My first Sex – By Female Author Ruchi

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Hi, I am Ruchi from Delhi, I was born and brought at Delhi, My parents stay little far, I studied in a good school there. I am now 32 yrs old, unmarried. Actually a whore in simple words. I will take you through my life in due course. My best friend actually put me into this and there has been no turning back. I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine, he too stays here at Delhi, infact we are in the same locality. Let me call him as Ankit. We studied together in the same school. We had a crush for each other from our childhood. We have petted and had little oral sex while at school, but while in college we have gone beyond limits. This is how my first encounter went along. Both our parents work so there is no one at his place or mine during working hours.
One day we bunked college and reached his house. We were both starving for sex, we were in a hurry to get inside and bolt the door. We threw the books to the floor and started to kiss each other near the door. Both of us were in T shirt and Jeans,
Our lips were locked and were darting in and out, we were sucking our lips. Both of us were hungry for sex. His hands were running on my T shirt and squeezing my boobs, with one hand he held me close to him. My hands were pressing his pants were he was bulging.
I pulled his zip down and slid my hands into his briefs. I could feel the cock struggling inside. With one hand I removed his jeans button and pulled his jeans down, his cock was straining in the briefs. I ran my hand into his brief and felt his cock.
I could feel the thick cock and the head in my hands. It was already dripping wet with his precum. I kept moving the skin up and down and could feel it jerk in my hands. Ankit put his hand inside my T shirt and was busy kneading my boobs.
After a long session of kissing, I knelt down and pulled his jeans down along with his briefs. His cock was erect and facing my face. The veins were jutting out and his cock was shining. I pulled his skin back and kissed his cock.
I took it into my mouth and my tongue was busy tickling him, I started to give him a blowjob, I had already become an expert as this was probably the 100th time I was doing it. He pulled my hair back so that he too could see my face and mouth while I sucked his cock.
My mouth would take the shape of a cunt for him to fuck me in their. I just loved to suck his cock and drink his juice. I would pull the cock out at times and then lick from his balls back to the tip, this would excite him further.
After about 5 minutes, he held my head with both the hands, now I knew he was ready to cum. I started to deep throat him and also used my mouth to tighten his cock. after a few minutes of fast thrusting he came into my mouth and held me their.
while I drank his juice and licked him clean. I got up and he pulled his jeans up and we went to the hall, I removed the buttons of my jeans and pulled it down along with the panties. My cunt was already wet and my pubic hairs were also shining with the juices.
Ankit came and knelt before me, He lifted my legs and spread them. He could see my pussy all spread out and my clit was coming out. He put a finger inside my cunt and started to finger fuck me. I lay back on the sofa as he went on finger fucking me.
After few jerks his 2nd finger went in, then the 3rd, now it felt like a cock moving inside, he was moving it in and out quiet fast, my cunt was getting more wet and lubricating his fingers. He pulled out his fingers and then spread my cunt lips,
my pink cunt hole was open in front of him so was my dark pink clit, He licked my clit and a sudden shock went through my body. His tongue went deep into my cunt and I was maoning with pleasure. We surely knew what he was doing, after about 7 minutes
I came and he sucked every bit and licked my cunt dry. I got up from the sofa and removed my T shirt and the bra, Ankit was also fully naked, I lay down on the carpet. Ankit knelt between my legs and spread my legs,
He pulled out a condom from his jeans pocket tore the cover and threw it, he put the condom on his cock and lifted my legs and in one smooth push his cock was lost inside my cunt, it went in smoothly. He started to fuck me now, his muscles were moving
and his cock was going in and out of my cunt, my cunt was wet and it was working smoothly. Each time he pushed hard his balls would hit my ass. He kept on pounding me, Both of us were maoning. Now he increased the speed and pressure
and it was going deeper and deeper, then he suddenly jerked and I knew he had cum. He pulled out his cock from my cunt and removed the juice filled condom and went to the bathrrom to flush it. I got up and dressed back into my jeans and T shirt.
Ankit also dressed up and we hugged each other. This was my first fuck but ankit had already fucked many girls before. Thus started my journey into the world of sex. Ankit and I would fuck atleast once a week.