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My widowed father decided to remarry after 4 years since my mother died. He found himself a young bride, who was 3 years younger than me. She was also pretty and very timid, once she got to know you, she came out of her shell. I’m the youngest of 3 and the only one still living at home. At 27 I wasn’t a university graduated like my brother and sister; I did okay selling on the internet. My father didn’t look after himself and was overweight and ill from too much drinking and smoking. He got his bride from the old country, and it was arranged by a business partner. She could speak English with accent, was confirmed as a virgin and my father married her and had a heart attack that night before consummating his marriage. He was in hospital for 11 days and came home not really fully recovered. Fucking his new wife wasn’t on the top of his list of to do things. Luckily, I had consummated the marriage for him as sort of proxy, waste not want not. With him not doing very well and upset over the restrictions on what he could eat, drink and no smoking. Fucking his wife never entered his mind, in fact he rarely even saw her. They slept in separate bedrooms, luckily mine adjoined hers and I made sure she wasn’t neglected. She accepted me fucking her as a strange custom of ours, which I had told her about. Fast forward a few months his wife was pregnant to me my father wasn’t any better. He didn’t know she was pregnant, then he had another heart attack. He died and my older brother over the business. First problem our stepmother, was a part of a business deal and a very important to both families. Simple solution I marry my stepmother, I had the same Christian name my father. Which saved the deal as there no senior or junior titles mentioned. So, our being married made the contact legal still and the bride no known to be pregnant finalized it. The fact that she was more pregnant than we were married never took anyone’s attention. Now 9 years since I married I ‘ve 4 children and quite happy with my wife/ex stepmother.

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