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Valentine's Day. I hadn't found a date so I went to my favorite hangout.
I pulled up a stool next to a woman at the bar and exchanged smiles.
"I'm waiting for my Valentine's date," she announced before I had a chance to say anything.
"Okay, I'll move over when the guy gets here," I offered.
"Who said it was a guy?" she said, turning to glare at me.
"Um, uh…" I stammered.
"I'm just messing with you," she said as she broke into a smile. "I'm actually waiting for someone I met online. I'm already annoyed at him for making me wait alone in a bar."
I gave her the usual flimsy handshake that men exchange with women, you know, with just a light grasp of fingers.
I made a comment about her wedding ring, also showing her mine. She was separated too and just starting in on the dating scene. I told her I had failed trying to find a Valentine's date.
The guy showed up and I moved over to the next stool. He handed her a red rose that he must have just bought from a street vendor. They exchanged the standard empty compliments.
He had a beer belly, a comb over, and yellow teeth.
"You don't look like your profile picture," I heard her say to him.
"That was me from a couple years ago," he lied.
They started in on some small talk and my attention wandered elsewhere. The ladies in the bar had dressed up for their dates so there were plenty of short skirts and low cut tops to ogle. Everyone was paired off, so women's beach volleyball on one of the screens behind the bar was going to be my entertainment. Brazil vs. Italy.
Something brought back my attention. Imagine the combined smell of perfumed laundry detergent, body odor and one of those colognes they advertise on TV. It had to be the guy next to me. She saw me wrinkle my nose.
He put his hand on her upper thigh. I smiled when I saw her push it away. She smiled back at me.
I almost spit out my beer when he blurted, "Tell be about your wildest experience."
"My wildest experience is going to happen tonight," she purred, leaning in to him.
I leaned in too.
"When I tell you this is not working for me! Take a hike!" she barked.
"Frigid," he muttered as he got up to leave.
She made sure he heard, "Worst Valentine's Date Ever!" as he strode to the door.
She reached over and offered me a fist bump which I gladly returned.
Valentine's dates were filing into the bar so I scooted back next to her. A younger married couple elbowed into the empty seats next to us.
"I still need to figure out this online dating thing," she sighed.
"I have had very little luck myself," I lamented. "It's a big hustle."
The barkeep acknowledged a sign for two more.
Black slacks and an oversize turtleneck sweater left lots to the imagination. She had a pretty face and short brunette hair. I guessed she was my age. Red lipstick and some Valentine's heart jewelry completed the picture.
We started in telling our back stories. She had caught her husband cheating, she wasn't sure if they were going to save the marriage. That was my story too. We had a 'I didn't love him/her, It will never happen again' plea in common. Our glasses made a melancholy clink.
"Tell me about your your wildest experience," she said, getting us both chuckling.
"Let's see," I stalled, trying to think of a somewhat tame story. "Here's one." I told a tale of a bachelor party where someone hired two strippers, by accident, with ensuing hilarity. "Your turn."
"Okay," she thought for a moment. She told a tale from her college days. She was traveling with a girlfriend and stopped to visit an old boyfriend. He had a one bedroom apartment, with a roommate who slept on the couch. They ended an evening of drinking with her on the couch, the roommate on the floor, and the other two the bedroom. She heard them going at it in the bedroom and crept over to the door to listen, the roommate joining her. They leaned too hard against the door and stumbled into the room. The boyfriend told them there was room for more in the bed.
She stopped to take a slow sip from her drink.
"So did you join them?" I begged her to continue.
"Um, hm," she coyly replied, taking another sip.
"So, like, were the two guys on opposite corners of the bed? I queried.
"Yes, they were on opposite corners, but they wanted to watch us ladies, so we put on a good show for them," she chirped. Then she elaborated all the details. My member surged against my jeans. "Your turn," she said.
I took a deep breath. I was going to tell her about a recent bisexual threesome.
"I have a tale from my travels," I started in telling her about meeting a couple in a Las Vegas hotel hot tub. I watched her eyebrows raise when I related all the juicy details.
"I have a Las Vegas story too," she chimed in. "We had a ladies weekend there for a bachelorette party. We hired two male strippers, on purpose, and had them give us a show." She went on to tell all in graphic detail.
I got a tap on my shoulder. It was the younger fellow sitting next to us. He whispered in my ear, "Your stories are so hot my wife told me she was about ready to slip off her bar stool."
I almost spit out my beer again.
He explained that he had goofed up big time, forgetting that you have to make Valentine's Day reservations at least a month in advance. He said there was a three hour waiting list in the restaurant. She punched his arm for punctuation.
I gave him the usual firm handshake that men exchange with men, you know, the kind where you bury that muscle between your thumb and forefinger into his.
"Okay then, that makes four strikeouts," I said moving my stool back to let them join us. "Let's salvage this Valentine's Day. Your turn to tell a story."
The barkeep acknowledged a sign for four more.
They looked at each other, whispered something, then sat back and said, "Okay."
They took turns embellishing a tale of a trip they took to one of those Caribbean resorts where anything goes.
I smiled when I felt my partners hand on my upper thigh.
"Hey, it feels like everyone is trying to listen in on our conversation," the husband whispered. "Why don't we take this back to our place where we can talk more freely."
I looked at my partner, she gave a tentative nod 'Yes.'
"We just live around the corner," settled the issue.
I pushed some money across the counter and we turned to leave. We heard a "Darn it!" and a "Come back! We want to hear more!" from the people that had been sitting by us at the bar.
I reached down to hold her hand, she gripped it tightly.
We followed them down the street. The wife was wearing the obligatory Little Black Dress. It had hiked up a bit when she put on her jacket.
I knew I was only going to get a millisecond long glimpse of her unmentionables, I still looked.
My partner noticed me angling my head to get a better view and gave me a poke in the ribs, then stepped up to help her straighten it out.
The wife was petite, but knew exactly how to sway in high heels.
We hustled the few blocks to their apartment. The husband pulled together four Irish Coffees. It can get cold in Southern California in February.
We sat at their dining table and everyone took a turn telling a story. When my partner said she didn't have any more to tell, I told her to make one up. She thought for a moment, then came up with a wild tale of a lesbian love fest that got us all squirming.
The wife leaned over to the husband and whispered something. He raised his eyebrows and nodded 'Yes.'
The wife broached the subject, "Hey, um, you know, we are not swingers but, um, I think the phrase they use is 'Would you like to party with us?'"
A round of nodding heads gave the answer.
"Wait," the husband interrupted. "So, like, are the two guys going to be on opposite corners of the bed?
I raised my hand. "Let me tell you a story," then wove a tale of another wild bisexual threesome I had recently. Eyebrows raised with my detail around 'fucklicking.' They had not heard that term before.
"Let's do this!" the husband hollered.
I light bulb went on inside my pants. I piped in, "I have this idea. Why don't we have four threesomes? That way we can all give each other the Valentine's Day present of watching, participating and being the center of attention."
"And, we will all have a fantastic story to tell," I added.
A round of vigorously nodding heads gave the answer.
The wife got serious and said, "Let's make some rules." She rummaged up some paper and pencils. She had us all write down our limits. I held mine up, it just said 'Showers First.' They all grabbed their pencils and added that to their list.
They held up their papers, all three had variations on 'Not in my butt,' and 'I don't swallow.'
Darn it! I thought to myself.
Their shower was small so we took turns, everyone finished fast.
The wife had towels warm from their dryer waiting for us when we got out. Gotta remember that one, I made a mental note.
Back at the dining table all wrapped in robes we drew cards to determine the order. My partner drew the Ace of Hearts, He drew a Ten, the wife a Queen. I drew the Two of Clubs.
"Ooh, Ladies first," the husband exclaimed.
The ladies whispered something to each other, then got up from the table. They started to put a show on for us, twirling their drawstrings and pawing at each others robes. Another whisper, and they both turned around and slowly reached down to grab their ankles, both taking a step to widen their stance. Their robes rode up but were not short enough to show us anything, though that did not stop us from angling our heads to get a better look. Back up again, they pulled each other in for a deep, long, slow, wet, kiss.
Hands reached out to pull us into the bedroom, tents in our robes pointed the way.
My low card meant it was my turn to watch while my partner was the center of attention from the wife and the husband. I dropped into a chair next to the bed.
The ladies pulled the husband into a sloppy thee way kiss. Drawstrings pulled and skin contacted
His robe dropped first. He was fit and muscular, and quite hairy. I sucked my gut in a bit to compensate. His above average size member pointed skyward,
The wife's robe dropped next. Like I said, she was petite, narrow hips and a tiny butt. She had long brunette hair that fell down over her smaller breasts. That was the only hair.
I had only seen my partner in bulky cold weather attire, then an oversize robe. This is what I was waiting for. She looked at me anxiously as the robe slipped from her shoulders. She had nice size breasts that sagged just a bit. The tips of her silver dollar nipples had shriveled in the cold. She tried to hide her tummy with her hands. She had wide hips and thick thighs. Wrinkled folds peeked through a neatly trimmed bush.
I mouthed 'Wow.' She smiled and turned around, giving her ass a wiggle.
She reached down and grabbed her ankles. My bone surged against the robe.
Back up again, she pulled the wife onto the bed and they continued their show. They laid down and pulled together in another lip lock, hands exploring and caressing. With my partner on her back, the wife started down, first kissing on her neck then teasing around her breasts. A swirl around a rock hard nipple then taking in as much into her mouth as possible. She moved down across her tummy then teasing lower to her upper thigh.
The wife changed positions climbing up into sixtynine position. She had her little rump pointed in my direction hovering over my partners face.
She planted that thing down and they both started going at it with muffled moans and writhing bodies.
They tried the scissoring thing, but then ended up looking at each other and shaking their heads 'No.'
The wife dismounted, and my partner moved back on the bed, declaring, "Me first!"
With glistening faces the ladies shared another kiss. Four hands started exploring her body. They teased her breasts and entertainment center first, then began more focussed caressing. She moaned into their mouths when a finger found the right spot. The finger came back wet to join in the kiss. The wife started kissing down her neck, over her shoulders and teased around her nipples again. The husband joined in on the other nipple.
The wife worked her way down her belly, skipping to her upper thigh, slowly spiraling in. My partner groaned when the wife buried her face. I angled to see but she was pretty well in there. The wife had her little rump pointed at me. Loud moaning was the signal that she was hitting the right spot.
I slipped my hand inside my robe.
The wife angled around, pushing her husband out of the way and climbing on in sixtynine position which started a chorus of muffled moans.
The wife sat up and rocked her body, grinding in slow motion.
It was his turn to get some face time. He went right for the clit, no teasing.
He must have been hitting the right spot because she clenched two fistfuls of bedsheet as he bore down. A big stifled moan signaled her first orgasm.
She pulled her knees back and that was his signal to enter. He pulled himself in between her legs and his member pushed up against her.
I had a pang of jealousy watching him sliding inside her before me.
The pang didn't last long as it looked incredibly sexy.
He started slowly, just the tip, then deeper, then faster. The wife leaned down and worked her hand in there so she was getting good clit action while he pounded.
I watched their bodies writhing in unison with their moans.
My partner drew her legs back as far as she could. She put her hands on his waist and pulled him closer, gazing up into his eyes.
She tipped her head back and yelled out, "Oh God Yes!" for orgasm number two.
He pulled out and they finished the way they started, with a three way kiss.
Next was my turn to join the husband making the wife the center of attention while my partner watched.
She climbed off the bed and came over to take the chair, leaning over to give me a kiss, our first. I could taste the wife on her lips.
I reached out to touch her breast but she pulled back, wagging her finger and purring, "Wait your turn."
My robe had a big wet spot.
I stood up and turned to face her. I tucked in my gut a little more and let the robe drop. The expression on her face when she looked down at my below average sized member was 'Not Bad.' I gave a little frown. She responded, mouthing the word 'Wow,' which got us both chuckling. She pulled on her robe and curled up in the chair to watch.
"Okay, now you guys give us a show!" the wife chirped.
I made my way up the bed. The husband had an anxious look on his face. I leaned in to kiss him. Our lips had just touched when he turned his head, saying, "I can't get into that." The wife booed, my partner gave a 'thumbs down.'
The wife pointed at her husbands member. I took the cue and went down there, angling so my partner could see me. His member was still wet. I took a few licks and said, "Mmmmmmmm," which brought a smile.
The husband said, "I can get into that."
A little more teasing on the tip with my tongue, then I took it all in.
A "Whoa!" from him made me think it was the first time he had been sucked by a guy. A "Yes!" from the wife made me sure it was the first time she had seen her husband get sucked.
I saw my partner slip a hand inside her robe.
She pushed us into position where we were like scissoring. I got self conscious with my smaller member up against his larger one. We looked at each other and shook our heads 'No.'
I brought my unit up to his mouth. He hesitated for a moment, then licked the tip, getting a pretty big dribble of precum, then another lick. The wife reached over gave me a push which put me past his lips. She grabbed both my hips and started pushing and pulling me in and out of his mouth.
He smiled when she leaned down and whispered into his ear, "Cocksucker."
"Enough with the show. Now it's my turn." she commanded as she plopped back on the bed.
The husband went up for a kiss, I went down for a kiss. She had one of those entertainment centers that looked like a clam with a prominent mound that made me wonder what she looked like in yoga pants. I pushed her legs back and parted her labia with my tongue. She let out a muffled moan into his mouth.
I worked the clit with my tongue. I added the occasional lick down lower. My tongue entered her vagina and she squirmed and moaned. back up to the clit, then back down lower. She gave a big flinch when I flicked her perineum.
I pushed her legs back even farther and went all the way down with my tongue. I swirled it around that tight little butthole. I stopped for a moment then plunged it in as far as I could. She gave out a yelp as she squirmed.
She pushed her legs down signaling that was enough.
She got up on all fours. He got the head and I got the behind.
I moved in and rubbed my tip on that little pink thing I had my tongue inside. It was slippery with saliva.
"No, no, no! she yelped "Rules are rules."
I grabbed her by the hips and pushed my member up against her saliva soaked labia.
I had a pang of guilt sliding inside her before my partner.
The pang didn't last long as it felt incredibly sexy.
We started in on a 'spit roast.' It was difficult to get the rhythm right. It was distracting to look at him so I kept looking down at that ass.
He reached out and offered me a fist bump, which I happily returned.
He stopped and climbed under her in sixtynine position.
He reached around grabbed my legs and pulled me into her.
He started in licking her clit as I pounded her from behind. I could feel his tongue touch my shaft.
I grabbed her hips and slowed down the pace, just running my tip past her labia. She let out an "Oh Yeah!" as a wave of pleasure trembled across her body.
Next, she climbed off and got on him reverse cowgirl. I moved down between his legs and started licking as she slowly rode up and down. He slipped out of her and into my mouth, so I gave him a good suck then pushed him back in with my tongue.
I ran my tongue up and down from his balls to her slit for awhile, then just focused up high. She slowed to a stop as she was getting close again.
I tongued her clit like a prizefighter working a speed bag.
She grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pushed me down harder. I could feel her tense up. She let go again, yelling, "Oh God Yes!" while her body bucked in pleasure. She collapsed onto the bed, still trembling.
Then my partner joined me making the husband the center of attention while the wife watched.
The husband let me kiss my partner before we started in. She gave me a "Mmmmmm," I still had the taste of the wife in my mouth. She wrapped her legs around me and we shared a deep embrace.
The husband piped in, saying "Hey it's my turn!' We stopped and crawled over to him on the bed. We both went low.
We did a lip lock around his head, with tongues furiously licking. We alternated between head and shaft. We did the thing where we both went up and down the shaft with our lips which seemed to generate the most moaning.
I crawled under my partner in sixtynine position, propping up my head with a pillow to get a better angle. The husband moved in behind her and grabbed her by the hips. He pushed his member up against her and entered with the help of my tongue. I could feel her let out a gasp because she had her mouth wrapped around my cock. Her muffled moans let everyone know it was working. He slid in and out slowly at first then picked up the pace. His hips were making a 'whop, whop' sound against her as he pounded away. His balls were slapping against my forehead so I angled my head to get out of the way.
He slipped out of her and into my mouth, letting out a grunt as I sucked him for a few strokes. Back inside her, I pulled on his legs to make him go deeper.

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