My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 3

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By Johnny55 Bobbi wants to become a woman and Brian and Brenda are more than willing to help.

We had recently moved from the apartment to a duplex which offered us a yard, more room, a garage, and more privacy. It wasn’t new so the landlord told us to do whatever we needed to do to fix it up and just give him the receipts and we could take it off the next months rent. We jumped on that offer and started to paint and install new carpeting among other things. Bobbi would come by and help us every so often and would usually spend the night if it was a weekend. Nothing really happened with Bobbi since the shower incident, just a little touching and teasing. She would pull up her shirt and flash me her cute little titties once and awhile. Or grab my dick. Brenda would just shake her head and chuckle. Bobbi didn’t try and hide anything from her sister and Brenda didn’t care what Bobbi did. I was working full time and Brenda part time and so about the only time we had to work on the duplex was at night or on weekends.

Suddenly Brenda now comes up with the idea of us getting married. I’m not so sure but didn’t say no. She is 19 now, Bobbi is 15, and I am now 28. One weekend in March Bobbi came out to spend the entire two day weekend to help us out with the duplex. I think she did it more to get away from her mom than anything but we were always glad for the help. We got up early Saturday to paint the living room and after breakfast we got started. I had already torn out the old carpet so if we spilled some paint it really didn’t matter. Brenda was doing the edging by the ceiling and places the roller couldn’t get. She was up on the ladder and I had a constant shot of her perfect butt, all full and firm. Gave me a half hardon. Bobbi was using a brush and getting the corners and difficult places. She was on her hands and knees a lot and would stick that cute little ass of hers up in the air while she was painting near the floor. I was running the roller over all the large areas. We all had on old shitty clothing so that we could get paint on us and not worry. Everything was going great until Brenda went over to Bobbi and took the edger and stuck a big paint spot on her boobs. It all went downhill from there. Thank god we were almost done. Bobbi has her paint brush and does the same to Brenda’s boobs. Brenda grabs Bobbi’s shirt and pull it up and applies the paint right straight to Bobbi’s tits. (Neither of them were wearing bras. Just loose old t-shirts and old jean shorts. Which of course were tight to their asses). I’m just watching all this and next thing Brenda takes Bobbi down to the floor and sits on her so she can’t get up. “Brian! C-C-Come here with that r-r-r-roller,” she yells. (She stutters a little worse when she gets excited.) Ok I said. She pulls up Bobbi’s shirt and looks at me and says, “R-R-R-Roll those titties!” So I did what I was told. But I quickly grabbed Brenda’s shirt, yanked that up and did the same thing to her. Now I was in a whole lotta fucking trouble from both of them. Brenda is still sitting on Bobbi and all of a sudden grabs my legs and pulls me down. This let Bobbi out from under Brenda and so as I fall to my back Bobbi quickly jumps on my chest and sticks that cute little ass in my face. She starts to unbuckle my belt and with the help of Brenda, they start to pull my cutoffs off. I of course have no undergarments on. This was a little bit of a struggle for them but I didn’t fight too hard. Now I am lying on my back with Bobbi on my chest, Brenda sitting my legs and my hard dick in between them. Bobbi yells, “Get some paint! Get some paint!,” at Brenda. “Hang on a minute,” Brenda replies. Next thing I hear is Bobbi gasp and I then feel Brenda’s mouth around my hard cock. She slides all the way down on it and I can feel her full lips hit my groin. She pulls off half way and goes all the way back down again. I can’t see Bobbi’s face but I can tell she is getting excited by her breathing. Brenda is getting faster and faster as she slides up and down on me. I had quit fighting some time ago. Bobbi is just sitting there now watching her older sister deep throat my dick and I can hear them both breathing heavy. After a few minutes I yell at Brenda, “Here it comes!” She pulls off, grabs Bobbi’s hand, and puts it around my cock and yells, “JERK HIM!” Bobbi only gets a couple of strokes in and I explode all over Brenda’s face, Bobbi’s hand, and my groin. I don’t know how high it went but I saw Bobbi jerk back when I let go, I am guessing so she could get out of the way. I let off with a whole shit load of cum and it just kept coming. Finally after it stopped Bobbi says, “OMG there is so much of it!”. Brenda replied, “Watch it g-g-go away now,” and she proceeds to lick it up and swallow it all. I couldn’t see Bobbi’s face but later Brenda told me here eyes were wide open and big as saucers as she watched it disappear. I am exhausted but finally I said, “Come on girls we need to get this done so it can dry for me to put all the hardware back. They finally got off me and I gave Brenda a big kiss and said thanks. She just smiled and licked her lips. I did get a taste of my own cum. Bobbi had kind of a weird look on her face. I never did get painted.

It was a few hours later and the paint was dry enough for me to start putting all the hardware back up. Door handles, curtain rods and brackets, you know the stuff I’m talking about. I was in the living room doing all of this and by that time the girls are all cleaned up and just sitting at the kitchen table talking. Soon I can smell pot coming from the kitchen. Good for them. They are relaxed and just talking girl talk. I can hear some soft rock playing in the background. I just tune them out and concentrate on what I am doing. It’s around 7:00 pm and I am on the ladder putting up curtain rod brackets on the wall. Suddenly Brenda comes out and says, “I going to go a visit my friend Karen for a bit. I haven’t seen her is some time and Bobbi doesn’t want to go along as she has a pretty good buzz going. I’ll be back about 10:00 or so.” “Ok,” I replied. She then leans into me, looks me in the eye, winks and says, “After this afternoon and what she watched she says she is ready.” “No way,” I replied, astonished. “Yup,” she said. “She just admitted that she wants to learn all the stuff she saw today and the only way to get started is by losing her hymen. Trust me, she’s ready.” And she walked out, got in the car, and left. HOLY FUCK! I am now alone with a 15 year old virgin who wants to lose her virginity to me so she can explore all about sex. Suddenly the morals kick in again. 15 YEARS OLD! VIRGIN! UNDER AGE! JAIL BAIT! JAIL TIME! FUCK!FUCK!FUCK

I finished what I was doing as I was almost done anyway. Grabbed all the tools and the ladder and put them out in the garage. I had taken a shower after the paint fiasco so I was already cleaned up. Bobbi was still sitting at the kitchen table and I could tell she had a good smoke buzz going. Not overly but enough where her inhibitions were considerably lowered. I sat down at the table across from her and she was just looking down kind of off into space. Yup. She’s buzzed. “Brenda told me before she left that you have decided that you no longer want to be a virgin and start learning about sex. Is that true?” She just nodded her head yes. Oh crap, I thought, she’s too buzzed. “Are you sure that this is what you want, Bobbi? This is a huge step in your life and once you go there you cannot go back.” She sat there for a second, raised her head up, looked me straight in the eye, and said very softly but clearly, “I have never wanted anything more in my entire life, Brian. And I want it to happen with you. Bobbi tells me you are the best sex she has ever had and that you could teach me a lot of different things. She says you are very attentive to her needs and wishes and that I would never be able to find anyone as kind and as kinky as you.” Wow! I thought to myself. I was very flattered. I just thought I was an average lover. Brenda sees something else. I stood up and walked to her side of the table, took her hand a led her into the bedroom. I then proceed to kiss her and she returned my kiss and stuck her tongue into my mouth and we made out like that for a few minutes. I broke off the kiss and started kissing the side of her neck and she felt like she just melted into my arms.

Now I can hear all of you screaming, DON’T FORGET THE CONDOM! DON’T FORGET THE CONDOM. SHE’S A VIRGIN AND NOT ON ANY BIRTH CONTROL! Let me give you a quick background of myself. As I stated before in part 1, I am divorced meaning that I was married for about 8 years before I met Brenda. In those 8 years my wife and I had 2 children, a girl and a boy. All we ever talked about was one of each so at 24 I had a vasectomy and could no longer get anyone pregnant. Kids were healthy and perfect so I didn’t need my seed anymore. Also, AIDS wasn’t really prevalent at this time as it was not understood as to what it was or how it was spread. I don’t sleep around per se and she is not going to get anything from me. So there!

Anyway, as I am kissing her neck, I slide my hands to her boobs and start playing with them over her t-shirt and I could tell there was no bra under there. Perfect little melons. Not as big as Brenda’s but just as firm and very hard nipples. As I am doing this she starts breathing harder and giving off soft little moans. Suddenly she steps back and pulls the shirt off over her head and whispers, “More.” “Lay back on the bed,” I said. She laid down on her back and there is enough light coming in from the hallway that I can see this perfect little teen body with nothing on but jean cut-offs. And mean PERFECT! Perfect little titties, a flat stomach with a nice little six pack, and the most beautiful innocent face. I climbed onto the bed next to her and give her a kiss on the lips and then move my mouth to her left breast. I put my lips to her nipple and she gave off a moan that I thought the neighbors would hear. OOOOOhhh! I spent some time sucking on both her nipples and she was just going crazy with it. After a good 10 minutes or so she grabbed my head and looked me in the eye and said a lot louder and firmer than the last time, “MORE!” OK. Moving on. I decided she needed to get out of those cutoffs so I kissed her slowly down that flat little tummy until I got to the top of the cutoffs. I stopped there, got over top of her and unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts. There was a huge wet mark in the crotch of those jeans. “You have to lose these,” I said. I figured I was going to be the one pulling them off but she suddenly lifted her hips and yanked those shorts off in one swift move and in a record amount of time. Wow, I thought. She definitely wants to get fucked. I looked down and in front of me was one of the most beautiful pussies that I have ever seen. It was a mixture of a young girl’s pussy but also a mature one with a nice small amount of light brown pubic hair. I could smell her aroma and it was awesome. I spread her legs apart and crawled in between them, pushed them apart and lifted her legs bending them at the knee so they would be apart farther. Now I could see her tight little slit with a nice large clit at the top of it and I could see her little pink butt hole. She was soaked. I put my face up to her pussy and just lightly stuck my tongue into her tight little crack a licked it from bottom to the top and then flicked her clit with my tongue. OMG! OOOHHH! OOOOHHHH!, she screamed. I pulled my head up long enough to make sure the bedroom windows were shut so the neighbors didn’t hear. So now I am running my tongue up and down her crack from her butt hole to her clit and every time I hit her clit I flick it with my tongue. And every time I hit that, her legs and stomach would shudder. She tasted wonderful and the juice flowing from her pussy was non-stop. Hmmm, sensitive clit. I stick my mouth over her clit and just start flicking it with my tongue continually. Her legs are shaking violently and her breathing was hard and fast. I knew what was happening but I don’t think she did yet. OMG! OMG! OMG!, she was screaming. All of a sudden it was like a volcano blew. OOOOOOHHHHHH! UUGGHH! OOOOHHH! SHIT!, she yelled as her very first full orgasm hit her. I backed off a little bit and let her catch her breath slightly. She was still in the throes of her first orgasm but was starting to come off the high when I went back to that huge clit of hers and just started going to town on it again. FUCK! FUCK! OOOHHH! UUUGGGHHH! OH FUCK!. The second one hit her like a freight train. Yup! You can tell Bobbi and Brenda are sisters. Nice! She had a death grip on the back of my head smashing my mouth into her pussy, and her head was thrashing around from side to side. I slowed down and stopped after a bit to let her catch her breath after she started coming down from the second orgasm. My face was just soaked with all the pussy juice that she spewed during her orgasms. I got up and laid next to her and let her relax for a few minutes. When she finally caught her breath, she looked at me and gave me the biggest smile! I was almost ashamed of myself as I looked and that cute, innocent face with a huge grin on it. “Are you ok?”, I asked. “That was unbelievable.”, she answered. “I have never felt anything like that in my entire life. I am ready for whatever is next, Brian.” “Are you sure you want to go farther?”, I asked. “Once you cross that line you will never be able to go back. And are you sure you want me to be the first? It should be with someone that means something to you. Not your sister’s boyfriend.” “Brian, if going to the next level is even half as good as what I just experienced, then LET’S GET ON WITH IT! And as far as it being you, Brenda was right. You are just the person to teach me. You are attentive, caring, and you will make sure that I am happy.” “You do know that the next step may cause you some pain.”, I questioned. “Brian, I know you will do everything you can to keep it as minimal as possible. I trust you and know you would not deliberately hurt me.” Fuck! I wish that Brenda hadn’t pumped up my image so high, I know this is going to be painful for her. Well, it’s what she wants so here it goes………………………………

Next up, Part 4 – Bobbi loses her virginity!

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