fingers. "It's OK, you did a great job."
"YOU did a great job," she said, and I chuckled. "You almost turned me right off when you started playing with my ass, but you made it, just… FUCK!"
"Well, thank you, Sweetheart." I crawled up and kissed her gently. I just love this woman to bits! I gazed into her eyes for a moment before asking, "So, what do you want to do now?"
"I, um…" She looked around the room, and finally got out of bed. "I think I'm just going to go play with myself." She waggled her eyebrows at me, then turned on perfect feet and stalked away toward the desk. I stared after her for a moment, dumbstruck, then looked down at my own hardening manhood.
Oh yeah. This was going to be fun.

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