My friends mum [part 3]

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By Horny teen15 Val cooked bacon and eggs, even though it was 8:30 at night, that is what she felt like so that’s what we had.
I kept looking at her, i saw a different person to the one I knew just a few hours ago.
“What? she asked almost blushing.

“I see a much different person to the person I’ve known for so long,”

“Is that because you’ve just fucked me,” she laughed,

“No, its much deeper, I never took much notice before, and I apologise for that, but now looking at you and seeing the real you this afternoon, I see how lonely you have been, and I don’t want you to feel that lonely again, and somehow I will try to be there as long as Brad doesn’t think I’m being weird about stuff,”

“Stop it, you’re making my cry, and I’ve seen a different kid who came to crash at our house all those years ago, and I am grateful out of all the kids who hang around, it is you that I’m sitting here with,” she said wiping a tear from her eye, “now shut up and eat before I burst into tears,” she tried to hide her emotions with a laugh but I could see her eyes welling up.
I could have given her a hug about now, but I let her have her space and time to reflect.

“I do have a question though,” I said with a serious look on my face. I had my hand resting on the table and she put her hand on top of mine, leaning forward just enough that I could see her nipple, and she noticed me looking but didn’t cover it up.

“OK, what is it,”

You called me DADDY, and I have to admit it did shock me at first, but then I kind of got into it and It’s kind of nice, but can I ask, WHY?”

“I was wondering if you were going to ask about that,” she said putting her knife and coffee down and looking quite serious, “SO,” she started, “You are 15, the same age besides a few weeks as my oldest son, and we are having sex, I wanted to call your name, but it freaked me out, I guess at the time, in the heat of the passion, I needed a release to call out and to let you know how fucking turned on and how fucking awesome you’d made me feel, but Pete is my son’s best friend and I just couldn’t call you by your name right then, and Daddy was the first thing that came out, I hope you aren’t hurt by mew calling you that, if so I won’t do it again.”

“Please don’t stop it, to be honest it kind of turned me on a little, but then I had another thought about it,”

Oh, what was that?”

“It’s probably too late to ask, but, umm, are you on the pill?” she looked at me with a big smile,

“I was going to say to you just as I knew you were about to cum inside me, that I want you to cum in me as I can’t get pregnant any more, I had the op after Timmy was born as I didn’t want to have any more late babies, and I stopped taking the pill because Bruce never sleeps in bed with me so we rarely have sex so when I got pregnant with Timmy it was a huge shock and so I decided to have hysterectomy , so you are very safe, and yes it is too late to ask,” she laughed.

I just smiled and pretended to wipe sweat from my brow, “Imagine if I did get you pregnant, Brad would be my kids’ brother and I’d be like his stepdad, how do you think that would go down?”

“Well, we don’t have to worry thank goodness.”

We finished eating and sat on the couch kissing and just holding each other, “I have to get up early in the morning sweety, so If you want to go you can,”

“I actually thought I’d stay here for the night, if that’s OK,”

“I was kind of hoping you would, but I wanted to give you the choice, I’m very glad you made that one, I think we might still have time for a bit more fun in the bedroom,” she said as she stood up tugging my hand to go with her pulling me to my feet.

We went back into Brad’s room, it smelt of sex, it was a wonderful scent.
She dropped her dressing gown on the floor, and I did the same, she lay on the bed holding out her hand,
“OK DADDY,” she said in a cheeky tone, “I want you to fuck me hard, but before you do, i want you to eat your Babygirl’s pussy till I cum, then you can do as you like with me,”

I didn’t say a word, I got between her legs, which were bent and wide open, her hands holding back her pussy lips for me to see inside her and how swollen her large clit was already, and how wet she was.
I started slow, just touching her clit softly with the tip of my tongue, she shuddered and moaned,

“That already feels so wonderful,”

I continued just teasing her clit, her back arched, and she took in a deep breath, i then started licking from her ass to her clit in long slow licks, sucked her clit softly and stuck a finger in her pussy and began slowly finger fucking her, her hips immediately began humping my hand, pushing it in as far as it could go, I moved it around searching for her g-spot and as I touched it she moaned ,

I continued rubbing it and sucking her clit, her body was rocking, and her pussy was riding my finger, circling and gyrating making sure my finger did the job I was wanting it to do,

Her back arched and her legs were trembling her toes curling, she was grabbing her nipples and tugging them, then grabbed a hand full of my hair and was guiding my head to keep it on her clit.
I licked it with my widened tongue and nibbled it occasionally.

She held her breath and lifted her head to look at me, then squirted into my mouth, there was so much of it but I kept licking and fingering her till she told me to “STOP, STOP, STOP, PLEASE STOP,” I sat up and took my hand away, she reached down and slapped her cunt 3 times and then rubbed her clit hard and fast and the fluid started flowing again, her body was shuddering, her legs still trembling, then she collapsed as the juice stopped flowing.

“OH GOD OH GOD, WOW OH FUCK DADDY” she said trying to get her breath, “Now get that huge hard cock inside me, fuck me hard, I want you to pound my pussy.”

I didn’t need asking again, I got between her legs, lifted her legs up over her shoulders and slid my cock all the way in, lifting myself up and I began pounding her hard, I was giving her everything I could long powerful strokes, then slamming down hard my balls slapping against her ass.

I could see her head rocking with each thrust, and she was matching my strokes, lifting her but up just slightly to get a different spot each time then gyrating and grinding, she was really getting so into the feel of the moment and loving it so much.

“Doggy, fuck me doggy DADDY,” she begged
I flipped her over quickly and pushed my cock deep into her again and she moaned

I was really getting into how she loved to talk dirty, and I was pounding her hard, then I slapped her twice and she squealed, I did it again and her ass jumped
I started really slamming into her, her body shook on each thrust, I felt her cunt squeeze my cock and I knew she was about to cum, I licked my thumb and as she was about to cum, I forced it in her ass,

“OHHHHH FUCK MEEEE.” she shouted as she exploded in another powerful orgasm but no squirt this time, but she was bucking and pushing against my thumb wiggling her hips and not trying to get me to take it out.


“Come here daddy, let me suck your cock, let me drain you r cum into my mouth,
I stood up and stood next to her and held her hair as she took my cock in her mouth, she gave me a wicked smile then started sucking my cock and letting it slide all the way down her throat, I was so happy she could take it all.

I slowly started fucking her face, then holding her down and just giving little thrusts while i could see it in her throat, she didn’t gag once and started somehow moving her throat muscles like she was swallowing or something but oh fuck it felt amazing, this obviously wasn’t the first time she’d done this.
She pulled my cock out a little and wrapped her fist around it and started jerking it while sucking it, it was so good and I could feel I was about to cum,
“Look out baby girl I’m about to shoot my load,” She didn’t stop or hesitate but started wanking me harder and faster keeping the head of my cock in her mouth and sucking it, that did it

“OH FUCK BABYYYYYY YESSSSSSSS, SWALLOW NY CUM YOU DORTY GIRL DRINK MY SEED, YOU SLUT OHHH FUCK YESSSS,” I immediately felt bad for calling her names, but I kept face fucking her until I stopped shooting into her mouth, and she had just a trickle running down her chin, which she wiped up with a finger and sucked it off, smiling at me,

“You like me being your dirty slut don’t you daddy?”

“OH I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it like….”
she put a finger over my lips,
“sshhhh Daddy, I enjoy being your slut, your dirty girl, your whore any nasty name you want to call me is fine and very exciting, so shhh,”
She still had hold of my cock and was licking it clean, I didn’t feel so bad about calling her names now, she must have liked it.
She moved over so I could lay beside her, we cuddled and kissed again, she was a great kisser, maybe even better than my girlfriend.
We didn’t say anything, we stopped kissing and were just holding each other, obviously we had things going through our minds, I know I was thinking how I will react the first time I see Brad with his mum and how will she act seeing me and him together, what about next time I bring Linda over, will she say anything to her, have I just made a huge fuck up in my life? Time will tell, we sure can’t go back and unfuck her.

We both must have gone to sleep as the next thing I knew, I heard Bruce opening the front door, which was right outside Brad’s bedroom door, Val woke up at the same time, and we lay quietly, she didn’t seem worried, but I certainly was, what if he goes to the bedroom and she isn’t there and goes searching for her and finds us in bed, naked together,
“what do you want to do?” I asked,

“Nothing, he won’t know I’m not in bed, he sleeps out on the verandah, he has a little fridge out there, he will have another beer and fall asleep, that’s the way it’s been for many years now, so relax and keep quiet, he doesn’t even realise the others are away,” hehehe, she sniggered.
After a few minutes I could hear him talking, but I had heard him talk to himself when he’d come home from work drunk, so I wasn’t too concerned, but just slightly.

Val dragged me back to lay down, put an arm around my shoulders and started kissing me again, but i just wasn’t settled,

“You’re still worried aren’t you,”

“Well yeah just a little, I’d feel so bad if he did walk in and see us like this,”

“Yeah I guess it could be bad, I will go back to my bed and get some sleep, beside my alarm is already set so It’s probably for the best, umm sure you wont join me,” she said smiling,

With that she gave me another quick but lingering kiss and was out the door. As much as I’d enjoy waking up with her beside me, i felt much better she went back to her own bed.
I was quickly asleep again only to be woken up by Val, all ready to go to work,
“Hey sleepy head,” she said waking me with a kiss and lifting her skirt so I could see she had no panties on,

“This is for you later if you want some more,”

“MMMM good morning,” i managed to say, but was still very sleepy, “Are you wanting more of the same are you, you’re not having any regretts?”

“REGRETS, are you kidding me, my only regret is waiting for so long to do something with one of you boys and I’m so happy we are the ones , but I slept in I have to get going, what are your plans, are you going home,”

“Yep I will be going back to my place, I better get back or al hell will break out, so what are you thinking,”

“What am I thinking, I’m thinking about you fucking me again, but how about I give you a call at home around 12.30, that way we can figure out something. But I really have to get to work, talk at 12.30,” she said and gave me another kiss and a flash of her pussy and a wink.

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