Joanne’s Favorite First Experience

The first time I masturbated it was because of a girl I went to school with. Her name was Joanne. As a senior, I used to hang with my buddy, Tony. We didn’t have any classes together but we had the same lunch period so we used to sit in a neutral table away from the jocks, cool kids, glee club/theater/drama queens, and nerds. It was kind of a mish mosh table of misfits.
Joanne was the girl we usually sat with. Joanne was no beauty queen. In fact, quite homely to be frank. She was normal female height about 5’4-5’6′, blond stringy hair. Terrible acne. Horrible teeth. Coke bottle glasses. Also had facial hair which was only lessened by the fact her pale complexion hid some of the blonde mustache. Not a snappy dresser. Very plain jane. It’s a shame as she was actually a very nice girl. We always enjoyed talking to her. Nothing special personality-wise but she was just a nice girl. Me and Tommy had made a few off-color, risque sex innuendoes at lunch and she giggled or rolled her eyes but generally we were respectful.
One day, I was walking by PE class and I saw her there through the window. She was wearing a sweat shirt and a pair of brown shorts that really hugged her ass. I was quite shocked. At lunch, she seemed to wear very ordinary, non-descript and dowdy clothes so I never got the impression there was anything to rave about underneath. But here I was standing at the door of the gym, peering through the window and staring at my lunch friend’s plump, juicy ass and nice, shapely hips. I was getting a hard-on checking her out. She had nicely shaped breasts as well though her acne seemed to trail down her cleavage too.
The next day at lunch, I played a trick on her. As she was about to sit in her chair at the table, I quickly slipped into her seat. Her plump ass hit my lap and I swear I came. She squealed and started to jump up but when she saw it was me, she sat back down giggling even wiggling her bottom onto my crotch. The cafeteria monitor came over and broke us up but instead of giving her the chair, I pulled over another seat for her, lest the whole lunchroom see my raging hard-on I was now sporting.
Going to bed that night, I still carried the memory of the day’s incident. I never thought about dating her but I admit, as a horny and hormonal teenager with limited sexual experience, I’d queried about the possibility of sex with just about every female at school, even some of my teachers. But that night, my focus was on everything I’d seen of her in the last 48 hours. I pulled out my usual set of girlie mags and started stroking. Despite the hot models, my mind kept wandering back to Joanne. I’d never jacked off to any girl I actually knew because I needed visual aids to get off. This time I took a different approach.
I turned my radio up enough to drown out my fapping, then turned out my lights, pulled out some baby oil and lubed up my cock. I liked baby oil or lotion. As I started stroking, I started to fantasize about being invited to Joanne’s house. I had been to her house once with other friends and met her parents at a homecoming game so I knew they were pretty straight-laced people. The type who would invite strangers in for milk and cookies. In fact, they told me I should come by sometimes. Because they said that to every one of Joanne’s friends. So I fantasized about taking them up on their offer. I claimed to come by to work on some homework with Jo. Her parents were on their way out to night service and told me to go upstairs and knock on her bedroom door. I laughed at how trustworthy my fantasy made them out to be but hey, this is MY fantasy.
I walk and see Joanne in her brown gym shorts lying across her bed, her fat ass, wiggling as she was doing some homework. Before she knows who’s behind her, I yank her shorts off and fall face-down into her bum, licking and biting that fat juicy rump. She screams and squirms her butt into my face as I dig my face deeper and insert two fingers into her dripping pussy. She wants me to stop but her wanton passion renders her powerless to escape my oral assault and she grips the bedsheets and begins to wet the bed as she loses control and squirts.
With my imagination on fire, I really started stroking my fat cock which was standing so tall at attention that I could probably piss up under my neck. My right arm was moving in a blur as I throttled and flanged my dick.
I pull my face away from her ass and mount her from behind. After a hard push, she lets out a sharp yelp as I bust her virginity and my cock slides deep into her cunt and then she lets out a deep moan. I ride her plump ass and she thrusts back into me burying me deeper and deeper. I pull her tits out from her bra and shirt and start fondling her fat nipples. I take a deep breath and start pumping her pussy. Jo is delirious from her first dick.
Im jacking my dick furiously now. It sounded like I was hitting a punching bag. I worried my folks might hear.
Finally I started to feel that familiar itch growing from my nuts. In my mind, she’s also reaching her first real cum. And from the way it felt, I could see a gold medal in my future. I growl like and cum hard into her cunt.
I actually shot halfway across my bedroom. When I went to clean it up, I swear it must have been almost a whole cup of jizz and it was still dripping out of my dick. Ahhh youth.
Years later, I ran into Joanne and she had become a young entrepreneur. She owned a fast food franchise. She had really improved her looks. Her hair was styled and no longer dry. Her acne had cleared up nicely. She got new teeth and was now wearing contact lenses. She was still far from cute but her looks had improved 70{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6}. Even funnier is she took a liking to me and wanted to date me but I wasn’t interested. She was quite religious and family-oriented and wanted to have kids but I was more interested in just fucking. Fast forward 30 years, and I’ve seen her recently on Facebook. She’s still has a decent body for 53 years old. I’d still do her but from reading her profile, the only way I’m getting in that ass is if I start handing out Watchtower pamphlets.
Ever since, she’s still one of my favorite go-to girls when I need a quick jerk.