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Author's note: I mean, "chapter five" is in the title. Doesn't it stand to reason that there's a chapter one, and that it should be read first?
This story contains themes of guy-on-guy sex, and it's ramping up even further in that direction. If that's not your thing, you need to a) get over yourself, b) take a "no thank you" bite, or c) click away and go read another story. None of these will offend me, but may I suggest option b?

Hey, he said he'd already cum twice in her ass! It sounded to me like he wanted something different. I mean, yeah, cumming in my wife's ass three times sounds like a hell of a fantasy. And it's not like making her into a sandwich with an exact copy of himself doesn't count as something different. And, yeah, he could have just been marveling at the multiple orgasms, an almost impossibility among those of us with only one "x" chromosome. Now that I think about it, I suppose the "in her ass" part was probably not the part he was pointing out so much as the "third time I've cum" part.
But, all that good logic and reasoning were out the window, not even given a passing care while I engaged in my first double penetration threesome with my wife and another Me. And, it wasn't even my wife, but a copy of her, too. The vision of beauty whom I could only assume was my real wife was over there, also on the floor but around the corner of the bed, blocked from my view by the large mahogany frame. All I knew is she'd dragged yet another copy of herself over there to kiss or lick or scissor, or kiss-and-lick-and-scissor, or talk about me and giggle, or whatever hot, perfect, naked women do with clones of themselves.
Needless to say, I was not thinking clearly. Just something in me said he'd want something different, and that he was thrusting so fast in and out of this My Wife's ass that I could probably aim him at her pussy real quick and he'd go right in before he realized what had happened. Then it only took one more instant for my brain to stitch that threaded needle through "but I don't want to stop fucking her myself," some flash images of double vaginal porn videos I'd watched before, imagining typing "double vaginal" into a search bar, remembering where I was and what I was doing, and Jeff Dunham's Peanut yelling, "DO IT!" With one final tug on the brain-thread my hands were making it happen, even before all the thoughts even landed. I pulled out on his forward stroke, squeezed our identical cocks together on his back stroke, and pressed the two tips to the opening of her pussy just in time for his next forward stroke.
I immediately regretted my decision. She was tight already, how could I expect both cocks to go in at once? In porn, one dude is always already inside before the other even tries to get in. He was thrusting so fast that he was going to totally stab at her entrance, a dangerous move for both of them unless he was aligned just right. But I also had my own cock pressed to his, literally doubling their girth and triple-or-something-ing the first point of contact, meaning her pussy would have to stretch to nearly the whole size of both of us in a single instant. And, there was no way I had us pointed in the right direction. No way to stop it, this was going to be uncomfortable for all three of us.
"FUCK!" we all shouted in unison as… both of our cocks slid in together just fine and it was delicious? Huh. Now, listen, I know YOU read the end of the last chapter, but I was in real suspense there. I was not expecting it to not hurt, let alone feel as good as it did.
My two lovers were both staring at me wide-eyed and unmoving, so I just started thrusting again. Instantly both sets of eyes rolled back in their sockets as a new wave of pleasure enveloped all of us, her pussy stretched and filled more than ever before, and our cocks rubbing against each other on the sensitive underside. I got exactly four pumps in when the three of us came simultaneously.
"Oh, fuuuuuck," we all said together again. I could feel her vaginal walls' rhythmic squeezing, and I could feel his urethra pulsing against my own. Then everything got slipperier as we all creamed. It combined into a warm, sticky glob that had no room in her stuffed pussy and nowhere to go with her hole double-plugged. The extra pressure and lubrication actually pushed my clone and I out of her, which was alright because we all needed a moment to catch our breath.
"What… the FUCK… was that?" she asked between big, gasping breaths. Her chest was heaving, her eyes were wild, and beads of sweat dotted her face as she sat on my doppelganger, who had flopped back on the floor with his arms spread limply to his sides. Heh, that's exactly what I would do if I were in his position. A nasty- and oddly sexy-looking puddle was forming in his lap as it oozed from her cunt.
"I don't know," I started. I was panting myself, and my brain was thoroughly cum-addled. I wanted to explain why I did it, I wanted to point my finger at the starfish on the floor, I wanted to tell her how pretty she looked, I wanted to say anything that didn't sound stupid. No words came out.
"Do it again," she said after a moment. When I looked up (I guess I hadn't been looking her in the eyes? I hadn't intended to hang my head or anything…) she was smiling toothily at me, eyes just as wild as before but with excitement behind them.
My clone didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed his sticky stick, pumped it a few times to get it hard again, and pushed it at her. As he was shooting blind, he didn't bother to aim at all, and ended up in her ass again. She groaned in pleasure at that, which stopped me in my tracks. My wife doesn't like anal sex, not really. Not enough to get a noise like that out of her. True, she was beyond horny, and that would amplify things for her, but…
"Are you okay?" I asked.
"Seriously, Dude?" my clone regarded me with an eyebrow raised.
"Yeah, seriously. You know she doesn't like it in the ass."
"Are you complaining?" she giggled.
"No," I backpedaled. I must have looked so stupid. "I just want to make sure you're not hurt or anything."
"Oh, Babe," she smiled. She reached up toward my cheek, didn't stop, and grabbed me roughly by the ear. It didn't hurt, but I did allow myself to be pulled. Instinct, I guess. Having dragged me right up to her face, she kissed me briefly before growling, "Nothing hurts today. Now get your dick in me before I start yelling for another one!"
I paused for a moment, putting it all together. "Ohhhhh," was all I could say as she pulled me into another, harder kiss. I am so smart. S.M.R.T.
I shuffled forward again, not worrying about my legs touching my other self this time, and took my cock in my hand. He'd entered her ass, but she wanted us both in her pussy. Or, I realized, she at least wanted us both in the same hole. Still amazed at how hard I was after cumming twice already, even though it had just been explained in small words for me, I pressed myself to her tight ring, already stretched over the other Me's cock.
She gasped, and his eyes went wide. "Do it," she whimpered. "Do it, come on, do it! I want it! I want it so much, I want two cocks in my little asshole!" She sped up and rose in pitch with every word, until she was cry-shouting, begging to be filled up. Fuck, this woman is so hot! It didn't take long with the extra lubrication–which was gross, but helpful, so it was awesome–for me to squeeze in between his cock and the top of her sphincter and into double anal penetration.
"Oh, dude, no way," I heard my voice say from behind her. I glanced at him and grinned, and we were off!
We quickly discovered that, unlike when we each had our own hole, we had to thrust together to make it work. There was just too much awkward humping and not enough coordination, and when we went opposite we just ended up popping out. The solution, then, had us ploughing her slower and harder, gripping her sides tightly and making loud pops when we bottomed out simultaneously. His buttocks met mine, his balls met mine, and our thighs met hers, slap, slap, slap. Our three voices joined the chorus, not as moans and sighs but percussive grunts, like an erratic drum beat beneath a horny choir, chanting obscenities into the room. It was glorious.
I got another crazy idea, and this time I wasn't worried about logistics or injury, since neither seemed to exist in our magical little orgy. Just the thought of it made me cum, and it was so sudden and powerful that it delayed me for a moment. Her grunts rose into delighted squeaks, and he shouted out, "Fuck, yeah! Do it, Dude!" He kept right on thrusting while I recovered, which helped my orgasm finish itself off, and then I pulled out and plunged into her pussy.
"Holy fuck," she breathed, surprised by the change in sensation, but I largely ignored her. This was about me and my bro-slash-self, screwing her together in the craziest way I could think of.
"Come on, Bruh," I said to him. "Get in this pussy, we'll go back and forth."
"Fuck," he replied, and pulled out. In one quick shot, he lined himself up with his hand and squeezed in with me; then he pulled out and stuffed himself back into her ass. I followed suit, into her ass then back to her pussy.
"Ohhhhh, fuuuuuck," her squeaks turned into a constant high note as he and I switched over and over between DV, DP, and DA. My apparently-endless stamina kicked into overdrive as my clone and I fucked her silly. Eventually we went to two strokes per, which was much more enjoyable and still totally nuts. I had to admit that feeling his cock rubbing against mine was really great, and I was enjoying the camaraderie, like hanging out with my buddies except what were doing was having sex. More and more I realized I could get behind the idea of having sex with men, at least if those men were all me.
Suddenly, and without even cumming again first (as though that was a requirement or something), my man-partner pulled out, lifted our My Wife off of us and wriggled out from beneath her. "You two have fun," he said to us, setting her gently on the floor with me. "I want to try something." He caught a quick breath, stood up and walked over to the desk. I didn't get a chance to see what he would do, because the horny lady I was left with grabbed me by the chin. And by "horny lady" I mean "really fucking out-of-her-mind horny lady."
"You," she growled. "Fuck my tits."
"Yessum," I said, and didn't look back.

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