My eldest sister and me part 4 | incest story from Kunjumohamed

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Next night I was getting some courage.
I thought when we both were sleeping together, why sister should sleep after Remington her blouse and saree.I took some courage and asked sister ” why this post box?” Telling this I inserted my right palm into the big opening in the underskirt showing the junction between her left thigh and edge of her pussy surrounded by black, thick and bushy pubic hair. I asked sister ” why this post box is kept in the forest?” Sister liked my joke. I kept my palm on her pussy for about ten minutes. Then I inserted my middle finger into her pussyhole and made to and fro motions. Sister lowered my lungi and inserted her right palm into my underwear and caught hold of my fully erected cock. Without wasting any more time, I jumped over the sister, spread her both thighs and pushed my huge cock into her pussyhole and made to and fro motions until it cummed into her pussy. We concluded our activities and slept awaiting next night.

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