My Family Secret

Hi to all n8story readers my name is Pradeep and I am 29 years old. ISS is my favorite site every since my childhood and now I got some time to share some of my stories with you all. Today, I’m going to share a story with you guys and I hope you all will like it. I’m a young boy from a poor family living in slums of Hyderabad. My family consists of me, my father my mother who is 28 years old and my sister, my father work is a plumber. All the money he earns he spend them on drinking. 
We were struggling for food and daily expenses because of his drinking, the heroine of this story is my mother Kavitha, she is a house wife and she is from a remote village she got married when she was still teenager and she is fair and slim with 36 D boobs. I used to see her fair boobs whenever she is washing clothes or cleaning the floor.
One day my mom told me that we are shifting our house from this slum to a nice colony.  I was really happy to see our new one bedroom hall and kitchen flat. I know that we are poor and cannot afford this kind of house so I asked my mom how will we pay rent for this new house my mom said its ok we can manage it after shifting to new house, one day my father came with a fat man he introduced him to my mom and said he is his close friend. 
My mom said namaste to him and told us to go the bedroom and sleep and she closed the bedroom door from outside. This became a routine my father used to bring someone and I and my sister were locked in the bedroom. I could see that our financial position was also improving as we bought a new sofa set and fridge. I got little suspicious as what my mom and dad were doing after sending us inside the bedroom. I was getting curious to see what was happening. 
One day my dad came with a guy he was looking like a college student. My mom asked us to go to bedroom and locked it from outside. I told my sister to sleep I climbed the wooden cupboard and I reached the ventilator at the ceiling from the ventilator I can see the hall clearly. That guy was sitting in the sofa, my mom came with a bottle of beer and sat beside him and she poured beer into three glasses and gave a glass to that guy my dad and mom took one glass each and started drinking.
Dad: be relaxed no one will come here
Mom: Is it your first time?
Guy: yes
Dad: It’s ok she will teach you everything she is a good slut. Did you bring the money?
Guy: yes.
He gave the money to my dad and my mom started filling the glass again and in the mean time while bending forward her pallu dropped from her shoulders but she did not care to put that back and her nice cleavage was clearly visible. My cock was rock hard on seeing her milky boobs that guy were staring at her big boobs. He then put his hands on over her shoulders and slowly started touching her boobs. 
My mom looked at him and smiled, he then started pressing them in front of my dad and my mom was enjoying like anything, her nipples with his tongue and started licking it then he started sucking and pressing her boobs vigorously. I could not believe that I was seeing my mom milky white boobs in real. My mom unzipped his pant and took his cock out and started rubbing them, she bent down and started sucking his cock. 
That guy was dying with pleasure when she was sucking his cock within seconds he cum inside my mom’s mouth. She drank his cum and cleaned this dick with her tongue on that day I came to know that my mom was such a good slut. She stood up and removed her saree and petticoat now she was standing nude in front of us. I was seeing her nude for the first time. She has a stunning body she raised one leg and put that on the sofa so that he can clearly see her pussy. 
He touched his clean shaved pussy and kissed it and started licking it slowly. He licked her for ten minutes. He stood up and hugged her and started kissing her vigorously. He removed his shirt and hugged her again. His dick was rock hard now, my mom told him to sit on the sofa and then she sat on him with her legs crossed and she started rubbing her pussy on his hard cock. He was sucking her boobs my dad brought a condom and gave it to my mom. 
She opened it and put it on his hard cock; she then slowly started inserting his hard cock into her pussy. She put his entire cock into her pussy and started moving up and down. He was dying in pleasure and she fucked him for some time then they stood up she bent forward and asked him to fuck her in doggy style. He put his cock inside her and started fucking her and his hands were playing with her boobs. 
I was holding my hard cock in my hand and shagging it and ended releasing huge load of cum after some time he cum again and my collapsed on to the sofa.
Mom: you are a very good fucker and your cock is very big.
Guy: you have very nice boobs and body. I love to suck them forever.
My dad told them to get dressed and then the guy left before leaving he hugged my mom and kissed her on her lips and pressed her boobs and said thank you Kavitha.
I know that now my mom and dad will come to bedroom so I jumped down from the cupboard and silently slept beside my sister after some time they came inside and slept as if nothing happened. Next day morning when I saw my mom I felt like fucking her on the spot but could not dare to do it.