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This story is send to me as he doesn’t know how to express his sexual desire.. So i did it for him.. This is the first time i m doing for him.. If any comments let me know on my email me on my [email protected].

I had a neighbor whose house was situated two houses from mine. They were husband and wife. The husband was working in the gulf and the wife was working in a government firm. Her name was veena, aged around 33 yrs. Infact, I had been eyeing her for a long time to fuck her. She was a gorgeous looking woman, lovely shape 36-28-36, isn’t that a good shape. My mouth was watering each time I saw her. She used to wear tight jeans pant which projected her arse out, and sometimes she used to wear short skirts and t-shirt. She had a maid who used to work there for almost the whole day. Her name was Maya, and she was married with no kids and she was 32 yrs old. She too had a 36-28-38 figure. Both these females were making my cock hot.

I remember that day, it was a Sunday, there was no one at my place and I took the opportunity to see some triple x cd’s. I was busy watching the cd, it was a Malayalam adult movie. There was a scene where a middle aged lady was undressing, she was removing her blouse. I am mad of these scenes where a woman undresses. I took my tool out from my underwear which I was only wearing, since nobody was around. The scene was making me mad and I started shaking my tool. I never realized that I didn’t lock the kitchen backyard door, by which anyone can enter my house. I was busy with my duty of shagging. Maya, the maid who wanted a line tester, entered the house from the backyard. She must have called me for, but I was so engrossed with the movie and my work, I didn’t hear her. My back was towards my bedroom door, Maya entered my room and made no noises since she saw me shagging, although my dick was not visible to her eyes. She kept quite and was watching the movie as well as me.

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Then she came slowly and put her hands around my neck and started kissing my cheeks, my lips. I was totally taken aback, but then maintained my control over the shock and concentrated on the pleasure I was getting. She said, what you are doing. I was sitting on the bed, she started hugging me and telling me give me your dick, put it in my mouth. She was wearing black skirt up to the knees and a sleeveless light pink shirt. She was a sexy lady. I held her by the waist and started kissing her like a mad dog. As I was kissing her, Maya was pressing my dick which was out of my underwear. I kissed her neck, then proceeding towards her waist, reaching her crotch. She was enjoying and moaning ahh, ufffffffffffffff, isssssssssssssssssssssssssh. She suddenly stopped me and told me take my nipples in your mouth and put your cock in her cunt and fuck her. She removed her shirt and threw it on the bed. She then unzipped her skirt and now she was only with a sexy skin colored lacy bra and a black nylon panties. I liked her shape and her color was sexy, her thighs were making me cum. She didn’t remove her inner wear but was giving me a wicked sexy smile. She placed my head on her crotch, I smelled her crotch, ahh it was giving me beautiful smell. We both were on the bed now, she removed my underwear completely, and this sexy hot lady started licking my balls which were cleanly shaved, she was rolling her tongue on the balls and then pulled the foreskin of my cock. She licked the edges of my dick head and then finally put the dick in her mouth and she was looking at my face. Ohh, this lady was really a hungry cock sucker. She was removing it from her mouth, shaking my rod well and then putting it back in her mouth and doing a real good blow job, I was in heaven. I was hot and wanted to cummmmm . After ten or fifteen minutes, I came inside her mouth, and to my surprise she gulped the entire semen and also licked some semen which were around her mouth. I really enjoyed this blow job from this bitch.

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She was not satisfied b’ coz I never fucked her yet. I kissed her once again and she didn’t hesitate to respond to my kiss. She was hot as hell and wanted me to fuck her. I then reached her back and unclasped her bra hooks, removed the bra from her shoulders and drop it down on the floor. I raised her arms and licked her armpits which were neatly shaved. Her nipples were jutted, hard and round, brown in color and her boobs were firm and hard. I wasted not a minute and took them in my mouth. I first rolled my tongue around edge of the right nipple while I was circling the left one with my right hand. She was moaning nice it is, do it with force. My cock was beginning to become erect. She was really hot, and was telling me take my panties down and put your cock inside. I obeyed her order and removed her black lacy panties down. Her pussy was covered with a bush of pubic hairs, and I loved placing my hand on them and tickling her wet cunt. My cock was hard as rock. I kissed her legs, toes and ended up near her cunt. She was shouting put your cock inside and tear my pussy.

She just wanted my cock inside her cunt, and I got up to put the condom, but she herself rolled over the condom on my rod, kissed my cock with the condom and guided inside her cunt. She made a noise as I entered her cunt. Fuck hard dear nice it is she was saying. I kept fucking my rod in and out of her cunt then she told me to lie flat and she came on top of me. She was sitting on my cock and offering her boobs to me to suck her nipples. She was moaning, ahh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you are my husband, do it harder, and I am cumming, after few minutes we both came together and she showered many kisses on me and also on my rod. Maya and I remain in each others arm for few minutes and then told her to take the line tester indicating my cock. She laughed and hugged me telling me that her husband never cares for her and is having affair with some bitch. I then asked her about veena, she smiled at me, indicating me that she understood what I wanted and told me that she will help me to fuck veena…

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