My first time I had anal sex

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By Taz I was 17 and it was my first anal by an older man.

Up until.17 I had jerked off and sucked many cocks. I can say I was lucky to have met these people so early on.
I used to have alot of oral fun with a guy that was alittle older than myself. He was 24 . We had gone to a party. Everyone there was gay or bi. Younger and older guys. No woman there what so ever.
It go crazy. Alot of the guys got a bit drunk. And everyone started leaving. And one of the older men we were talking and hanging out with offered to drop us off at home. By the end I was the last one. he planned it that way. . I was closest to home from the party. But he took the other 2 first. He asked me if I wanted to his place and talk more and hang out. I said yes why not. We went. Sat on the couch. And he asked if I wanted to go upstairs with him.. we went up. Sat on his bed got naked and laid there talking. He asked if I’ve ever had anal. I told him never. He asked if I wanted to do it one day. I said yeah I do. One day. . He told me his age. He was 42. I told him my age too. He got excited and semi hard when I said 17. My eyes went straight to his cock. He said go ahead I know you want it in your mouth. . I went down and started licking the knob. Circling my tongue on the head. He then pulled my legs up closer to him and got me in a 69 position but he wanted to rim me. I enjoyed that very much. He fingered me aswell. Then he had his thumb in my hole like he was gripping a bowling ball. He then got me on my back and climbed ontop of me and started grinding ontop of me. Cocks rubbing together. He was kissing me and sucking my earlobes. Then he guided his cock down between my buttcheeks and was teasing my hole with his cock. He then whispered into my ear. Im going to fuck you tonight. I got excited. And scared at same time. I was happy it was going to be the first time. But then I was scared it would hurt. As I’ve never been fucked…
He then asked if I was ready. I said I am. But I wasn’t really.
He turned me over. Put 3 pillow stacked under me so my ass was up. He got a condom. And lube. My ass was slippery as. He pushed his cock right up against my ass. And I could feel the tip sliding in. He got his cock all the way in. And held it deep inside me. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Hurt alittle. I guess the lube done it’s magic. He then started fucking me. Held my hips tight. As he was sliding in and out of my hole. Felt so good. I.didnt want it to end. He then worked his hands up to my shoulders and held me tight and fucked me harder and harder until he was ready to cum. He then paused and pulled out. Both of us breathing heavily. Then he turned me over onto my back. Now he was ontop of me. We started kissing. He then slid back inside my hole. He pinned my wrists down onto his bed and fucked me I wrapped my legs around him because I wanted it deeper. His balls were slapping my bum cheeks with every stroke. He then groaned and moaned while he was cumming inside me with the last bit of fucking. He finally came. And he laid ontop of me with his cock still inside me. We both laid there breathing deeply. …
We fell asleep. Woke up in the morning. He was next to me asleep. His condom was still inside me….
We then took a shower together.

He then asked me if he can have me when he wanted…. I said yes. Any time. After that day he was my daddy. He fucked me as he pleased.. I gave him blow jobs. Sometimes in the car while he drove. We used to go to the bath houses. The nude beach s together. He sometimes shared me around..
I loved everything minute of it all. Made me the cock slut I am today.

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By Taz #Gay #Mature #Teen #Virgin