My Fantasy came true | straight story from Man across street.

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I’ve always fantasized about neighbor across the street she was married and had 1 child. She was my fantasy woman best looker in the whole street. I wasn’t married and lived in my parent’s home which was now mine they have passed away. I was a late child born my mother was 41 and my father was 50. At 33 I was single not a great dater of women, some minor sexual success, but had more sex with hookers than actually with my dates. Just after the lockdown my fantasy woman and her family moved across the street. I work from home a great deal and had to start going into my office more, as I was distracted every time, I saw her in the street or her yard. She reminded me of a young Joan Collins, who before she moved across the street was my fantasy girl. I didn’t know much about her, except she was married and had a daughter 6 and I hadn’t spoken to her at all. I came home late from work one evening having seen a hooker after work and there were police cars and an ambulance across the street. I was curious, but not enough to join the other neighbor watching on the footpath. A visitor to their house had died and it turned out to be an accident, but the police had to investigate. He had a massive heart attack and fell down the stairs. He was an uncle of the husband and heart attacks ran in his family; it seems. The husband 6 years older than the wife wasn’t the most fit person I’ve ever seen either and would repeat his uncle demise the following year (2019). With his passing the woman fell on hard times and it got worst in 2020 with the pandemic. Her husband was the bread winner, and she hadn’t been working and had to find a job. Also, the house was leased, and she burned thought their savings, as her cleaning job wasn’t paying enough and wasn’t a reliable source of income. That how I first got news of her working as a cleaner, I overheard the local gossips at the supermarket, discussing her. She only worked while the daughter was at school. But what caught my attention was that they said she would probably have to move to a cheaper house soon. I didn’t want that, I’m a tidy person and spent my weekends cleaning my house. But I decided to put an ad in the window of supermarket saying cleaner wanted flexible hours for the right applicant. I couldn’t just approach her as it would be awkward in my opinion. Hoping she would see the ad and call me, thankfully she did. I only had my cellphone number no address and I got a call the following day (Sunday). I said I wanted someone to keep my house clean and tidy do my washing, citing I was too busy with my work to stay on top of everything. Once I mention the address, as she asked to look over what was required. She said I live just across the street and asked would I mind her coming over to look straight away. No worries I said and a few minutes later she and her daughter were at my home. My house was clean as usual, but I passed it off as just being done. Of course, she got the job and started after getting her daughter from school. My house clean but she done the kitchen cabinets and cleaned the rooms not being used by me. I had arranged a 20-hour work week for her which I paid her better the cleaning firm. So, if she was needed by them my work paid better, but I was flexible, and she worked on the weekend to make her time. Slowly we got friendly, and I didn’t try anything on with her. But in 2020 and pandemic started to be talked about her concerns mounted. Especially as talk of a lockdown started also, her worry was evidence. I couldn’t just ask her to move in with me, that would be creepy. But I did ask her to marry me, why such a bold step. One she could live with me, and no gossip would harm her and her future and that of her daughter would be secure. Saying she was shocked is quite an understatement, but she was shocked. But in my defense, I said I was attracted to her and wanted to help her, and her daughter and I’m bit old fashioned and thought marriage was the right way of going about it. She didn’t refuse me straight away a good sign in my book, but later I thought she was just being kind to me and so didn’t reject my proposal straight away. After a couple of days, she accepted my proposal saying it was her best wat forward with everything that was starting to happen. So, we married just before the lockdown came into force, I was able to work from and order anything we need online. One additional member was added just before our marriage, a dog from the animal shelter. As the daughter had asked her mother about getting a dog and as we were marrying, I decided it was a great idea. During the lockdown I filed to adopt her daughter and it was done by the end of the lockdown and my wife was pregnant. Now we have 3 children, and she is a great wife. I like even numbers and we plan on adding another child soon, my wife isn’t required to work, and I have to go into the office because I can’t keep my eyes off her. If I work from home and she has never refused me sex and our daughter is soon to be 9 and helps her mother with baby brothers.

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