My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 5

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By Johnny55 Brenda and Bobbi argue over who is going to get laid first!

We have finally gotten the duplex to where we are happy with it and there was not a whole lot left to finish. Landlord stopped by to look at it and was so impressed that he gave us an extra free month of rent just for all the labor we put into it. Bobbi now has to come up with other reasons to give to mom to be able to come and visit. It was a couple of weeks after Bobbi’s ‘loss’ and she calls Brenda to help her come up with some kind of excuse to be able to come and spend the weekend. We don’t want to make it too obvious so mom doesn’t get suspicious. Actually, we didn’t think that she would even really care. Bobbi is the youngest out of 8 children and we just think mom was ready to give up parenting all together.

I don’t remember the excuse that they worked out but we went and picked her up on Friday after I got home from work. Bobbi comes bouncing out the front door when she sees us pull in. She half skipped, half ran to the car and jumped in. “Oh my god, I am so happy to see you both. I have been trying so hard to find excuses to come and spend some time with you guys! Maybe mom would just let me come with live with you permanently.” Whoa, that came out of left field! Bobbi then leans up from behind me and whispers in my ear loud enough for Brenda to hear, “Besides I want to get fucked and need to continue with my ‘training.’” she snickered. Brenda and I looked at one another, gave each other that ‘How about that” look and smiled. We had agreed to not push her into anything and always would let it be her idea. “We do have the extra bedroom that already has a bed in it,” Brenda says. “Well, Bert doesn’t seem to really care that much about raising her anyway.” I replied. Roberta, ‘Bert’ is their mom. “Why do you think I moved out at 16 and moved in with Beth and Bob,” she said. “Shit, maybe we could get child support!” I just chuckled. Nothing more was said to the subject on the ride home. The girls just giggled and talked all the way back, they have always been very close. I was concentrating on driving as it was evening rush hour and the highway was a zoo. It had been a long day at work and I was exhausted. I am a front end loader/bulldozer operator for a large gravel company. Pay is great but days can be long, tiring and dusty loading and weighing the customer semi-truck gravel trains.

We finally got home and the drive had made me grumpy and pissed off. It took almost twice the time it normally does. All the fucking idiot drivers that probably should have never been issued a drivers license were on the road I think. All I wanted to do was throw something on the grill for dinner and suck down a couple of beers while kicking back and doing nothing else. I enjoy cooking and have always been a better cook than any of my wives/girlfriends. “What do you girls want me to burn for dinner?” I growled. “Well, I stopped at the butcher shop on my way home from work and picked up these Porterhouse steaks, if that sounds good to you.” said Brenda. All the ‘pissed off’ left my body in that instant. She knows that is my favorite. I ran up behind her, grabbed her around her tiny waist, picked her off her feet, and planted a big kiss on her cheek. “I so love you. You always know how to make me feel better.” I said. “I know you do and you also know how much I love you.” she replied. Bobbi, “AWWWWW! You love me to, right Brian?” “Of course I do, Bobbi. You know that!” We all had a good laughed.

Steaks were awesome and cooked to perfection, I must say so myself. I had a few beers while doing that and at about 9:30 I looked at Brenda and said, “I’m whipped. It was a rough day and I’m gonna go to bed. “Ok, hun,” she replied. “Bobbi and I are gonna smoke another bowl and just chill. We will try not to wake you.” She gave me a kiss and I went and flopped on the bed and was out in less than a minute. Our bed is only a double bed and it can get crowded with only two people in it and Bobbi, except for one occasion, always slept in the spare bedroom. We had been talking about upgrading to a queen size bed to maybe be able to fit another person 😉.

I didn’t have a clue as to what time it was but all of a sudden I feel something jump on me as I was lying on my back. It startled me out of a deep sleep and now I’m wide awake. There is plenty of light coming into the room even though it is dark outside and I look up and Brenda is sitting on me, butt fucking naked. “What in the hell are you doing?” I grumbled. “Well, you know, Bobbi and I were smoking and talking about sex and how good it is with you and well, you know how when I smoke a little too much I get hornier than fuck and well, you know…..” “Yeah, I know.” I replied. I was surprised that she got that whole sentence out without one stutter. Must be the pot does more than one thing for her. The light that was coming through the window shown on her beautiful face and her hair was messed up giving her that ‘wild’ look. Her perfect titties just glistened in the moonlight with her hard nipples and her tiny little waist on her barely 105 pound frame and now I’m starting to get turned on and hard. I grabbed her by her waist and flipped her on her back and got over top of her. She is nothing for me to pick up and move. She let out a cute little squeal. I loved it when she did that. “Where’s Bobbi?” I asked. “She was going to go to bed in her room. She said that she was going to sleep but I could just tell that she was horny too. She’s probably in there doing herself right now.” she giggled. Oh yeah, thanks Brenda, put that thought into my head. I just stared at the beautiful little waif that was under me on our bed and said, “Well I am gonna do YOU right now.” She let out that cute little squeal again as that is what she had wanted all along when she so rudely awakened me. Having sex with Bobbi was just fantastic, but coming home to mama, there was nothing like it in this world.

I leaned over her and gave her a deep, longing kiss and she wrapped her arms around my neck and responded back. We made out like that for a couple of minutes and it just made us both aroused more. There is more to our relationship than just sex and it was shown in that moment. I moved my hand down and cupped her right breast and just lightly massaged it which made her start to breathe a little faster and heavier. Her hand found my hard cock and she proceeded to stroke it slowly. Her nipple was hard as a nail and I pinched it a little firmly. She flinched and then let out one of her little squeals as she doesn’t mind a little pain, especially when it comes to her boobs. I start working my way down her neck giving little kisses until it got to her titties. I had to spend a little time with these perfect c-cups as they are just beautiful. I kissed them both all over and nibbled on the rock hard nips somewhat roughly. She was already horny when she came in the room and this was just making her all that much more randy. She was letting out quiet little moans with the occasional louder one when I bit on her nipples. I started moving down her washboard tummy with my kissing and stopped when I got to her mound. Not being a hairy person, there was just a light fluffy tuft of black pubic hair on her mound, nothing near what you would expect for a 19 year old woman. Brenda nor Bobbi had hair on their pussy lips. I have never seen more beautiful pussies than on those two. Something in the genes I guess. Hmmm. Now I know why Bert has 8 children. While I was kissing her fluffy kitty I slid my hand down to her pussy lips. Damn! She was soaked already. I knew we were going to have to throw down a towel when we were finished if we didn’t want to sleep in the wet spot. She is starting to get wound up and the moans were slowly getting louder. I move down by her feet and part her legs so I can move in with my tongue. She spreads them as wide as she can which will give me access to everything that I want. I lay on my stomach and slide between those skinny thighs and take a full pass with my tongue all the way from her butt to the top of her slit and across her large clit. She groaned loudly and her legs and stomach just shook like crazy. OK I’M GOING IN! I plant my mouth over as much of her pussy that I can and start licking up and down while pushing my tongue in between her lips. I flick her clit every time I hit the top of my tongue stroke. Her juices are just pouring out and I am licking up as much as I can. Damn she tastes good. She is getting extremely aroused by this and her moans are starting to get much, much louder. Her whole body is shuddering. I readjust my mouth to just around her clit and start going to town on that and she lets out a scream that I figured the whole city could hear. “AARRRGGGGHHHH!”

“I CAN HEAR YOU TWO! I’M HORNY TOO, YA KNOW!!! I THOUGHT BRIAN WAS TOO TIRED TONIGHT!” Scared the living shit out of both Brenda and I! I at first thought she was standing right next to us. Nope, Bobbi was still in her bedroom in bed. We stopped dead at what we were doing and just started laughing our asses off once we realize what she did. I got up and over Brenda and while we are still laughing I look at her and said, “Think maybe I should go take care of that first?” “Hang on a sec,” she says. “BOBBI! DO YOU WANT BRIAN TO COME AND FUCK YOU FIRST?!,” Brenda screamed. “YEAH, THAT WAY I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU SCREAMING AND MOANING WHILE I HAVE NOTHING BUT MY FINGERS TO TAKE CARE OF ME!” I’m dying by now, I’m laughing so hard. Brenda looks up at me and nods her head towards Bobbi’s room. “Go take care of little miss starved pussy first, the little brat. I don’t know why I love her so much. She can get so impatient some time.” “I’m sorry, hun.” I replied. “That’s ok.” she giggled. “But you had better save a load for me. I am not done with you yet tonight. I will just entertain myself until you get back.” And then she winked at me. “I love you, and I will save the biggest load for you,” and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “You better love me,” she giggled. “OK BOBBI! YOU OWE ME BIG TIME FOR THIS AND I WON’T LET YOU FORGET IT! Didn’t stutter once through the whole screaming match.

I padded off to Bobbi’s room and when I walked in she has a couple of candles going so there is some light. I look and her and she is sitting up against the bed headboard, eyes closed, her legs are spread apart, and she has 2 fingers buried in her sweet little pussy and one from the other hand rubbing her big clit. She opens her eyes when she hears me and looks at me and says, “What took you so long? I thought you were too tired tonight and then I hear my sister screaming? WTF!” She never stopped running her fingers in and out. “Kind of a potty mouth for a 15 year old, isn’t it. Besides, I was sleeping fine until Brenda came and jumped on top of me.” She is still stroking that sweet pussy and now my dick is hard again. I go and sit on the bed next to her and start putting light little kisses on her neck. It doesn’t take about 10 seconds and she is starting to moan and I can tell she is working up an orgasm. I work my way down to her titties and put my mouth around the left one and start sucking on her nipple. It was instantly hard. She is not as big as her sister but they are just as firm and perky as Brenda’s.

Her moans are getting louder, her breathing is getting much faster, and those fingers are flying in and out. She is so wet that you can hear her finger sliding in an out making a sloppy sound and there is a big wet spot under her butt. “Come on, honey. Finger one out.” I said. “UUGGGGHHH! OOOHHH SSSHHHIIITTTT! OMG! OMG! HERE IT COMES!” With the fingers a blur and the noises coming out of her pussy it puts her over the edge. “SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!” she screams. Her legs are shaking and she is trashing and jerking all over the place. It was almost violent. As she is coming down from the high point, she takes her finger out and that just unleashes a torrent of pussy juice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much. I’m fucking rock hard by now just watching the show. WOW! She puts her legs out in front of her and says, “I can’t feel my legs. They are all numb. I don’t know if I can spread them for you, Brian.” (Light bulb goes on in my head). “You won’t have to. Caught your breath yet?” “Pretty much.” she replied. “Get up on your hands and knees with your head towards the headboard, rest your head on a pillow and stick your butt up in the air.” I told her. She gets a big grin on her face and her eyes light up. “I’ve always dreamed of doggie style. Oh god I’m so excited.” She flips over, rests her head, and sticks her butt up as high as she can. I had to just stare for a moment. In front of me is the most beautiful perfect ass I have ever seen. It was just a little smaller than Brenda’s but it was so tight you could have bounced quarters off it just like her sister’s. It was Brenda’s ass 5 years ago, I’m sure. By now I am ready to go as I so want to fill that little pussy with my jizz. I slide up behind her on my knees and put my legs outside of hers. This is gonna make that little pussy tighter yet. I move my dick head into position and touch it to her pussy lips and it must have sent a tingle through her as her whole body shook. “You ready beautiful?” I asked. “As wet as you are it’s going to slide right in and this time there will be no pain.” She let out a squeal. Holy shit, I thought it was Brenda at first. These two are truly sisters. “I’m ready!” she squeaked. I pushed into and past her bald pussy lips and even though it was really tight it slid right in. “OOOOOooooo.” she went as I hit bottom. It was like letting the air out of a beach ball. I start slowly stroking as I’m pulling almost all the way out and then going back to bottom. I am staring at my cock going in and out one of the finest pussies on the planet and slapping that beautiful ass and I know that I am not gonna last long like this. Besides, I promised to save some for Brenda.

She is starting to work up to her next orgasm as she is coming back to meet my thrusts into her. Oh this is gonna be good I’m thinking to myself. I can tell she is almost there as her pussy muscles are starting to put a choke hold on my cock. We pick up the pace and the sound of my groin slapping her butt cheeks just gets us both going more. “UGGGGHHH! OOOO! SHHHHIIIITTT! FUCK ME BRIAN! FUCK ME HARDER! OMG!” I pick up the pace even more and start hitting a little harder on the pretty butt. Suddenly her orgasm hits her. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?? HARDER! HARDER! I am raging along but ok, I can do harder. I just grab her hips and I just start slamming her. I am hitting her so hard she is sliding along the bed until her head is hitting the headboard. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!,”she screams. I can feel mine starting to rise up and all of a sudden it just starts blowing into her like a firehose. “OMG I CAN FEEL YOUR CUM SHOOTING INTO ME!” Her pussy is like a vise on my dick and I can feel it pulsating. After what seems like I had pumped a couple of gallons of cum into to her I start slowing down my thrusting. She falls face first into the bed and I follow her down with my dick still in her and we are both trying to catch our breath. After what felt like an eternity, I finally roll off her so she can breathe a little easier and she turns her head to me and at the same time we both said WOW! We laid there for quite some time and then I realized, I still have to go as satisfy Brenda. Sure hope I have enough cum left for her. I had promised I would. I got up and looked and Bobbi and she had fallen asleep. I cover her up and planted a kiss on her cheek and went off to take care of my lady.

Next up, Part 6 – Brenda the teacher and Bobbi’s first threesome!

I hope everyone is enjoying this. I have never done anything like this before. There are a few more chapters I have left my head before it is finished and on the last one I am going to leave an epilog to let you know where this all came from. This whole thing is in the form of a story but there is more to this than you think. Please feel free to comment and let me know what your thought are.

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