My First | Beep Stories

I throw you down on the bed, get on top of you, and kiss you ever so slowly, our tongues come together as one, my body is moving up and down as I’m riding you with clothes on. I start kissing your neck, and bite on it a little, while sucking just a little. You let out a moan that you have been trying to hold back as I start to unbutton your shirt. Once I get it off of you, I go straight for those sexy nipples that are rock hard and tease you with some tongue flicks then mix it up as I start kissing down your belly! I get to your pants, and I take them off while looking in your eyes! I slowly take off your underwear, with-out breaking eye contact I put your BIG COCK in my mouth and start sucking on it really hard, making my mouth so very tight for you.


While looking in your eyes I take you all the way in my mouth. As your eye’s roll to the back of your head, your hands find your way to the back of my head, pulling my hair. You then pull my head up so I’m looking at you. You then kiss me so deeply with your hand on my back, you grab the helm of my shirt and you start pull it off. Our kiss is broken when you try to pull my shirt over my head. I laugh and ask you, “Would you like me to help you?” You smile back at me and shake your head yes, I put my hands in the air and you take my shirt off finally. You move your hands to my back again, and you slowly take off my bra. You then grab on to one of my nipples with your mouth, while your other hand is playing with my other one. You move back up to my face so you can look at me more clearly. You tell me, “You are so beautiful.” Then you kiss me. You move from my lips to my cheek, then once you reach my neck you start to kiss and suck and bite, as you do that I dig my nails into your back, and this sets you on fire. You move faster now, kissing down my belly. You unbutton my pants and slowly unzip them, teasing me. Then you grab both sides of my pants and pull them off. You move back up and start kissing my pussy through my thong. I take my hands and push you off of me, I tell you, “STOP TEASING ME… NOW, OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.” You Laugh, “Fine, be that way.” You get back on top of me and rip my thong off. After it’s off, you just sit there and look at how wet I am for you.


When you put your mouth on my clit, I scream. This makes you go even faster. You slowly put one finger inside me. I moan even louder as your finger seems to be moving faster, pumping in and out of me. Driving me crazy, I’m only able to look into your eyes for just a minute before my eyes start rolling to the back of my head!

You stop, and tell me, “No, look at me. Please look at me; I love it when you look at me. The looks you give me make me want to shove my dick inside your little pussy.” I mix a moan with a smile and grab a pillow to prop my head up. You start to suck my clit again, and slowly put a finger inside me again. “Oh don’t stop baby, PLEASE don’t stop. You make my little pussy feel so good baby.” Your other hand moves up to one of my breast, I then put my fingers in your hair. When I do that you stop licking and say, “Baby, pull my hair and move me where you want me to lick.” I do as you ask, pulling you where it feels the best. You still just have one finger inside me, going so fast, your tongue moving in circles around my little clit. Your tongue then starts moving really fast, so fast that I feel like I’m about to explode into your mouth. In the back of my mind I know that is what you are trying to get me to do, but I want it just to last a little bit longer, so I try to hold back, I push my orgasm back just for a little bit longer, you seem to know this is what I’m doing, this drives you wild with pure lust, you could tell by the look on my face I wasn’t going to be able to hold my orgasm in that much longer, your finger and your tongue now going as fast as they can, I try to hold on, but I can’t seem to, I tell you “If you don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum in your mouth.” You growl in approval. I then lose the hold I had on myself, and cum so hard in your mouth. You smile as I’m shaking.


I have little time to recover as you slowly move back up my body and you start kissing me. As you rub your cock against my little pussy, while you’re looking into my eyes, you say, “Tell me what you want.” I struggle to find the words to tell you, “I…..I…..I…..I want your big hard cock in my tight wet pink hairless VIRGIN PUSSY so bad! I….I…..I…..I want you to be my first and only!” This seems to drive you over the edge. You slowly push yourself into me taking my innocents away from me. You then kiss my oh so soft pink lips so I don’t scream out in pain. You pull your head up so you can look into my beautiful eyes as you push even more of yourself into me. You’re so big. I try to grab for a pillow but couldn’t find one, you know what I’m about to do, so you lower yourself so your shoulder is about an inch away from my mouth, I then can’t help but scream out in pain using your shoulder as a pillow. You’re still pushing even more of yourself into me.


Then finally I feel your big balls touch my ass. You’re so huge. You go slowly for a bit, while you ask me, for what seems like every minute if I want you to stop and every time I say the same thing, “No! Don’t stop!!! Please don’t stop!” You go in and out of me, so slow, I know you want to go faster and harder, but you don’t want to hurt me.


As I tell you it doesn’t hurt as much; you start to go a little faster and harder. Little by little building up the speed, I feel yet another wave coming over me, you must have seen the look on my face, because now you’re going really fast and hard, I know I’m close, and you know it to, you kiss and bite at my neck. You know I love when you do that, then with on big thrust your big cock makes me cum, as my tight little pussy clenches your big cock, your eyes where just starting to roll to the back of your head as I dig my nails into your back, and you go crazy.


You put me on my hands and knees and you take yourself all the way out of me to only ram it back in harder. I scream out in pain and pleaser. But you don’t stop. You go harder and faster, going in and out of me over and over again.


You then push my face to the bed, with my hand by my legs; you grab my hands and pull them behind me. I now feel you so deep inside of me. I can hear you breathing really hard, and I know that if we keep going like this that you will not last long.


I tell you I want to ride you. You get the biggest smile on your face and without taking yourself out of me; you pull me on top of you and pull me around so I’m facing you. I ride you real good and hard with your hands on my hips. Your hands slowly drift up my stomach to my breast and you grab them. You hold them in your hands as I bounce up and down on your big cock.


I lean down to kiss you passionately. You put your arms around my back and lock them tight so I’m pushed against you. Now you start to go in and out of me while I’m on top of you. You start out slow but then go faster and faster. I scream out because it feels so damn good. I look into your eyes and tell you “I love you”.


I unlock your arms, grab your rest with my hands and put your hands over your head, taking control; I ride you nice and slow. I look down into your eyes, and scream because I see the look in your eyes.


You break loose of my grip and put me on my back yet again and put my feet over your shoulders without pulling out of me. I now feel you go deeper then you where before. I squeeze your big cock inside my tight pussy and tell you while looking into your eyes ‘cum inside me, please cum inside me’. That’s when you lose all of the little self control you have left and cum so very deep inside me, while looking in my eyes and telling me how much you love and care about me! I scream your name as I feel your hot warm cum inside me.


With one last thrust, you make me climax, as you pull me on top of you, I whisper in your ear that ‘I love you’, and I fell asleep in your arms with you still so very deep inside of me!