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My name is Prashanth and I work in the same office were Jyothi used to work, she used to stay close to my house. But I came to know of her only recently. I had seen a couple of times near my office and near my house but never actually dared to ask her about the work and etc. Since my office is a huge 7 floor building I work on the 6th floor and she works in the 2nd floor and also that she had joined recently, since I had not encountered in any of our anniversary celebrations. But this happened on our anniversary day which is celebrated with whole lot of fun and frolic.

The party started at about 7 and normally it goes up to 12 or 1 in the night. And for female staff there is sufficient transport provided with security. As I had a very tiring day I stayed till 11 pm and I was about to go and my colleague approached me and asked why I was going so early and he is also in charge of the transport section. I told him I was very tired and I need to go. He asked does it bother me to take this lady who he introduced as Jyothi since she was living close to my house and drop her. I said I don’t mind if she does not have any problems coming with me. So he called Jyothi and introduced me and told her that I leave near her house and she can go with me if there is no problem. She was wearing a beautiful lovely yellow saree bit below the naval and a bit short blouse with a beautiful cleavage. Looking at it my tool started to give me all kinds of trouble and the thoughts that she is going to be sitting back of me for sometime.

So we left from their and on the way were talking about all the regular stuff. She was holding me on my shoulder with one hand. Since it was November the air was bit cold and she was shivering with the cold air hitting at her. I asked is she feeling cold and she said yes. So I was wearing my blazer and removed it and told her to wear it. She took it wore it and felt happy and warm and she put her arm my waist and took her seat. I was pleased by this move. Since my house comes first I showed her my house and offered her to come in for some hot coffee. She said no as it is very late it is better that I drop her at her house. So I went to her house and she invited me inside. I said it is very late so let us meet next time. I offered her to pick and drop her to office. With a smile on her face she said that’s a very nice of me and she readily accepted it. So taking her leave I left with a sad face to my house. And thinking of her I must have masturbated 3-4 times that night. Morning I was ready by 9 and went to her house to pick her up, her father opened the door and welcomed me and offered his thanks for bringing her daughter safely yesterday night and thanked me for taking the opportunity to pick and drop her everyday. So we left from her house as if we were newly married couple and taking bye from a father-in-law.

So it became a routine affair. So taking bit courage, I asked her out for a coffee in a restaurant she said yes and we went and had some light snacks and left for home. As we reached her house there were no lights and the next door neighbor came out and gave the key to her saying that they her parents have gone out and that they will be late. She invited me in and asked me would I like to have some coffee I readily accepted the offer and she went into kitchen to prepare some and I was imagining all kinds of things about her. She came out with 2 cups and offered me and she was wearing a beautiful and sexy orange saree, which made my manhood knocking me to remove my trousers. .With so sexiness near me I cud not control myself and went near her and kissed her lips very hard and left it and apologized to her, but she reciprocated with a kiss. Seizing this opportunity I drew her close and put my arm over her shoulder. Her breath was sweet and warm. She wore a musky, erotic perfume that suited her admirably. Her lips parted slowly as her head inclined to mine. My lips met hers, plucked at her lips, fled, returned, and held. I sucked gently on her lower lip and then my tongue into her mouth, fencing against hers, running all over her teeth and under her lips, over her gums. She responded hungrily. She began to undress me, buttons of my shirt. I cupped her Mummey and found them swollen and hot, turgid. Her nipples were rigid. I squeezed her Mummey gently, making her moan deep in her throat.

She pulled my shirt out of my trousers and off my shoulders. I pulled her saree and out of her heaving mummies and slid my hand over her Mummey, making her tremble. Stepping back slightly, she crossed her arms and pulled my trouser down and I removed her saree and pulled the chord of her petticoat and they were down in no time then I took her closely and hugging very hard kissed her again and making my hands explore her body at the same time. Then I removed her blouse and her bra and put my arm on her Mummey which were very lovely, large and firm and round with large dark aureoles and thick, long, stiff nipples. She bent and tugged off her panties and stepped naked at me. I stroked her naked Chutads and Mummey and back in mounting excitement. Her fingertips coiled around the base of my Lund.

“Mm, nice and big,” she murmured throatily. “Bahut Lamba Lund hai tumhara.”

I grinned. She undid my underwear. My Lund is 9” inches long limp, an inch thick, with heavy, low balls… Jyothi dropped to her knees and cupped it in her hands.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured thickly. “I’m going to love this!”

I watched with amusement as Jyothi fondled my Lund, caressing her face with it, peppering it with kisses. Moaning deeply, she began to masturbate me, jerking my Lund slowly. My Lund began to swell and harden in her hands. She rolled the foreskin back and her lips already parted now widened and her long tongue snaked out and swirled about my Lund-head. I gasped sharply, sucking on my breath. Flames of pleasure shot through me, flickered at my loins. She was damned good.

“Mm … Yeh … Suck it … Yes … That’s it … Keep going … Choosati jaao mera Lund … Ohhh yes … Mm … That’s nice … Mm … That’s it … Yes …” I murmured approvingly.

Her head tilted from side to side as she licked and kissed my Lund and balls. Her tongue coiled about my Lund-head again, rapped at my glans, swirled rapidly over my Lund-head, rippled down my Lund, over my balls, up again. Then her lips enveloped my Lund-head and part of my Lund and she began to suck me off.

“Mm … Yeh … Ohhh yeh baby … Suck it … Mm yes … That’s it … Ohhhhh that’s good … Mm … Yes … Suck it…. Saali choos Lund ko … Suck my Lund … God yes!” I gasped, flinging my head back.

I fucked her face, rocking her head gently back and forth with my hand, relishing the wonderful warm moistness of her mouth. Her electric tongue swirled and coiled incessantly over my gorged Lund-head, her fist pumping my Lund. She ducked her head and sucked my balls one by one. Her tongue contoured over my large testicles. I bent my head, aroused further by the sight of her lips encasing my Lund-head, slip-sliding up and down my Lund. It gleamed, dark and hard and long, shining and throbbing, glistening with her saliva on my lund. I stretched her arms and fondled her swollen Mummey and hard nipples, making her squirm. I caressed her face, the nape of her neck, pulling her head further forward, thrusting more of my Lund into her. The musky odor and tangy taste of my semen aroused her and she thrust a hand between her legs, arched a finger into her Choot and began to masturbate.

I noticed and fucked her face harder and deeper, my hips jerking rapidly back and forth, rocking her head swiftly toward my crotch. She whimpered deep in her throat as it filled her mouth. It pulsed ominously under her tongue and I pulled her to her feet. We kissed again, and I could taste myself on her lips. Her Mummey crushed hot and fat against me. Her nipples scraped against my hard chest and she writhed against me, my Lund hard against her belly.

“Prashanth,” she gasped, “Ab raha nahin jaa raha hai… fuck me … Ab Chodo mujhe…. Fuck me hard … Quickly …”

I made her sleep at the edge of the bed with her legs over the side. I knelt between her split thighs and fingered her Choot. She moaned deep in her throat when I kissed her again. I cupped and weighed the big, swollen luscious mounds of her Mummey. I bent my head, squeezed one succulent Mummey and dragged my thick, rough tongue out heavily over her nipple.

“OHHHHH OHHHHH!” she gasped, tensing in excitement.

I drew the nipple into my mouth and scraped it across my teeth and gums, flicking it this way and that way with my tongue, rubbing it across the roof of my mouth. I sucked on it sharply, making her gasp and fling her head back. Then I let go, sucked again, let go, sucked harder. Jyothi groaned, panting. I moved to the other Mummey and toyed with the nipple, sucking it, and then slowly releasing it, sucking harder and harder. The sensation was exquisite. Her nipples throbbed.

“OHHHH UNHH OHHH… Chato…. Chaato aur chooso nipples ko…!” she moaned.

I squeezed her heavy Mummey together and sucked on both nipples simultaneously. Jyothi gasped, arching hard, her head whipping back, her mouth tearing open, a jagged, sore cry erupting from her throat.

“OHHHHHHH yes-yes-yes… Jor se chaato….!” she gasped.

I moved lower and, moaning and gasping, she slid onto her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide. My tongue traced a tantalizing line downward, through her navel, dipping lower still. I nuzzled her Choot-fuzz; Jyothi trembled; her hips twitched and jerked up at my face. Dewdrops of Choot-juice glistened on her Jhaant and sodden Choot-lips and the tender flesh within. She clawed her Choot-lips wide.

“Oh god yes … Lick it … Suck my Choot … Come on baby … Kha jao meri Choot ko …” she begged, her voice throaty and sexy.

My tongue swirled into her Choot. Jyothi gasped, and her back arched. The breath hissed from her throat, and her head jerked to one side. She moaned loudly, her hands flying to her Mummey, squeezing them hard in a frenzy of lust, tweaking and pinching her rigid nipples. Her fingers entwined in my hair, pinning me to her pumping loins. Her body flushed and she felt the first sexy trickle of sweat in her cleavage. My tongue was wonderful in her Choot, probing deep, my lips sucking on her inflamed Choot-Dana, my sharp teeth nibbling on it, making her cry in joy. Her body arched, her mouth tore open in a cry of joy.

“OHHHH Prashanth-Prashanth-Prashanth yes oh god yes… Jeebh se chaato… kha jao… Bahut maja aa raha hai… oh yes yes oh god yes!” she moaned, her groin lurching up to my face.

Her hips ground under my face. She clenched my hair and kept my face pinned between her trembling thighs. My tongue was utterly relentless, rippling like fire through her crack, flickering like lightning against her swollen Choot-Dana, running up and down, lapping at the thick, heady juices that flowed in a heavy stream. She moaned and whimpered, her head rolling ecstatically on my shoulders, crying out as I pushed her to the brink of an orgasm.

“Yes Ohhhhh uhhh OHHH yes yes OHHH god yes!” she cried.

Abruptly, I stopped, denying her satisfaction. Jyothi gasped in disbelief.

“God, don’t … Stop!” she cried angrily. “Don’t stop now, Saale!”

I chuckled. She was really quite good, great goods, a worthy fuck…

I knelt between her split legs, lifted her thighs in my hands and pulled them apart. She reached down and pulled her Choot-lips wide

“Yes … C’mon Prashanth … Put it in … All of it … I want your Lund …” she begged.

I chuckled. Slowly, I guided my Lund to her hole and squeezed the enormous Lund-head through the sodden portals of her Choot. It squeezed past her wet Choot-lips and the thick, bulging Lund-head popped into her Choot-flesh. At the first blazing touch of my Lund in her Choot, Jyothi arched in shock and delirious joy, gasping loudly.

“Uhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried.

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Her Choot spasmed on my Lund, a hot, wet, and tight vice and I flung my head back and gasped in delight. Her Choot was wonderful. I thrust forward, sinking into her soft Choot-flesh. The enormity of my Lund seared into her and Jyothi moaned in delight, her head arching.

“ohhhhhh yes … God yes yes … C’mon Prashanth … Shove it all in yes … OHHHHHH yes baby … That’s it … Mm … God you’re so big … So hard … Fuck me lover … Oh god… phaad daaal saaalee meri choot ko…. Mita de choot ki khaaj…. Chod…. Chod…. Chod saaale…….Chutiye …. Jor jor se chod… yes!”

I continued to thrust into her, squeezing inch by glorious inch into her flesh. I Embedded finally in her flesh; I paused to savor the exquisite heat of her Choot and its powerful contractions on my invading Lund. Her hips writhed and ground in slow, heavy circles, her Choot spasming on my Lund. My face craned in delight and I groaned at the wet heat of her Choot. Beneath me, Jyothi moaned, her face contorted of lust, her back bowed taut. Her fingers cupped my balls, squeezing gently. I moaned loudly. Jyothi whimpered, her body bathed in sweat, her head rolling languorously from shoulder to shoulder. She squeezed her turgid Mummeys hard, rolling them under her palms.

“c’mon Prashanth … Fuck me … Maar jor jor ke dhakke… saale chod mujhko jor se… badi aag lagi hai Choot mein… bujha de meri Choot ki aag… madarchod…. Chod mujhko…. Saale…. Daal Lund ko andar tak…. Laga dum Lund ka….fuck me hard,” she muttered.

My Lund was wonderful within her, rock hard and burning hot; she could feel it throb and pulsate inside her Choot. She wound her legs about my back and swung her hips in a hard circle, mashing her own Choot-flesh with my pestle. She gasped at my thick Lund rasped over her inflamed Choot-Dana. I grunted in delight.

“Ohhhhh baby yes … ” I grunted.

I levered her thighs wider and her legs unwound, her feet rising. I belly drew in and slowly slid out of her, pulling out till only the very tip of my Lund remained inside her. She gasped as my massive Lund ground out, the thick-veined, rough-skinned Lund rasping against her Choot-Dana. I held myself out of her for a long moment, and she moaned, her Choot arching upward hungrily. Slowly I thrust into her again, grinding down with a fierce roll of my hips, entering her from all angles. Jyothi cried out, her head jerking and craning to one side, her back arching steeply, her face twisting as the huge Lund went in and in and in, probing the deepest recesses of her Choot.

I began to fuck her slowly, rocking my hips in a measured rhythm. My Lund glistened and shone as it emerged and disappeared into her Choot. The gargantuan Lund throbbed and pulsed in and out of her spasming Choot. I fucked her unhurriedly. Her Choot was a fiery glove, enveloping me. She moaned deliriously, her head flipping from side to side in ecstasy, her hands on her Mummey, squeezing and crushing the heavy mounds. Her hips moved with mine, pumping heavily, heaving up at my naked lust. I arched my head and began moving faster.

Jyothi cried out, and her body jerked and snapped back and forth with my thrusts, her back bowing with every stroke. Her swollen Mummey jiggled; the gold chain around her neck tossed and slithered on her dusky skin. Faster and faster I went, and started to ram-fuck her, slamming my hips forward, my balls swinging up against her Choot-lips. I put my hand on her belly, pinning her down as she thrashed under me. The bed heaved and bucked. Jyothi’s Mummey throbbed, the nipples quivering nut hard. Jyothi loved being fucked like this. My Lund was relentless, plowing in, sliding out, thrusting in hard and deep and fast, over and over again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Sweat glistened and splintered off our bodies. Our cries rose. Her Choot spasmed uncontrollably; my Lund was impossibly big. Its heat scorched her Choot.

“ohhhhhh … Uhhh … OH god oh god oh god oh god oh god ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhh… Uhhh … Ohhhhhh … Yes oh yes oh yes ohhh god yes ohhhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhh yeh baby…yes… ohhhhhhhhhh!” she cried.

“Mm… Uhhhhh … Kha dhakke… saali… chudwa apni choot ko… le mera lund… unhhhhhh… Unhhhhhhh… Unh-unh-unh ohhh yeh take it choot … Mm … Yeh … That’s it … Take it kutiya … Yeh … Take it ohhh yes take it kutiya … Saali kha mere lund ko… phad doonga aaj main teri choot ko… chod-chod kar teri choot ka bhosda bana doonga… c’mon you raand … Take my lund ohhh yeh!” i growled.

The violent language excited her even more.

“unh-unh-huh-unh-huh-unh-uh-unh-unh!” she cried, her fleshy body heaving frantically on the bed. Faster and faster I moved, jerking my hips savagely back and forth, my thrusts shorter, deeper, and harder. My Lund piston and rocketed furiously in and out of her Choot, my hard Lund mashing her swollen Choot-Dana.

Then suddenly there was a phone ring and as I was ramming her choot she picked the cordless lying next to the bed and it was her parents informing of not able to come to home since it was raining heavily over there and they will stay back at her uncle’s place and come home in the morning. This was as good as anything I thought and with more fierce I started to stroke her. Jyothi gasped and moaned, thrashing deliriously beneath my body jerking and lurching with my thrusts. I hadn’t broken my rapid fire rhythm for a second. Jyothi spun out of control. A thunderous tidal wave of an orgasm crashed over her. Her body arched stiff and hard, every fiber tensed, her mouth drawing wide in a soundless cry, her face contorted, suffused with passion, tendons popping in her neck, her fingers clawing at me. Her Choot gripped my Lund like a vice, and I cried out, wincing. She mauled her Mummey in frenzy. I slowed, but kept stroking steadily in and out of her. I watched her face with delight. She was truly a worthy piece of Gaand. At last she subsided with a shuddering moan, and I skewered her slowly, rocking to a standstill deep within her flesh. Her eyes snapped open with shock, incredulous at finding me still rock-hard inside her, that I hadn’t cum.

“God, Prashanth,” she gasped, her chest heaving. “That was fantastic!”

I chuckled. “Not done yet. Plenty more still. You game?”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh god yes.”

I bent over her, kissing her, her heavy Mummey crushed under my hard, sweat-slippery chest. Rivers of sex-sweat coursed between her Mummey. I bent my head and lapped at them, drew my tongue heavily over her nipple. Jyothi whimpered. Her loins writhed against mine in renewed vigor. My Lund throbbed steadily in her flesh. Slowly, I slid out of her and moved up to straddle her chest. I laid my erect Lund between her Mummey. She squeezed them into a tight sheath over my Lund. I began to fuck her Mummey slowly, grunting in delight. Her hard nipples raked my Lund. Her Mummey-sheath was warm, moist, soft, and heavy. My Lund-head pronged out at her chin, and she bent her head, her lips opening hungrily. I slid higher and knelt over her face, pushing my Lund to her mouth. She took it in her mouth again, and sank back, sucking eagerly, taking even more of it. Gently, I fucked her mouth again, bending over on all fours, my hips rising and falling, my Lund glistening as it went in and out of her mouth. Her tongue was electric on my Lund-head, her lips clamped firmly about my Lund. She sucked harder and harder.

“Mm … Yeh … Suck it Kutiya … Choos mere Lund ko… suck my Lund!” I grunted.

She released me and shuffled lower, nuzzling between my strong thighs. I spread them wider, knowing what she wanted. Her warm, wet tongue slithered down the hard ridge under my balls to my Gaand. I tensed, my balls throbbing, my Lund pulsating. Her tongue swirled into my Gaand and I gasped, flinging my head backed and her tongue swirled into the muskiness of my Gaand-hole.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhh OHHHH!” I groaned She slithered up again, now lifting a Mummey-tip to my Gaand, probing the puckered flesh with her rigid nipple. She took my Lund in her mouth again and now she slid a finger down to my Gaand-hole. Once more, I yielded, and gently, she slid her fingertip into mine rear channel. I gasped in pleasure. She held it there and sucked harder.

Come in my mouth, Prashanth,” she muttered. “I want to swallow your cum.”

Tempted, I decided to yield. She sucked me hungrily, her head rising and falling, her cheeks hollowing, her tongue manic. I flung my head back, my hips bobbing over her face. I held her head with one hand and rocked it rapidly up and down under my hips. The heat burst. I gasped and she spluttered as I came. Her lips parted and I bent my head to see my jizz spuming into her mouth. I shook my Lund and spattered her face and Mummey with gunk. She whimpered, licking her lips lasciviously, scooping dribbling gunk from her chin and licking her fingers. Her lips slid around my Lund again. She caressed her Mummey, massaging the sticky mess of my gunk into her flesh.

I groaned softly, panting, my head bent, watching her suck my Lund. Gently, I rolled onto my back, taking her with me her mouth glued to my Lund. She sucked me faster, her head bobbing over my lap. I jerked her face up and down over my bucking loins, relishing the exquisite pleasure from her tongue and lips and teeth. Her tongue worked my Lund-head eagerly, coiling cunningly around its contours. I pulled her up. She slid up over me, straddling my body. Her fuzzy Choot writhed against my throbbing Lund. Amazingly, after that copious orgasm, I was still hard and ready for more. Kneeling astride my lap, she took my Lund in one hand, and maneuvered my Lund-head to the portals of her Choot. With a shuddering gasp, she let her Choot sink down onto my Lund. I drew my knees up behind her, and arched my hips. My swollen Lund speared up into her Choot. She moaned, her lips forming a wide `O’, her face craning up, her eyes close, her face suffused with lust. Her Chutads tensed as they drove down deeper and deeper, her Choot gobbling at my Lund greedily. She reared on her haunches, squeezing her Mummey in an erotic motion, rolling the luscious mounds under her palms. Her tongue shot out and circled sensuously over her upper lip.

“Ohhhhhh yes … Yes … Ohhhhhh god yes!” she gasped.

I drew my hands down her back in a spidery line and she trembled. I caressed her Chutads and she leaned forward, her big Mummey pendulous over my face, the gold chain brushing my lips. I lifted my head and sucked on one Mummey, making her moan. I gripped her Chutads and pressed them open, my fingertip at her Gaand-hole. Jyothi gasped, and her hips ground against my loins. Her sphincter spasmed, yielded and I inveigled my fingertip into her rear channel. Jyothi cried out. The sensation was overpowering, with my Lund filling her Choot, and my finger in her Gaand-hole separated from my Lund by the thinnest membrane of flesh. I squeezed her Mummey and began to buck my hips. She leaned forward on her knuckles and began to rock over me

We began to fuck rapidly. Her body swung back and forth, up and down, her Choot sliding up the length of my Lund then crashing back down hard again. My hips pumped vigorously in unison with hers. Faster and faster they went, her Mummey swinging madly now, the gold chain tossing on her chest. I gripped a Mumma with one hand and squeezed hard, rolling it heavily in my palm and sucking sharply on it. She cried out, her head spinning, arching up, her Choot slamming down hard as she rocked violently up to the crest of another orgasm. I began to move even faster beneath her, tossing her on my lap. She groaned and clapped her Chutads together rapidly, squeezing my Lund with her Choot. I felt her orgasm hit. I held her and kept moving, prolonging her orgasm. I held her still till I was done and then released her. She collapsed, sweating and panting, moaning heavily. I held her close, caressing her smooth back. We kissed gently. Slowly, she eased herself off me. I cupped her Mummey as she leaned over me her face flushed and radiant.

“Ready for another?”

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