My first time with a ladyboy escort

The classifieds in the local alternative paper were
always a trip to read. When downtown, I would pick one
up and read over the more liberal views of our fair
city. I would also go through the adult services
classifieds. With all the talk about cleaning up the
city and making it more family friendly, the ads were
somewhat shocking. Two years ago my wife and I were
downtown, so I picked up a paper.

While scanning the escort adds I noticed a picture of a
beautiful long haired girl kneeling in such a pose as
to cover up all her private areas. Reading the caption,
I was shocked to learn that I was looking at a shemale.
I couldn’t help but stare. Over the next few days it
seemed all I could do was daydream about this lovely
creature. Then one weekend my wife left to spend the
weekend with her sister. I got out the copy of the ad
and dialed the number.

A pleasant voice answered the phone and gave me
directions to her apartment across town. I started
shaking from the thought of what I was going to do.
When I arrived, I was met at the door by the sexiest
woman I had ever seen. She was dressed in nothing but a
red bra and thong. Six feet tall with a 38 inch bust,
slim waist, and lush hips. A perfect ass wiggled in
front of me as she led me to her bedroom.

“You get undressed first,” she said.

I took of my shirt, shoes, and then the pants. As soon
as my pants hit the floor. She was on her knees with my
still soft cock in her mouth. It was a shock. but my
cock responded like I knew it would and was hard in a
matter of seconds. When it reached full hardness, she
took it out of her mouth, stood up and pushed me onto
the bed.

“I had to make sure you weren’t a cop.” she explained.
She then took off her bra and turned those d-cup melons
lose. Her nipples were large and fit perfectly in my
eager mouth. While sucking her tits my hands moved down
to her thong. Sliding my fingers under the band, I
pulled them down to her knees. She stepped back and let
me get a good look at her body.

My mouth went dry as I looked her up and down. The full
breasts, slim waist, lush hips, and a semi- erect 8
inch cock. I almost shot my load just looking at her.
Laying on the bed with me she once again took my cock
in her mouth and started a long sucking motion. The
excitement of the moment was about to send me over the
edge. I told her to stop before I lost all control.
There was too much of her yet to explore.

I lay back on the bed with my eyes closed to catch my
breath and gain control. Something touched the side of
my face. I opened my eyes and found myself staring at
her hard cock just inches from my face. I’ve never
considered myself gay, but the sight was too much for
me to handle. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed as
much of her cock as I could.

I got enough in to touch my chin on her large hanging
balls. Not having sucked a cock before, I tried to
remember what I enjoyed and copy that. I sucked hard.
She started a low moan. I couldn’t get enough cock in
my mouth. Soon I forced all 8 inches down my throat.
The moans got louder. Up and down my head bobbed on
that wonderful cock.

Things were really getting noisy now. She was getting
close and moaned that she didn’t like to cum so early
in the day but I needed more cock. What prompted me to
do it I don’t know, but I pushed her legs up to her
chest and buried my tongue in her ass. She nearly
screamed and started jacking off at a frantic rate.

“Watch me cum!!” she yelled.

I looked up to see the first squirt fly as her hips
thrust into her fist. Stream after stream of spunk
covered her stomach and her beautiful tits. When she
finally stopped and her breathing slowed, she ordered
me to straddle her chest and fuck her between her tits.

I mounted her and she squeezed those golden globes
around my engorged manhood. My thrusts were lubed by
the cum she had shot before. After all I had done and
seen, it didn’t take long. Ropes of jizz shot all over
her pretty face and long dark hair.

I was spent but had to try one more thing. I licked the
cum off her face and body. Another first.