My first time seeing a naked girl | incest story from biguy

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It was a sunday afternoon, as I walked into our family home, and no one was home, so a quick drink, then upstairs to use the toilet, then as I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands, wow my elder sister was in the bath, one hand on her pussy and the other on t a tit, my cock jumped up, seeing my first naked lady, my sister made no attempt to cover up, instead she looked at my cock and smiling, saying Did I do that

My clothes hit the ground real quick, as my cock stood straight up proud, what then happened shocked me even more, June reached out and grabbed my cock, and began to stroke it, I nearly blew my load then but held off, loving the feelings racing though my body, June then pulled me closer aiming my cock at her face, well that was more than I could take, ream after ream of cum exploded on her face, she licked it up, then wiped her finger around and licked that clean too.

Being a horny 15 year old my cock was still rock hard, then June opened her mouth and sucked me deep, bloody hell, my balls were so tight they hurt, she sucked and played with my cock as her other hand worked her pussy, it would have been 5 minutes or so, when I told her I was going to cum again, she kept sucking, and took every drop, my balls now relieved of some pressure, but my cock stayed hard, June looked at me and stood up, her tits possible a d cup swaying as she did, she dried herself a bit then pulled me by my cock into her bedroom, no words spoken as she lay down and pulled my head to her pussy, I wasn’t sure but began to lick and suck her pussy, then when I hit the clit she told me to stay there and keep licking.

All to soon June began to shake and jerk around as a orgasm shot though her, my cock was still rock hard, as June relaxed a bit she pulled me up and guided my cock to her hot pussy,, it went straight in, my cock felt so good as I started to fuck her, not sure of what to do, but nature seemed to kick in and I got up to a good speed, June once more orgasmed hard.

Lucky for me she has sucked me off twice, as I was able to hold of, as 2 more orgasms raced though June, each time her pussy gripped my cock, but with the next orgasm that was it, she took me with her, my balls filled her pussy to over flowing, cum running out past my cock, I nearly had a heart attack, my orgasm was so strong, I just lay on top of June as we both regained normality, then as my cock slipped out, a load more cum dropped out, June wiped it up and licked her hand, I got my clothes and lay on my bed, my mind going wild with crazy thoughts, We never got time alone again, but a fuck I will never forget