My first time pt.2 | Beep Stories

“Ok” I said trying ot hide my excitment

As soon as we got into the room we began making out. I have never kissed like that before. Immediatly I was dripping wet. We made our way to the bed and he laid me down and continued kissing me. I felt his rock hard cock against me and I wanted to see it. I reached for his trobbing member and he stoped me.

“Not so fast” he said with a chuckle

He then took my shirt off and lightly licked the top of my brest. he reached around me and with a slip of his hand relesed my bra then moved his soft toung down to my nipple and made circular motions. The senseation was more then I could stand. I let out a deep moan that even suprised myself. I unbuttoned his pants and he stood up to let them fall. when he laid back down he moved his mouth down my stomach and at the same time slipped off my pajama pants then continued to removed my panties with his teeth. He breathed warm air on my already hot pussy and I shook.

“You like that baby?”

“umm humm” I moaned

He then split my moist lips with his toung and started to lick my sticky wet pussy. I came almost immediatly. He thn pulled out his cock. It wasn’t huge but deffinantly wasn’t small. It was so hard I could littlerly see it throbing. I had to touch it. The head was smooth and the shaft was soft.

“You want this baby?”

“Oh yes” I cried

“How bad do you want it?”

“More then I have ever wanted anything in my life” I replied

He the put the tip of his head into the opening and that alone felt amazing. He moved slowly in and out but just the head. All of the sudden he shoved his cock into my hot wet pussy. I screamed from the pleasure and pain.after I was use to his size it got even more intense. I never thought I would be a screamer, boy was i wrong. My eyes rolled back in my head as he pumped and thrust. All of the sudden in one swift motion he picked me up and turned me around. He shoved his cock into me from behind and fucked me hard. No matter how hard I tried i couldn’t control my moans and screams.

“Oh God, Oh God Oh Fuck Me!” I screamed

“Call me daddy baby”

“Oh Daddy your cock feels so good inside me, please don’t stop!”

He fucked me somemore like that for about 20 min. I came about 6 times. Then he turned me back around and pulled me to the edge of the bed, threw my legs over his shoulders and gave it to me. He was so deep inside me I could feel his dick hitting my cervix.

“You like it like that?”

“Oh yes oh God yes.”

“Is that gonna make you cum again?”

“YES!” I was litterly almost crying

“It’s gonna make cum too baby. You ready?”

“Yes, yes yes.”

“OH GOD” he screamed

Then I felf his dick contract and shoot inside me, this alone made me cum yet again. He stood there for a secound letting it all out.

“Damn baby your pussy is still squeezing my cock” he smiled

I just smiled back. He finally pulled out of me. The best part is cuddeled with me and now we have been together for 3 years. I will never forget my first time.

Hope you liked hearing my story! Let me know what you think 🙂