My first and recent fuck

Hi to all readers, I am also regular reader of this site and this is the site, which made me to enjoy heaven.

Well I am 18 from pune, I happen to pursue my Biotech Engineering in Bangalore, so all the arrangements made for my studies with a reputed collage and staying in my aunt’s home.

By the time I gone to Bangalore I was motivated into sex; I used to fantasize my classmates and some sexy females whom I happen to cross over on road or the other way.

I was taken and left in Swarna Aunt’s home, who is my dad’s only younger sister, she is 34, she is bit modern and at the same time she was conservative, apart from that she is very sexy women for whom I felt sexy on her instantly. She is 5.4 Ft long, medium built, attractive curves, 34/28/37 weight approx 58Kgs, and Shoulder level straight hairs, fair in complexion with sexy eyes and smile. She works in an accostics dept in a very good company, she usually wears salwars kameez or pant shirts to office, she will wear nighty occasionally wears saree at home and in night. It is still unsure why she didn’t married after a drastic married life with some fool.

In the beginning it was all fine, I was just happy to be with her and I was proud to say I am nephew of a sexy lady. It was all casual talks about office, collage, movies and music with her, and she was bit jovial on certain topics. Even I was thinking her sexy but I never fantasized or eyed on her until one day.

That morning, I woke up at usual time, I was sitting in hall and my aunt yelled for me (Viky coffee kitchen mein hai) I bought my coffee and was reading a news paper, my aunt was sweeping house, she was wearing a semi transparent light blue nighty and she had tucked her nighty bottom to her waist it was up by her knees I was getting rush in blood to see her fair legs and part of her thighs, she came near to me and bend down, huff I was just dropped in my dream land, I saw her boobs valley through her nighty while she bend down to sweep dust below sofa, I was observing those valley and it was seducing sexy, in between to fairy melons a dark valley going towards deep inside, huff it was really seducing me and my dick started feel the heat, but before I go further she got up and went onto her scores. I to went on to my scores, I happened to masturbate at my bathroom thinking of my aunty.

Time came for breakfast; I was totally disturbed from my sentiments by my evil. She was talking about my collage things, I was just nodding my face and say ya but my eyes were not going beyond her melons. Then we part for the day for our works.

Few days gone like this, but I was taking every care that aunty will not know my thoughts about her. At the same time I was not able to concentrate on anything apart from seeing her. Later some days gone every day I was getting desperation to see her private assets, I was also feared to move further as it’s a dangerous step for me. I just decided to wait until the day comes.

One Saturday evening I was watching TV and my aunt came from her room, she had dressed to go out wearing a tight black cotton pant and blue jean shirt. She was looking damn sexy as all her parts were exposing her to the utmost beauty, her ass was striking like pendulum when she walk and her boobs were arrested by her shirt absolutely damn sexy, I asked her where is going to? She answered that her friend want to do some purchases and she will be back by 8 and she said her friend will come to pick her and sat on chair opposite to me. I was acting as if watching TV but I was watching the beauty in front of me. I happen to see at her pant, I was astonished to see to that she didn’t zipped her pant, she had spread legs too, I was clearly seeing her light rose/pink panty having popped up from her pant, I saw for a while, later I told hesitatingly, aunty…. Your…pant zip… she looked down and saying shit she zipped her pant and said sorry and also thanks, I was enjoyed with that glimpse of her inner wear look. I said, bring something for me. She said ok by the time her friend came and both left.

It was 8.30 when she returned, I welcomed her, she smiled at me and waved my hairs and straightly was walking towards her room, and I asked what have you bought for me? She said, surprise and was going on, I waited for small time, I knew she went to change dress and by the time she could have changed only a part of her dress, I straight away went to room, I checked its not locked I entered room all of a sudden, aunty had just removed her shirt and was in just her pant and light colored transparent bra wherein I had a glimpse of her areola and nipple, I was having a close better look at her breast, her fair flesh was overlapping her bra, before I could have some more look, she came near to me and told wait for sometime I will change dress and call you again and pushed me out and locked door on my face.

I waited for a while, she called me in, I went, she shown me peter England shirts and pants they were looking great I guess costly, I said thanks and she asked me to wear and show, I picked up those dress and was leaving, she stopped me and asked to change here itself. I removed my shirt and weared new shirt and was going to toilet to wear my pant, again she asked why you shy, I said, I don’t have anything under my shorts, she laughed loud saying besharam. I went and changed my dress; she said they look nice for you. Then I started to surf for what all she has bought, she also had taken some jean and t-shirt for herself and some inners, to create some humiliation I just picked up her new panty and bra in hand and I was looking at them as if innocent, she grabbed them saying lofer, nikal yahan se and sent me out. Later we went to have dinner, before that she picked a beer for her from the freezer, I was watching her, and she smiled at me and asked viki thume chahiye? , I blushed saying yes, she bought two bottles from freezer, we were having beer and were talking all funny things, she was soo jovial now and she was all enjoying and making both of us to laugh. She was saying about my childhood where I was trying to suck milk with any women who carry me in my childhood, I casually asked do I try to you also. She waited for while and smiled again and said yes. I continued to ask, have I sucked anytime. She said no you didn’t. I casually asked again what if I start to try sucking you now. She took it casually and said, kick you bustard. I didn’t continue to speak on that again.

I had emptied a bottle of beer and she emptied, this time she bought only one bottle from the freezer, I was all happy to see her walking in her shirt and cotton night pant, I could guess her hips measure playing like pendulum when she walked, she came only with one bottle, I asked what about me? She said if it was you mom then wouldn’t have given you full bottle of beer, thank me at least I have given you, I wont give you anymore for today, I said I will be bored, she smiled and poured some beer and gently was slapping my head. We were talking all funny things, while I was enjoying seeing her in a drunken mode. I was constantly observing her every move that makes her boobs to adjust to burst out from her t-shirt. After a long time, I was caught my inner evil that I am observing her breast rather my aunt itself.

She just asked me, what are you looking at? I had a rush in my blood, I said nothing, why? Don’t lie you are not the same old viky as you were you have changed a lot. Tell me now what is happening with you? I said nothing; she insisted me and said if you don’t tell me I will tell your parents. Then I said I was looking at your momma. She laughed out loud, I was surprised she was laughing, then she said, you not yet left you childhood attitude anyway it’s not time for you to think all those. Study well, and then you get lots of time to entertain yourself. I said ok.

Then she asked me, viky if you get a chance to see any naked breast what would you do? I was blank was saying nothing, then she said, calm down you senses its just casual to ease you, tell me now what you do? I said I would feel them in my hand and would suck. She asked do you have girlfriends. I said no one become yet I tried lot. She said too bad luck boy and asked have you seen any female nude? I said not in real but have seen lots in Internet. Then let’s go to your room, show me what all you have seen. I was unsure why she was making all these things I was guessing either my luck has turned good so that aunty might be cool with me or my luck turn bad so that aunty might tell all things to my parents and screw my image. With lots of hesitation I followed my aunt to my room, I turned on computer and net, started to surf nude pics and movies, by the conversation I was eased my tense as well I was getting hard on my shorts and it had created tent on my shorts. I was all trying to hide my situation with my aunt but it was came to know of my aunt, she again laughed at me, I asked aunty why you laughing? She was laughing and showing the tent, which has made my erecting cock. I was ashamed and was about to live the place, by the time aunty pulled my hand and made me to sit, and said, its all natural for your age to feel, but you she never feel this kind with me, I am observing you from sometime your attitude has changed, that’s why I took everything out from your mouth, and advised me that not to hide these kind of instincts even though you get such ambitions you masturbate and ease yourself. She said me to go to toilet and masturbate. I was happy she understood me in right way, but my wish didn’t came true, so I tried to pursue her for my wish, where, I said, aunty I am not able to move my eyes from you I always like to see you, what I have to do now? She said, try to see another girls, and enjoy yourself, I said it’s not possible, please aunty let me see you once then I never ask or trouble you. She went quite and then said no its not possible with me, you please go and she got up from chair and was moving, I asked aunty I cant do this to anyone soo easily if I get tensed like this I might go wrong in my life, please aunty think and tell me please allow me once, I never disturb you again in life, then she sat down and looked at me, and said I agree with you, but you promise me this will be the first and last time and you will not tell anyone of our relatives and friends. I promised, she smiled and said I trust you.

She opened her t-shirt in one swing, and her beautiful, fleshy fairy melons jiggled from her t-shirt I was amazed to see them and feel in heaven, then she asked me come near, I went near to her and she hugged and kept my head over her boobs, she took my hand and kept my hand on her boobs, and was saying you feel me now how much you need. I was feeling her soft flesh of her breast cuddling pressing her boobs, she asked don’t you suck your aunty? I started to suck them soo hungrily and anxiously I was all feeling heaven in my hand, I was loving the time, later she pushed me and said to get up, I got up, she was still sitting and she pulled down my shorts my heartened iron rod was fully erected and popped up soon she pulled down my shorts, she was smiling naughty, and she kept hand on it and said viky you continue to suck me, and she was giving hand job to me and I was soon out I blasted my cum on her hand, breast and stomach. I said I am sorry. She smiled and said you cant stop it I never mind you and said so I think you are happy now, so now you go to bed, and hope you don’t see me in that way again. I said I will be keeping my words.

She went to her bed. About 15 mins later she returned, saw me still on my computer asked viky are you still watching them, I said no I am working on something. Then she smiled and sat next to me, after sometimes she kept her hand over my arms and asked me how you felt, I said really nice and said thanks. She again gone quite and then again asked viky I am not sure what’s happening in me, you have disturbed my mind, would you be giving some happiness tonight, I asked what kind? She smiled and said you are smart, and then said, shall we go further in those topic? I hesitatingly said yes. Happiness grew in her face and said, come we go to bed, while she opened her t-shirt and sat on bed, I stood near, she asked come on what you thinking and she removed my shorts and t-shirt and hugged me while she was kissing my lips sucking my tongue while she kept her hand on my cock, soon she lost control she fell on bed and I fell on her and we started to love each other, I was feeling her bulky boobs sucking, kissing, cuddling them. She was all happy and commenting nice about me, she said, viky now remove my pant, I went down by bed and pulled her pant down, she was not wearing panty inside I could see the most wonderful beauty nude in front of me just cant believe it, her pussy was soo sweet looking with no room for hairs, it was fair in color and a thick line of red flesh it was soo inviting, I was admired to look at her pussy for long soon she pulled me to lie on her soft fleshy body, she pulled my hand and kept on her pussy, I started feel the hotness of her heavenly organ it was such a smooth silky part, I was all happy, we started to feel our bodies by touch, caress, I was rubbing her pussy quite long she started moan softly, then whispered come, now start to fuck me.

I got up, she spread her legs wide asked me to sit between her legs, I sat, she folded her legs while she took a pillow and kept under her butts, she carried me and hugged me pulled me down till her pussy, made me to smell her heavenly pussy and lick it, I licked it for a long, she was all pleasing to do her. Then she grabbed me in her hands hugged me and rolled over went down started to give hand job to my dick, it was already grown, then she took my dick in her mouth and was sucking it on and on at a time I come to know that I am going to explode, I warned my aunty saying, aunty I am getting out, she smiled at me, I pleased if you get it out now for me, soon I got blasted my cum all in her mouth she again came over me, made my dick to attain maximum erection and started kiss me. And thank me again she sent me between her legs, I sat between her legs and my dick was targeting her pussy. She said press it in me, I started to insert in but I was not able to do so coz of inexperience, she then helped me she took my dick in hand and guided me into her pussy, I started to do in and out, then she locked my waist by her legs so that I don’t take out my dick fully, we started to enjoy she was telling, whispering, moaning all happily, we enjoyed utmost happiness, then I got down I cummed again soon. I said sorry, she waved my head and said its ok, it’s your first time it happens, but remembers you don’t tell all these things to any of our relatives or friends; just keep this thing in your secrecy.

This is all what happened just yesterday I am not able to control my happiness so thought to share it at least someone who don’t know me. So I chose this site where in I am used to read stories.

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