My first time

I am Amit, 25 years .The story I am telling to you happened 7 years ago when I was 18 and studying in Engineering college, I am from Rajkot a small town but very lively people, some ppl’s say it as rageen city also .we in our home father mother A sister and me. And in next house my father’s brother, his wife& two small kids 5 & 7 years old. My father & mother are government employees, In Morning they will go to office and evening will come at 6.30 pm only. My chachi is housewife she always in home.

She is good fair, got hot n sexy butt, nice looking and her hair also long. In all she got a very sexy appearance and looks .In all she got a very sexy appearance and looks. There was no difference between our and her family. Some times I purchase things for her kids. I help in their home works and chachi and me are good friends, we talk, joke a lot. She is 30years and even after having two kids, she look like in 20’s, she had maintained herself perfectly. One day I came to home due to College strike. At 11.00 am I reached home I was getting bore so I went to her home, her kids were at School only they come at around 1o’clock. She asked me why you come early, she was cooking and I helped her. After preparing lunch, she told me to fetch water from well to her bath .I was fetching the water and than she carries the water, fill the tank near the kitchen side. She used take bath there ,after little time she start bathing, I sat near the kitchen door, she wear a towel to cover her breasts, and her thigh above her knee’s ,I was enjoying the scene And saw hard erection in my pant.

While applying soap , she turn the other side and than applied the soap on her boobs and her pussy ,than she turn to my side and was pouring water other boobs ,showing me little of her sexy milky boobs, I was so hot and aroused at after seeing that .After her bath, she came to the room to change the dress , She wore a lungi and Kurta than we sat in the hall on the sofa and were watching TV but my whole mind was on her boobs only and was gazing them, She also notice my look and she asked me what you are looking and I smiled she also smiled, she told me to come near to her I moved near her. She asked me what you want. I saw her and told, I want drink milk, are you small baby to drink milk. I told yes. She put her right arm to my shoulder and pulls me to lay on her lap, she kissed me than she opened her blouse and she hug me towards her breast I start to Feel her breast from the Kurta. Than she removed her Kurta. My god she was wearing a bra and was beautiful boobs she was having… Milky white with pink areoles and nipples. I suddenly grab one of them and started to suck her nipple, I was sucking her hard and was also biting .Slowly she Started to put her right hand in my pant and open my zip and took out my pant and in a one go put down my undy. I was all naked from bottom part and my penis was saluting her. I stop drinking and kissed her on her sexy moist lips. Than she closed the front door and told me to come to her bedroom.

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On the bed she lay on her back and she opens her lungi and throws it away and wow!!! She was also not having panty inside and I ca see her hairy pussy inviting me to take the charge ,she told to rub her pussy , she bend her knees up and told me to lick her pussy. I without wasting time put my mouth in between her thighs and was smelling her pussy wow it was to great and erotic smell than I started to lick her pussy from top to bottom she was moaning in pleasure. I took my tongue inside her pussy and found that it was hot and wet, her juices were oozing out I of her pussy and I like the taste very much I was licking her pussy hard and she was grab my head in between her thighs and towards her pussy. She said to me ur a good pussy sucker and I wan excited by her words and was licking it hard and suddenly she tightened herself and she was releasing her juices and it comes directly to my mouth I tasted that .it so delicious and mean time my penis was rock hard and was eager to conquer the juicy hole. She holds my lund in her hand and brings it near her pussy and told me to insert. I obeyed her and ramp my shaft into her hot pussy and to my surprise she took the whole length of it with a large moan. Now she was so excited she request me to fuck her hard to tore out her pussy what good fucker ur Sameer…I love u and blah blah she was chatting this words and I was fucking her rock hard, she put her legs on my back and make them cross and slightly lift her butt and I was increasing my speed and was ramping her hole furiously after some time I feel something is trying to come out of my lund I told her that she told me that our love juice..allow the juice to come deep in my pussy and suddenly started to increase my speed and then after few shots I unloaded my hot lava deep into thirty pussy. She was so satisfied that she hugged my tightly and kissed my hard on my lips after that we were like that for some time than she took me to bathroom there she clean her pussy, and my lund also. She wore her lungi and Kurta and we sat and watching TV ,she was looking and was giving me lustful smile I told her it was my fist time, can we do one more time, she immediately agree and ask to come closer to her.

She told me stand in front of her she remove my Pant and hold my Lund and put it in her mouth ,she sucked for sometimes and again my lund started dancing and was rigid hard at that moment again we went to bedroom she told me to lay on the bed and she came on top of me and put her legs on both side of my body and in one go sat on my lund I felt some pin but was enjoying also now she started riding me like a horse and was thrusting on my lund more and more after some time she got up and sat near to me and started to suck my cock and than I told her I was coming she removed her mouth and started to jerk my shaft hard to n fro and suddenly I spit my cum on her face and on her boobs she like it so much. Again to went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves. We wore our clothes and it was time for her children to come back to home. She kissed and hugged me and told me.

She had never enjoyed like this before and want me to fuck her daily but sorry to say it was not possible but as when we get chance we enjoyed a nice fucking session and she said she loves me a lot and will always remember this. But my bad luck after few yrs we got a property disputed and than all were divided they left our home and went to some other city…After I also got busy in my studies and career and we were never in touch after .From some other relative we come to they r fine and enjoying. Friends that was my first sex and I will never forgot that

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