My frend’s mom in Hyderabad

Hi guys & gals &ladies. I am rocky from Hyderabad of age about 18 years. I am 6 feet’s tall with good personality smart and handsome guy. I was always sex hungry guy and had lots of sex with my girlfriends. I always had intention to have sex with my friends mother whose name is sheetal aunty. She was some 5.5 inch of height and weighted about 70 kgs with good boobs. She was very free in talking and always talked freely about our girlfriends and so. We all use to stay in same building and my parents and sahil’s (my friend) parents were also good friends. My mother and sheetal aunty use to go for shopping together only. She also use to change clothes in front of us at that time I got intention to fuck her.

One day there was a cricket match and I was one of the leading players for my team .so I had to go for a match. I met sahil in the morning down to our building with some other friends also. They all decided that they will go for a movie. So I went for match and them all for a movie. On reaching ground opponent team did not turn up and we were declaring winners. So I came home early by 10.30 am. Then I got fresh had some snack and was watching movie.

Then I decided to go to sahil’s house were her mother would be alone as his father was also out of station for some work and sahil was in the movie and would be home by 4pm only . I went to his flat knock the door. Sheetal aunty screamed kaunnnnnnnn… I told “aunty rocky here”. She was in her salwar kameez and was looking so hot. I asked her aunty “sahil hai kya aunty” she told she had gone for college. Then she ask me u didn’t went to college. I told I was having cricket match but it was cancelled. Then she told me come inside and plz help me out naa. As she had came just 10 min before from market. As I entered the house she immediately locked the door and told me to sit for 5 min as she will change the clothes. Then she went to room which was just opposite to sofa and was talking all balablablabla. And stared to change the clothes as she always uses to change in front of us. First she removed upper part and was in her white color bra and took her sleeve less nighty and weared it.

After wearing nighty she tooked up her nighty and started removing her nada (tread). My cock was enlarging like any thing. As she was removing her nada it got tightened. I mean it was not twisted. Then she came holding and told me plz take it off as her mouth cannot reach that part of her body. So I first stared to take off by my hands but I was not coming out. Then aunty told me smilingly to take off with my mouth. And told funnily “don’t feel shy I am like ur mother and u all funny guys have taken off (removed) lots of nadas of ur girlfriends” I was stunned listen this and my cock was like any thing at that time. I putted my mouth near her belly and stared taking off. My mouth was touching a bit near her vagina and vagina hair was so long that one of them got into my mouth. So stared spit like tuuutuuuuutuuu. Then she asked me what happen I told one of ur hair got into my mouth. She told sorry but was thinking to cut in one or two days. I told its ok aunty nothing is wrong with it. After some time I removed her nada. And took it off her pajama.

Suddenly she caught my cock hardly and told what it is. Why it is so big now .I was stunned. She told me I am ur aunt u can do anything what ever is in ur mind. I hold tightly and started kissing her. Then I pressed her boobs and was kissing her on her face neck etc. Then we went to room she took my clothes and removed my cock and was licking like a child lick a lolipop. She sucked it for 15 min and told ur uncle also didn’t have so big cock. Then I removed her clothes and playing with her boobs like a rubber balls. Then she asked me “do u have condoms” I said ” no” then I asked her should I buy and come she told plz don’t leave me and go . We will do it without condom as I have done family planning operation. So insert my cock into her vagina. And she moan “aaaaaaahhhhaaaaaa hhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do it harder haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaa I love u I love u rocky do itttttttt do itttttttt aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

We had sex for nearly 1 hour. And both of us were sweating like we were bathing in bath room as fan was off. Then she again told me plz do it again she want to have once more as my cock was so big. Then again I bang her then after 2 and half hours later we ended up. And I went at 2 pm. Now also we have sex 3 to 4 times in a week. I am enjoying like anything with her. She has also introduced with one of her lady friend who also want to have sex. I am also enjoying with her. Any Hyderabad and secunderabad ladies who want to have sex can mail me [email protected]. Ur identity will be kept secret.