My Favorite Aunt

Hey all welcome!! I am 21 year old guy from Bangalore right now pursuing software engineer here in Bangalore. Let’s come to the story directly. We are staying in a rented house from past two years or so in Bangalore itself in our building there are five houses. We stay in the ground floor on the first floor house owner and a family of three stays on the second floor a family of five stays and in the another house on the second floor three bachelors stay.
Our house owner’s family is small they have a 14year old boy. Owner aunt is a pleasure loving middle class woman. Owner uncle is a nice man. He had invested huge money in some firm but that firm did not do so well in long run. Hence he was made to swim into a huge loss of money approximately around 20-30lakhs owner aunt is simply the woman every guy or boy or man would relish to enjoy with.
Her name is Veena name changed. She is a 33 year old her hubby is not so concerned about her needs and other necessary stuffs you all know what I am speaking about since he is in huge loss of money he wonders here and there. He drinks in the evening and comes to his house but he is a simple man and kind a good at heart.
Veena aunty comes to the ground floor in the morning to clean the staircase and the floor too which is on their side of the house. She wears salwars very often and while going outside wears a nice saree. One day while as usual she was cleaning the floor I happened to come across her opening the gate. She had bent so much that her cleavage and almost her breasts were visible. I looked at them and went off and I took bath and came outside to hang my towel.
A bike was parked near the window of our house. She was turned to the other way and was cleaning. I was hanging my towel just then something touched my ass. I immediately turned around to check what that was. It happened to be her I mean Veena aunty. She said sorry. I apologised too. I felt like grabbing her right there but controlled. That night I was wondering did she do that deliberately or it was just a coincidence.
I always saw a spark in her eyes towards me whenever we spoke. I could somewhere sense that she really needs a nice and erotic love making session but am really not sure that women after their operation would be the same as they were before when they were enjoying routine sex sometimes she wears such nighty that her nipples would try hard to come out coz her nipples would make a hard mark on her nighty and I really enjoy such sights now and then. 
But the question is should I initiate the move? But am really afraid to do that coz she is our neighbour in fact a very good one for us and that relation should be broke many a times while speaking to her in her house she adjusts her kameez by putting her hands a bit inside her near her stomach and that turns me on really. I really love to sacrifice my virginity to her and no one else. I must say door for heaven opened for me as I got that chance.
It was almost 7 pm in the evening I was on the terrace enjoying the fresh air just then she walked in. We spoke for a while. We were staring at each other’s eyes suddenly I walked towards her and touched her face to which she shivered a bit and then I placed my hand near her mouth and made my finger to enter her mouth which she took in and started sucking it. I felt my whole blood gushing towards my cock. Wow it was amazing.
Just then I thought how it would be if I in real fuck her. I removed my finger from her mouth and hugged her tight. I placed my hands near her bra strap from outside her nighty and ran my hands on it after this we parted a bit and I kissed her lips softly to which she responded by keeping her hands on my neck and running her hands on my head and eventually ran her hands in my hair while I smooched her.
We were forced to stop that coz her hubby phoned her. She took the call there itself and this turned me on while she was speaking with her hubby I just went near her back and hugged her tight and pressed her tits twisting her nipples hard to which she moaned letting out a huge sound like ahhhhhhhhhhh. I forgot that she was speaking to her hubby on phone her hubby was shocked by her moan and he asked what happened.
She told it is a small insect which tried biting her neck then he was ok and he told that he won’t be able to come today. Hence he told her to request my mom to send her son for just tonight coz Bangalore’s a hub for murderers and robbers. She hung that phone and continued moaning after about 2 minutes or so she asked to leave her. I left her while she smilingly hugged me and kissed me hard on my lips.
I chewed them making my lips to burn out by her sexy juicy lips and tongue. Wow I must say it was the best feeling I had till that day after that moment I went back to my home after a while Veena called to our home phone asking my mom to send me to her house coz her hubby is out of station. My mom was nervous to send me there after a while she agreed. I had my dinner and was watching TV just then my dad arrived from his office.
He was told by my mom that I need to go to our owner aunt’s house and she explained to him and then my dad agreed too. I was watching TV just then Veena aunt arrived and asked my mom again to send me. My mom agreed and told me to go with her and sleep in their house tonight. I finished my work like bringing the clothes from out of our house which were hung in the afternoon.
Veena aunty went to her house and I said goodnight to my mom and dad and started to go to aunty’s house. I was made to smile coz aunty was waiting for me near her house. I said hi and asked about her dinner! She told she was waiting for me. But I replied I had it in my home and smiled at her coz she was wearing a sexy laced nighty. She was angry with me coz I had my dinner at my home which I could sense from her face coz when I smiled at her she was upset. 
She told me she was waiting for me to come so that we could have it together saying so she went in. I followed her and closed the door and bolted it. She sat near sofa and started watching TV and I asked her about her dinner. She told she won’t have it tonight and I smiled at her. I went near kitchen and took a plate and took two chapathis and a cup of dal which she had prepared and brought it near the sofa and started having it.
She smiled at me and came near me and sat. I stared at her eyes and she stared too. She came near my lips and smooch me wven though I was not hungry I had to eat it coz of my aunty. I fed her with chapathi and dal. She ate fully and smiled at me. I told am not hungry tonight coz I had fully in my house. She smiled at me and started removing her nighty lace from behind her back when it was removed she asked are you hungry now?
And smiled chewing her lips together and she took my hands and placed them near her tummy and came near my face and whispered I love you. I was shocked coz her child who is in 8th std is still here. I was dumb stuck. I asked about her child to which she replied he went to hoskote a place about 15 kms from Bangalore to see his granny. I was overjoyed hearing that. I hugged her and placed the plate on floor and we both stood.
I started kissing her harder to which she responded too by opening her mouth for my full access after that she stopped me from removing her nighty saying she will clean utensils first and let us enjoy later. She went near kitchen while I sat on sofa. She was cleaning utensils just then I entered there switching TV off and held her from behind and ran my hands on her back. Placed my hands near her strap and removed it with one go and held her breasts from behind to which she moaned like hell.
I tried twisting her nipples but was prevented from doing so by her. She said darling let me finish it off first. I again held her tits and pressed them harder. She finished cleaning utensils. I hugged her and took her near sofa without her hands being cleaned then she pinched my cock like hell so that I would leave her. I left her due to pain. She went near kitchen and washed her hands. I was holding my cock and was in pain. 
She smiled at me while I was angry at her due to that pain. Sorry darling she spoke out while I being in pain ignored her and stared roughly at her. She was taken back and then she came to know that it hurt me a lot. Hence she came near me and putting her lips on mine smooch me asking me sorry! I was not responding to her smooch hence she took my hands and placed them on her tits.
I smiled at her now and started pressing them wildly while she again pressed my 7 inches hard and pinched it slightly at the tip. I took her face while she started pinching my cock tip and bit her lips harder. She was taken back and smiled at me and said naughty boy. I ran my hands on her face and hugged her. I took her on my knees I mean I made her to stand on my knees and we travelled like that near the TV and I switched the lights off and made her stand her near the wall.
I took the TV remote and switched the TV on and pressed the button so that channel HBO was turned to. I had gone through in a news paper that basic instinct would be played in that channel. I was eagerly watching it just then Veena aunty came near me and asked what you doing?? To which I replied just wait and see. The movie was started. The scene was that the hero just met Sharon stone in a private confidential crime room and he is in a party with his colleagues.
The second heroine is being made a target by giving her a mouthful by her colleagues and the hero fights with them and tells the heroine lets’ go out after that the hero bangs her in her house by roughly removing her skirt and shirt then he removes everything from her body and presses her tits. I smiled at Veena aunty while that scene was going on. She stared at me and went inside her bedroom. 
I switched TV off and went near the sofa and sat there. My aunty came near TV searching for me I came behind her and took her near the wall and started ramming her by removing her nighty since I could not control anymore I tear her nighty and started removing her bra. She was moaning ahhhhhhh. I removed her panty and everything and even her Mangalsutra and stared at her and placed my hands on her naked tits now and stared pressing them harder.
She kept on letting her moan ahhhhhhhh and now again I kissed her chewing her brown lips. We parted then. Since I had heavy dinner that night I was not able to control peeing hence I went in her bathroom and removed my thing our and started peeing. My Veena aunty also came inside the bathroom and stared at my cock. She then spoke in kannada Oye ninna thunne yeno astu dappa ide oye your cock is so fat huh saying so she came near me and held me by my cock and asked inmele yardu idu? from now on whose is this?
I smilingly said my lovely Veena aunty! She again told me then why did not you show me such a wonderful thing before itself. I told her u never asked for it saying so she kneel down and took it inside her mouth and gave me a wonderful blowjob. It was just awesome. I told her I am going to cum without any hesitation she started sucking me harder. I cum about a mouthful which she swallowed tasting every bit of it and smilingly said its tasty yet salty.
We both laughed while she still tasted my semen inside her mouth I took her near the bathtub and made to sit on it and started fingering her pussy. Since it was already wet my finger was at ease entering her. I kept on fingering her. I was at ease in fingering her coz she has not had any sex from the day her child was born. I mean from past 13 years or so. I kept on fingering her until she climaxed with a satisfied look on her she smiled at me and kissed me on my lips. 
We went to the bedroom and we hugged each other while hugging she pinched my cock again I understood her and I kissing her removed my pant and t shirt again hugging each other we slept on the bed. Her nipples used to get hard at night. So when they did I used to kiss her lips softly so that she wakes up and we embracing each other massage mutually our bodies at about 4 am, I got up and stared at her pussy was a forest and her ass was a mountain seeing them I went wild.
I went near her and smooched her tasting her saliva just then she woke up and smiled at me. I came on top of her and pressed her tits and massaged her soft pussy. I took my cock near her pussy positioned myself and was about to enter her just then she told not today maybe any other day and she smiled shyly. I kissed her and we slept with me on top of her while my cock near her pussy and my face near her neck coz she was 5ft 11′ and myself 5ft 10 it was morning 6.
We both woke up she smilingly kissed me good morning and I did the same. She stood naked in front of the mirror and stared at me. She went near the hall where her panty bra, nighty were on the floor. She wore them and came inside our room and handed my pant and t shirt. I smiled at her and asked her do we need to get dressed up huh? She laughed at my words and said then what we shall be like this naked saying so she looked at my cock and at her pussy and said you were great yesterday.
I kissed her and said bye and I went to my home and you all can take time