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All right fellas, here's another story about my girlfriend, Nadia. I'm 24 and she's 22. We've been dating for almost 2 years now. I was born in Canada but her family immigrated here from Pakistan when she was really young. Her family is super cool and chill and open minded and had no issues with their daughter dating a white guy.
Nadia was also super open minded and chill and outgoing when it came to sex. Even though her background and culture are different than ours, she didn't behave or look like your typical Muslim South Asian chick. She got along with my friends really well and they also loved her. I noticed that Nadia always put extra time and care into looking good for them and would go out of her way to dress extra slutty and whoreish around them. She wouldn't dress this way necessarily when it's just the two of us or if we're hanging out with her friends – it would just be around my friends. I guess she must love the attention she gets.
This was proven right about 6 months into our relationship, when me, Nadia, and two of my buddies went on a cottage trip. A bit of alcohol led to a crazy night where me and my friends took turns on my girl, fucking her brains out. We all fell asleep in the den area and the next morning when I woke up, Nadia and my friends were nowhere to be found. I looked around the cabin and found my girlfriend in another room with my two friends, continuing the adventure from the night before, as Nadia was bent over getting fucked by them while I slept in the next room. After this, our relationship changed and Nadia and I did crazy shit in our sex life.
Y'all told me to write more about our adventures so I'm going to try. I'm not a writer but I'll do my best. So this story begins with us about to go to the club. It was gonna be me, the two guys that were at the cottage with us, and another one of my friends – and of course, Nadia. She loved clubbing. She enjoyed dancing and she loved music and partying. Nadia got ready, did her hair and makeup and shit, and put on her outfit. She wore a tight black leather mini skirt, super shiny for leather, and put on a peach coloured crop top and heels. If I remember correctly, she was wearing a pink thong also. She looked fucking spectacular and like a million bucks. Her outfit was slutty as hell and I'm telling you, if she bent down to pick something up, she'd be giving the whole world a show.
The plan was to meet at my place, have a few drinks here to save money on the overpriced drinks the clubs rip you off with, and then once we got nice and buzzed, we'd make our way to the club. It was my turn to play the designated driver role, so I kept my alcohol intake to a minimum. My friends arrived and Nadia went over to hug all of em. Each one of my friends complimented her and told her how amazing she looked. We drank and got nice and drunk (except for me of course) and made our way to the club. We took my friend's car; I drove and Nadia was in the front seat, while my 3 friends sat in the back.
When we got to the club, one of my buddies, Liam, went ahead and ordered shots for us. I was pretty good at holding my liquor and one shot wasn't going to get me hammered, so I joined in for one shot. The rest of them went on to have a couple more shots. Nadia was nice and drunk and took me to the dance floor. I hated dancing but didn't mind with her. Didn't really need to do anything at the club; I would just stand there and let her do most of the work. Nadia grinded on my cock and kissed me. I tasted the tequila on her breath and tongue.
A while later, we looked for a place to sit in and luckily found a booth at the back of the club. Nadia squeezed in between Liam and my other friend, while me and my other buddy sat across from her. Her little skirt went up and I saw her pink thong. My friend beside me must have noticed too because I saw his eyes looking down there too. Nadia was squeezed tightly between my friends and in just a little while, I saw Liam put his hands on her leg. She didn't ask him to remove it and pretended it wasn't even there, even after he started stroking her leg, getting higher and higher up. Her tits were getting hard and poking our of her shirt. I knew this meant she was getting turned on.
It was hard to hear each other over the loud music, but I saw Nadia and Liam talking (or maybe flirting?). A few minutes later, the two of them got up; Nadia said she was gonna hit the dance floor with Liam to burn off some of the alcohol. I told her to go ahead. The 3 of us that were left began talking. My buddies complemented her, telling me how cool my girl is and that I was a lucky man. I was indeed.
One of my buddies shifted my attention to the dance floor where I saw Liam and Nadia going at it. They were all over each other. She was grinding all over him with her ass against his front. He was feeling her up with his hands, touching her legs stomach, arms and chest. It was getting intense. I felt a little jealous but also super turned on watching her. Then I saw them walk off the dance floor, but they weren't coming towards us. They walked over to the other side of the club, all the way to the corner. I told my friends I was going to the bathroom and walked over to check out what was going on. Sure enough, I saw Nadia backed against a wall fully making out with Liam. He was feeling up her entire body while they kissed. Part of me wanted to go over and kick his ass. But the sight of my girl backed against a wall, sneaking off to make out with my friend was such a turn on. I held myself back and went back to the table.
Nadia and Liam came back a while later. Her skin was glowing and shiny with sweat and her nipples still poking out of her shirt. She asked me to come dance. I went and we hit the dance floor. She talked in my ear and told me that she and Liam got a bit frisky and that she was horny as fuck. She asked me if we could do what we did at the cottage. My cock got hard and I was so fucking turned on by her request. I told her yes and she said Liam was setting it up with the guys back at the table.
They all took one last line of shots to build up the courage and went back to the car. This time, Nadia sat in the back seat between Liam and another one of my friends while I drove with another one of my friends riding shotgun. Things started to get nice and heated in the backseat. My friends started feeling her up and I saw her open her legs to show her soaking pink panties. Liam moved the strap from her top off of her shoulder to expose one of her tits and started playing with it while my other friend grabbed her by the pussy (Donald Trump reference) and started to rub it. Her hands were firmly on their cocks as my friend watched from the passenger seat and I watched from the rearview mirror. I still remembered what she said to me in that moment. She said "Oh baby, look what your friends are doing to me." Her voice was high pitched and cute and she sounded super sexy saying that.
We got back to my place and didn't waste any time. Nadia led all of us to the spare bedroom in my condo. She got on the bed and my friend helped her remove her panties and top and lifted her skirt up to her stomach. She got on her knees like a good girl with her little skirt covering her belly and sucked each one of our cocks like a good girl. She would switch between all of us every few seconds and even went down on Liam's balls, giving them special treatment. Liam was the only one to get this special treatment. The rest of us weren't lucky enough to get our balls sucked by my slut.
Nadia talked dirty to us the entire time. It became hard to make out her words because she was talking so fast with so much spit in her mouth. But it was still hot. A few minutes later, we all rubbered up and took our turns on her. I went first and put my cock in her pussy from behind. She moaned lightly and took another cock in her mouth on the other end. The other two played with her body while she took it in both ends. She was moaning and her body was glowing with sweat. I could see small beads of sweat on her back and ass and I wanted to just lick it all up. Her pussy was soaking wet, wetter than it had ever been, and my cock almost slipped out a couple of times.
Nadia stayed bent over like a dog but me and my friends rotated. Another one of my friends fucked her from the back. She moaned a bit louder. His dick wasn't much bigger than mine, but her moan was louder. When he was done with her, another one of my buddies fucked her. She moaned even louder. Then it was Liam's turn. He forced his cock inside her and she yelled out the word daddy. She kept calling him daddy and screamed while he had his way with her. I watched the sweat on her body glow even brighter. There was a bead of sweat on her lower back right where her ass crack started. I couldn't resist it any longer. I scooched beside Liam and put my face down on her back, licking the sweat from her back to her ass crack and made sure I stayed away from Liam as he fucked her.
Liam asked me if I had any cream at my place. I brought over a jar of lotion. He took off his condom and rubbed it all over his dick and took a big glob and put it in and around her asshole. He told us all to back off for a second and slowly put his cock inside her ass. I don't know if she was 100% ready for this. This would be her first time doing anal. She had never even done it with me. But she didn't complain and took it like a good girl. She moaned in pain but never once asked him to stop. Liam squirted more lotion on his cock and fucked her ass more. When they sensed that she was enjoying getting her ass pounded, my other two friends joined in the fun. One put his cock in her pussy and the other in her mouth while I stroked my cock. Her cries were loud and she screamed like a bitch while she had all three of her holes plugged.
Watching her getting fucked like this was the highlight of my life. I wanted my turn with her asshole also and went after Liam. It was so much tighter than her pussy and felt amazing. She seemed to enjoy it also. She was exhausted by the end of it. She lay down on her back and we all stood around her stroking our cocks. One by one, we all jizzed on her body and covered her face, tits and chest with our cum. She was soaked from the head down in cum and sweat and lay there for a few minutes. I got her a towel to clean herself up.
Me and my buddies got dressed and Nadia put on one of my shirts. Everyone stayed the night at my place. The next morning I got up and saw Nadia make her way to the bathroom. I was half asleep but saw that she left the door unlocked because a few minutes later, Liam followed her inside. He didn't bother closing the door. I saw my girlfriend bent over the bathroom sink taking a morning pounding from my buddy. Here's the catch: I think he fucked her raw and she let him. That part turned me on the most and my cock instantly shot up and created a tent in my blanket.
This was a super fun night. Nadia obviously enjoyed the hell out of herself and found her new favourite thing to do (my friends). Later that day, one of my friends jokingly said to me that Nadia wasn't just my girlfriend anymore, and that she was "our girlfriend". Everyone laughed and I knew he meant it as a joke. But I knew deep down that it was close to the truth.

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