My friend’s hot mom – 2 | straight story from Shaadmehr

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I was sitting on the sofa in Narges’s house, waiting for her to change her cloths. I was wondering what she had planned, but was sure it would be some sexy dirty stuff.

She came back dancing, and wearing a robe, covering her body to a little above her knees. The collar was open enough to show some part of her sexy breasts and it was obvious there was no bra under the robe. She was gorgeous and sexually attractive. While dancing, she made moves that proved she wore nothing under the robe. Her dance was also arousing. Everything told that we were going to have some hot fun.

I couldn’t resist and joined her dance. She skilfully shook her ass towards me and let me touch her butt chicks three or four times. Her ass was soft and amazing. We ended hugging and kissing deeply and she could feel my hard shaft in my trousers.

– you’re so nice Shaadi. I love you.She whispered in my ears.

-and you’re a hot attractive milf Narges.I replied pressing her to my chest and rubbing her ass.

She moaned and relaxed her body in my arms, her eyes closed and her head falling back. I hold her from her asscheeks and kissed her white neck right beneath her chin. She moaned harder because of the ticklish sensation. I rubbed and massaged her ass. It was so soft and huge enough to make me harder and harder. I decided to go beneaht her robe and touch her skin directly. So, I put one hand behind her back to hold her while pushing my left hand into her clothing from the front. She welcomed my movement and stood again to let me put both my hands beneath her robe. I put both my hands on her asscheeks from beneath her robe and found out there was no panties there! At the same time we began a long deep kiss which made me even harder!

She was amazing in every way. Her lips were soft, warm, charming, inviting and she was a skilled kisser. I was massaging her every inch of her asscheeks and did not miss her buttcrack. She obviously liked that. I was also feeling her mature breasts on my chest while she was feeling my hard shaft on her croth!

After about 3 minutes, she could not tolerate not to grab my penis. While kissing, she began to unbutton my trousers and soon pushed her hand in my shorts, grabbing my hard cock. It was wet with precum. She commanded me to quickly take off my and her cloths.

– I cannot stop kissing you honey. you take off my robe and your cloths, please.She told me and again stick her sexy lips on mine digging her tongue deep into my mouth. I obeyed her. Soon, we were hugging and kissing deeply, me massaging her ass and she holding my shaft with one hand, while completely naked.

I noticed her moisture when she rubbed her crotch against my leg and found out she was more horny than I thought! She rubbed it hard and moaned harder and harder. My thigh has hair and it seemed that my thigh hair was irritating her.

She seemed to be enjoying and becoming near orgasm, but suddenly stopped.

– you thigh hair felt amazing on my thighs baby. I was out of breath and near orgasm.

– why did you stop?

– I couldn’t bear the stimulation!

I found out that was the right time. I grabed her hips and lifted her up and put my dick on her pussy’s entrance. My movement was very fast. She shouted in excitement and said:

– Wow, careful. You must ask me before that!

– Baby, you are so wet and need me. don’t be shy.

I said that and entered her vagina! She was so wet and hot! Her pussy was like a pond full of oil and my dick went in so easily. I did not start the fucking and hold her in that position. My dick was deep inside her.

– OOOHhhh, your dick is so big! Wow.

– You want me to fuck you? Just tell me babe.

– Yes!

I started pounding with all my strength! Her soft and mature body was a heavenly sex toy for me and made my shaft even harder!

Fortunately, she came faster than me. Soon, she began trembling in pure sexual pleasure in my arms. I controlled her and put her on the sofa. Her body was still shaking in pleasure and she turned to herself in pleasure.

– You dirty fucking boy! Made me cum so hard and fast with your monster cock. That was amazing. Come and fuck me. You deserve to fuck me for hours. Let’s go!

She told these after one minute of shaking. She opened her arms and legs and I went right in front of this sexy hot milf to continue this fucking heaven in a missionary pos …..