My First Time Sex Experience

Hi Guys I am Vinith from Chennai, narrating my first sex experience it was during my coll 3rd year, her name is Renu and her fig is 36:32:34, During our starting stage of our love we used to hug only nothing more than that, v used to have phone sex and we watched porn movies together nothing more than that,
but one fine afternoon I went to her home for group study at time her mom was inside home only, as it was exam time there was nothing in our mind other than studies (a day before our university practical exam) it was around 3pm suddenly her mom got an important call and she has to leave, as she was thinking that we two where very good friends she left us alone and said she will be returning only after 8pm,
after that we locked the main door and continued with our studies, and after 10min we took a break and we entered the bedroom started to hug each other after few min of hugging I kissed her neck suddenly she closed her eyes, then I started to rub my face on her neck immediately got turned on and I was able to feel heat from her body as it was our first experience we completely lost our mind,
she started moan I was enjoying her moaning sound, immediately I placed my lips on her pink lips and started to smooch passionately and I started pressing her lovely boobs, to say it was very very soft. with my each touch on her body she started to loose her sense and her body body was jerking due pleasure, slowly I started removing her tops and slip which she was wearing,
now she was wearing black brazier wow that was wonder to my gf’s boobs with only bra, as she was fair she looked very sexy in black bra….. she covered her boobs with her hand in shyness, and I slowly removed her hand and started kissing her shoulders and gave small love bites near hear breast, then I made her lie on bed and started licking her stomach and shoulders,
she started to moan heavily then I started licking her back n then I slowly unhooked her bra, now she was completely topless, she has an wonderful pair of boobs perfect in shape, I was the first boy to taste her virgin boobs, I slowly started sucking her breast and pressing the other one, she moaning heavily, immediately when I placed mouth on her breast she started to jerk,
then slowly I undid her bottom now n she was only in panties, started kissing her from toes till her panty then I slowly removed her panties, now my angel is completely nude…. realizing that she s completely nude she covered herself with a blanket in shyness, I slowly removed her blanket,
and I kissed her virgin pussy and the I started licking her pussy same time I was pressing her breast after sometime she got her orgasm, she then made me lie on bed and started sucking my nipples and she was teasing my body completely and gave me nice blow job…… then again I again I started sucking her breast and started teasing after some minutes of our foreplay,
I teased her a lot she begged me to fuck her and told me she was dying for my 8 inch cock. I kissed her entire body lips neck nipples and her pussy and I made my cock ‘s journey inside her tight pussy she is a virgin and it was too difficult for me to penetrate her pussy,
she shouted in pain I could see tears from her eyes but she control her pain and asked me to continue and I caressed her softly and after few strokes everything was normal and I fucked her slowly she was shouting like a mad and enjoying with pleasure and I slowly increased my speed.
Finally we both exploded and she slept on my shoulder for half an hour, after that we went to wash room and got cleaned our self, she felt very shy she didn’t see my eyes on that day due to shyness. We had lot of sexual encounters at our both homes whenever our parents where not available…… Hope you all enjoyed my stories…