My first experience

Hi all ISS readers How r u? I am sending my experience which was started at my age 16 and continued up to 22.I have sex regularly with my neighbor Seema aunty.

She is my neighbor. They have joined in my house for rent and spent almost 4 years in my home when I am 11 years. After that they have built a new house beside my house and joined their house. Uncle works in a private organization. He used to have night duties frequently. In the night times as aunty am alone I used to accompany her since 4 years, whenever uncle has night duties?

After that it became a habit to me to sleep in their house. And my parents also accepted to do that. Their house is having double bedroom. When ever uncle has office aunty and me will sleep on same bed. She used to hug me tightly at night times but as I don’t know about sex I used to touch her unknowingly in sleep.

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After some days I noticed that after uncle returned from office in the early hours aunty used to go to their room and she will sleep there. This was repeated one day and after half an hour I went from my room and reached uncles room and I can here clearly the arguments between uncle and aunty about sex aunty wants sex but uncle is saying that he is tired. Aunty shouted ” You are saying this repeatedly please do something as I cant control, it was almost 4 months since we met physically”, Then he asked her to give blow job there by he can try to do it. She removed his shot and started blow job after 5 minutes he cummed in her mouth and hugged her and slept. I can see this through the door as they forgot to lock it. My aunt started weeping and came out of the bed room and slept on the sofa.

The next day my aunty called me in the morning and said that both of them going to a small trip for 2 days and asked me to take care the house. She showed me a rack and asked me to watch movies in that rack. She told me number of times about the cds in the rack. She urged me to watch the movies. I agreed b coz I thought them as movies. But the thing is different.

After they left home I inserted one cd and saw it .It was a hardcore porn movie. I saw about 20 cds in the rack repeatedly at that time even I learned to masturbate my self and hand pumping. I have searched aunty’s wardrobe for innerwear. After two days my aunty came asked me about the cds I said I saw them number of times. She said ok.

In the evening uncle went to office I finished my dinner and went to their house. Now I am really excited about the things to b happened. I try to touch aunty’s ass stomach hands breast what not every thing. She noticed that and asked me to sleep in my room. I went to my room later she came in to the room and went for bath in my room with out carrying towel or any dress in her hands. After 10 minutes she opened the door slightly and asked me to come there. I did that went to the bath room she asked me to come in bath room. I went inside and shocked to c her in panty only. She wearied a black panty she asked me to clean her back. I did it .She gave me shaving cream and razor and asked me clean the unwanted hair on the pussy and under armpit. I did that. After that she hugged me and removed my T shirt and pants and hugged me tightly.

Then she kept her hand in my underwear and started kissing my lips. She has bitten my lips with lust. After that she took my hands and her self on her boobs and told to press it and eat it. I did that and she is moaning, ahahahhaha ohooohoohoohohohho hhhhhhhh oooooooooo .And as I saw previously about a blow job I pulled her downwards and kept my dick in her mouth I kept on pressing her boobs she gave me blow job and pumped my dick for 5 minutes and drank all my cum. After that I licked her pussy and ate it for about 10 minutes. She is in heaven now and moaning loudly ououuuuuuuuuu haahhhahahahhaa after some time we went to the bedroom nude. I kept her on my bed and she spread her legs initially I inserted two fingers in her cunt and gave some strokes then she shouted that to keep my dick in her cunt she is shouting now speed up speed up. I did it with speed and she shout loudly ahahahahahhahahaha yesyysyyeyeyyeyeye mmmmmmmm after 6minutes I filled her cunt with my load. She had a pleasant sleep that night ant thanked for the real dinner which can satisfy her hungry.