My friend’s hot mom – 1 | straight story from Shaadmehr

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I’m Shaadmehr. I’m now 38 but when this story happened I was 25. I’m a horny guy and have strong sexual desires and fantasies.

At the time, I had had sexual affairs with one of my friends’ moms at high school. But upon moving to another city for university, I lost that hot milf and her sexy daughter. Of course, her daughter i.e.,my friend,’s sister got married and our relationship was cut.And of course, I used every chance to meet Arezu (the mom) and let her blow my balls and mind.

But most of my time was spent in another far city.

I was lucky to find another friend’ s hot milf mom, who was eager for some young sexy handsome guy like me.

This was not a very deep and intimate friendship, against my deep friendship with Shaahin. But me and this milf’s daughter were classmates and had done some projects with each other.My friend’s name was Sara and her mother’s name was Narges.

Now, I wanna tell my first sexual encounter with Narges.

I was living in the dorm, but Sara was living at her home with living her mother. One holiday, without prior setting, I went to Sara’s house for some class stuff, but her mother told me that she had gone for mountain climbing with her friends.

Her mother told me to come up to their apartment but I first refused. She had seen me through the eye phone. She, then insisted and warmly and eagerly invited me for some drink. I could not refuse anymore, so I went in and climbed the stairs to their apartment.She welcomed me warmly and invited me in, but I refused and told her that I didn’t intend to go in and disturb her. Again she insisted to the point that I could not refuse anymore.

She had some meaningful points while inviting me in. For example, she had covered her body and hairs at first, which we call Hijab in Iran. But, she seemed to intentionally uncover her hair and neck for me while inviting me, which is not a proper behavior for a courtesies lady in Iran. She also used extraordinary passion and coquetry. So I guessed she was planning something unusual.

When I went in, she gave me a tight and intimate hug and kissed me on my face, which shocked me to some extent. She then told me not to be shy and kiss her back:

– Oh Shaadi! Don’t be so shy. Make yourself at home and call me Narges. You’re so lovely.

Then she hugged me again and brought her face near my lips. I kissed her and obviously got hard!

She then kissed me again and this time she kissed much closer to my mouth:

– call me Narges!

She whispered in my ears in a commanding manner and I said :

– nice to meet you dear Narges

And kissed her back, near her lips!

Her dirty intentions got clear for me. But she didn’t continue. She stepped back and invited me to sit on the sofa:

– you’re so welcome Shaadi. Excuse me. I leave shortly to put on some proper cloths. You eat and drink whatever you want.

– thank you Mrs.

– told you to call me Narges!

– excuse me Narges.

I’m not sure whether she recognized my hard on or not, but she leaved with a last fucking hot naughty smile and looked at me in a meaningful manner.

I was getting ready for some surprise from her. She had really turned me on.