My Girlfriend Fucks Her Father Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooMy Girlfriend Fucks Her Father Ch. 02

It's been almost a week since I saw my girlfriend, Teresa, get fucked by her dad. Seeing her suck his cock like she did, then seeing him on top of her, banging her teenage pussy till she came, makes me hard anytime my mind happens to wander back to that permanent visual.
I still can't believe I had no idea till that day I hid in her closet. She just doesn't try to act sexy like a lot of high school girls, although, after having seen what I saw, I now know Teresa doesn't have to put on a front like so many girls do trying to attract guys. She doesn't even seem to be trying to attract any guys. It's almost like she's trying to hide her sexuality, which only makes her more fucking sexy. Damn, this girl turns me on. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed a girl her age could be so damn good at sex. It seemed as if it was just a natural thing for her.
Teresa was worried I'd want to bail the relationship with her because of what has been going on, but after seeing how horny it makes me (we've fucked everyday since), I think she understands my attraction to her. Lying in my own bed at night, thinking her dad is probably fucking her again, makes me so hard I can't help but to stroke my cock till I cum…sometimes more than once. I don't exactly understand why it does that to me, maybe it's all the sex involved and my girlfriend is the center of it…I don't know.
It's about 10 pm now and me and a friend of mine, Randy, are sitting in my car in my driveway. I've been working on installing a stereo in my car for the last hour or so.
I can't contain it anymore, I just have to tell someone what I saw, and Randy is such a horn dog, the nastier the better with this guy. I'm sure he'll like to hear about this.
I begin telling him generally how it played out. I am being a little vague, and not exactly forthcoming with all the details, just laying the outline of the story out for him. I purposely leave out the identity of Teresa's father, just saying it was 'a guy'…an 'older guy.'
After telling the mechanics of what I saw, and that it was indeed with my girlfriend, Teresa, he is dying to know who the 'guy' was. I keep messing with him, telling him he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret…and that it was something that would definitely have to be kept a secret.
He is saying, "Come on man, it's me, who am I going to tell?"
Still I lead him along saying, "This is something big, I don't think she'd want anyone to know."
He is asking me if I am ok with what I saw.
"Yes," I tell him, "Once I opened that door and saw her doing it, that's all I can think of."
Randy tells me he'd love to see something like that. I respond to him that there's no way that will happen with my girlfriend.
"Do you think she'll do it again since you were ok with it?" he asks.
"Yes, I'm pretty sure she will, it looks like it's been going on for awhile and it's not like they could run away and be together."
"You're bullshitting me man," Randy blurts out.
"Ok," is all I reply.
"Come on man, are you fucking with me or not?" he now asks.
"No guy, I'm not fucking with you, I saw Teresa get fucked and you better not breathe a word about it to anyone," I sternly reply.
"Show me and no one will ever know what happened," he fires back at me. Great, I thought to myself. I just had to tell someone.
"I doubt I'll ever get to see it again myself," I say without looking at him.
"Bullshit," Randy says, "If what you just told me is true, you know you'll figure out a way…and I want to see that nasty shit too…come on man."
I give up on my stereo install for now, I can't focus on it enough to finish anyway. I tell Randy I'll think of something and for him to keep his trap shut about it. He asks if I'll see her tomorrow and I tell him I'm sure I will. He makes me promise to pick him up and bring him along. Fuck, he's already starting this bullshit?
Fearful of him spreading this whole sordid thing around to our circle of friends, I agree to pick him up.
It's a little after 1pm when I stop by Randy's house and honk the horn. He comes out, hops in, and away we go to Teresa's house.
I explain to him that I'm not sure how this will work, but I am trying, so he needs to keep the lid on everything and not breathe a word to anyone or it's a no-go.
He readily agrees, pulls out a joint and proceeds to light it up. We both take turns hitting that joint while listening to Metallica through the stereo I managed to finish wiring up this morning.
In no time at all we're pulling up to Teresa's house and I can see her dad's truck is there, while her mom's spot in the driveway is empty. Well, 'Here we go,' I think to myself.
Her house is on a corner and there's a separate little garage behind the house facing the side street. I've never seen that garage open, as far as I know, it's full of stuff no one ever messes with.
Their backyard is behind that garage and I pull up and park all the way down by the back end of their yard.
I tell Randy to hold tight while I scope it out. I walk back towards Teresa's house, her bedroom window being on the back corner of the house by the garage.
I sneak up to that window, all the while keeping my peripherals on the rest of the neighborhood. I very slowly raise my head up from below the window sill.
Teresa has those white see through style curtains, and through those curtains I see her in a towel laying back on her bed. I can also see her dad squatting down with his hands on her spreads thighs. Holy shit, her dad can't keep his hands off her any better than I can.
I can't see any actual details, but from the way his head is positioned between her spread thighs…I'd say he's got his mouth on her pussy. My cock is instantly getting hard in my jeans.
I watch her head lift up to look at what her dad is doing and I can hear a slight moaning sound. I see her dad's hands grip her ass and thighs, and literally pick her ass up off the bed about a foot in the air, causing her body to be tilted downwards. This crams Teresa's chin into her chest, while he obviously munches her sweet, dripping wet pussy as she grabbes his hair and squeezes her thighs on his head.
All of a sudden Randy is right next to me. I'd forgotten all about him still being in the car. Dammit, I really wasn't ready for all this.
I hold my finger to my mouth in a 'Sshhh' motion with a big-eyed expression on my face. He'd better know not to make a sound or 'daddy' is liable to see us and that would more than likely be the end of my girlfriend and me as an item, and I simply can't have that happen.
He nods reaffirmingly, then holds his hand over his eyes like a sun visor and peers through the window himself. He looks for a minute, then looks at me and mouths the words 'Holy Shit'. He turns back to the window and continues to watch.
At this point it occurs to me-he has to have figured out who the guy is. There's no way he couldn't piece this scenario together. I now realize how big of a mistake it was to involve him. This was my own private, almost-fantasy world, and now the cat is out of the bag…sort of. I just hope this doesn't get out to anyone else. I would die if everyone found out.
Randy taps me on the elbow and points into the window. I look back through the window myself and see that, yes, Teresa's dad is once again fucking her. He's going slow, grinding around when he bottoms out, and from the sounds coming out of Teresa now…I'd say he's doing a good job.
Another minute or so and now 'Daddy' is banging her pussy hard. Damn, these two are a sight to behold, better than any fuck flick I've ever seen.
It's like he's trying to hurt her, the way he's got her wadded up on her back with her thighs spread out wide, pounding her into the bed. But anyone seeing this would know from her moans and "Oh fuck"s that 'Daddy' isn't hurting her at all, if anything, he's giving her-what it looks like-she needs.
I suddenly don't want to be standing outside this window anymore, especially with a friend next to me seeing what was supposed to be my own private show.
I know exactly what will put a stop to this, and I take off around towards the front of her house, and knock on the front door. I figured I'd give the impression that I just showed up and was looking for Teresa…business as usual.
There is no immediate answer, as I knew there wouldn't be. I wait and knock again, that nonchalant 'Hey, was wondering if you're home' kinda knock. Definitely not the 'Me and a friend have been watching you fuck your dad' kinda knock. Even with everything that's already happened, I was still skittish of the whole thing…not wanting to upset the balance, if you will.
In a minute or so, Teresa answers the door wearing a t-shirt, skirt and wet hair (dammit-those skirts get me everytime)
"Hey," she says a little apprehensively. I can tell she was trying to 'be cool'…probably still afraid of scaring me off, or worse, blowing the whole thing wide open and everyone, including mom, finding out…because judging by her reactions to her father fucking his cock into her, Teresa probably doesn't want that whole thing to stop.
"Hey, me and Randy were going to cruise around, maybe go to Fairview park…you wanna go too?"
"Can you give me a few minutes to finish getting ready," she asks. All the while I'm looking at her and getting hornier by the second thinking about what was just taking place not even 3 minutes ago.
"You look more than ready to me," I tell her. "I like you just the way you look right now."
"Are you sure?" she replies. "I don't have any make-up on and I haven't done anything with my hair."
"Come on, let's go…you look great," I tell her. For some strange reason I want her exactly as she is…freshly fucked by her father. I still can't explain what it does to me, I guess it's the recent knowledge of how much she loves to fuck…I don't know.
"Ok, let me grab my sandles," she tells me as she turns and heads back into the darkness of her house.
As we walk to my car, I see Randy leaning against the passenger door, smoking a cigarette.
"Why did you park way down here?" Teresa asks.
I quickly reply, "I didn't want your dad to see Randy smoking." I tell her. A good answer, if I say so myself.
"Hey, Teresa," Randy says, as he thumps his cigarette butt, while trying to hide his shit-eating grin.
"Hi," was her reply to him. Man if she knew what he just saw, she would probably be pissed as hell.
We all get in, with Randy in the back, and head out for Fairview park. Not much is said along the way as we listen to my stereo…me occasionally testing it's limit on the guitar licks of 'Sweet child o' mine'.
Randy's sitting dead center in the back and everytime I look in the mirror, he has a big cheesy grin on his face as he looks towards Teresa while raising his eyebrows, suggestively. I give him that stern 'don't blow this' look right back at him.
Fairview park is crowded as hell, with what appears to be every family in town. We just roll on through, slowing for the speedbumps as we go.
I ask Randy if he has anymore weed, and he replies with a joint in his hand as if it appeared out of nowhere.
I then ask Teresa if she wants a couple of hits, and she agrees to 'try' one or two.
My '76 Camaro doesn't have air conditioning, and I tell whoever was listening that I'll get us to a chill-out spot.
I steer us towards Loy Lake park, a small lake with a few picnic tables and some gravel roads along one side. It's usually dead there, as it's not a lake anyone wants to swim in. At best, there might be a fisherman once in awhile.
At the back end of this small lake, is a big awning with a few picnic tables under it. The whole shebang sits atop a small hill, giving a good view of anyone coming all the way back to the entrance.
We park next to that awning and get out, all three of us sitting on top of one of the picnic tables, with our feet down on the seat…me and Teresa on one side, Randy on the other.
Randy lights the joint, takes a big pull from it, then passes it to me as we casually survey the surroundings, always on the lookout for a car coming.
I take a couple of hits, then hand it to Teresa. I can tell she's a little unsure of this whole situation, but she takes a hit none the less.
Man, she goes into a coughing fit that I am sure is gonna kill her. Me and Randy are laughing at her as she tries to get herself sorted back out. She eventually quits coughing and starts laughing too…all the while saying it isn't funny.
Me and Randy hit it a few more times but Teresa is not too keen on trying it again. With a little light-hearted prodding, she puffs on it a second time and not nearly as hard as the first one. She holds it for a few seconds, finally releasing a small cloud of smoke, with just a gentle little cough at the end.
By now I am feeling it as I'm sure Randy is as well. One look into Teresa's eyes confirms she is feeling pretty good herself. We all start laughing at each other saying how high we all look.
I reach over and give Teresa a small kiss. She just looks me in the eyes as she breaks into a big smile, so I give her another, bigger, kiss. That kiss turns into another and then I feel her tongue.
The effects of the weed, and her sexy tongue in my mouth, has me returning with my own tongue. In a few seconds our hands are starting to roam and my cock is swelling in my jeans.
I go from sitting next to Teresa, to getting on my knees on the picnic table seat, between her thighs…when I notice Randy is still sitting behind us. That makes twice that I forgot that guy today.
Teresa spreads her thighs, inviting me closer to her as she wraps her arms around me pulling me into her embrace. I think she is high enough to have forgotten about Randy as well.
Her tongue is in my mouth again in a big way now, an urgency that suggests she is just as turned on as I am. Weed has a way of amplifying those effects.
I close my eyes and go with it, I just hope Randy is keeping an eye on our surroundings, as I have no idea where this is going.
Teresa has her hands on the back of my head now, and her feet are literally on my ass, squeezing me against her crotch.
My hands go to her hips, and then down onto her thighs, finally making my way up under her skirt.
Fuck me! She has no panties under that skirt, as my hands find nothing but bare hips and ass. I groan into our kiss as I grind my jean covered cock right onto what had to be her bare pussy.
Teresa moans into my mouth as she begins to dry hump me right in front of my friend. I'm guessing she has definitely either forgotten he's still here…or she's just that fucking horny.
I am high enough, and horny enough that I go for broke…and reach down to unzip my jeans.
Teresa feels what I'm doing and reaches her own hands down to help me…both of us fumbling with my button and zipper.
We get my jeans unzipped and before I can push them down, she reaches in and pulls my cock out…jacking my stiff cock as soon as she does.
She moans even harder into our kiss that has yet to stop, while she rubs my cockhead on her slippery pussy.
Teresa lines up my cock, as my hands are still gripping her hips under that skirt. I give a push as I pull her almost up off the table…and I'm balls deep in her extremely wet pussy in one stroke.
Fuck, it feels so damned good. Suddenly my mind goes back to earlier today and I realize she's already been fucked, and fucked hard…by her father. This is the second hard cock Teresa has had in her pussy within the last hour or so. This girl is naughty and she just can't help it. She likes to fuck as much-if not more-than any guy does. My own personal fuck-bunny nympho…and we're doing this right in front of my friend! Damn this girl turns me on.
Teresa is in no mood for foreplay or a slow-fuck. I start stroking into her like its the last time I'm going to see her, or feel her sweet pussy.
She is holding onto me tightly, and leans back onto the table, bumping into Randy in the process.
He scoots around quickly enough, and in just the right way to allow her head to lay back in his lap.
The look of surprise in her eyes when this happens, lets me know she did indeed forget he was there. She moves like she wants to get back up, but I start pounding her pussy like my life depends on it. She can't help but to end up with her head back in Randy's lap while I fuck the shit out of her.
From his point of view, all her can see is her skirt, which is getting caught up in the action every few strokes. I flip the front of that skirt up, exposing the whole fuck-show to my undoubtably horny friend…almost like I'm showing off what I've got.
I make sure to keep pounding Teresa's pussy on that picnic table so that she can't do anything except for hold on. This whole scene is nasty as hell and pushing me closer to that finish line that I'm not ready to cross.
I slow down somewhat, to try and stall things just a bit. It feels too damn good, and I don't want it to end yet. I go a little slower, but bang Teresa's pussy everytime I bottom out.
Her body is getting jolted back with each 'bang'…and each time her head is getting pushed into Randy's lap. The way he is sitting sideways to us, the right side of Teresa's head is rubbing right on the front of his jeans in time with each of my thrusts.
At this point, Teresa has given up any control over the situation and has her eyes closed. I can tell she'd more than likely prefer this without any company, but I'm in the frame of mind to see how far this will go.
I look at Randy and raise my eyebrows in a questioning kind of way. He looks at me and raises his eyebrows right back at me in the same questioning kind of way.
Looking down I see Teresa has her eyes still closed, so I look back up to Randy. Catching his attention again, I mouth the words, 'You want to?'…while nodding down to where the action is.
He quickly nods, indicating that he does. I thought, this is so fucking naughty but I'm going to try it, if anything just to see how far she will go.
I mouth the words to Randy, 'Take it out.' He gives me a questioning look and I nod back, indicating this is the real deal.
Randy leans back a little and skillfully reaches down and undoes his jeans. His cock is right there, as it appears he is sans underwear.
His cock looks sort of like mine, very similar in size, but his cockhead is quite a but bigger than what it looks like it would be compared to the rest of his dick. He must be about to pop because the head of his cock is shiny, and damn near purple.
I motion for him to grab Teresa's head and turn it towards his cock, the whole time I'm still pumping her pussy slowly, with a little bang at the bottom of each stroke.
He gently reaches out and touches the side of her face. Either she doesn't notice, doesn't care, or she likes it, because her expression doesn't change.
Randy looks up at me as if asking for permission, and I nod to him, giving my approval…for exactly what? Hell, I don't know…this is uncharted territory for me.
At this point, he has one hand gently touching the side of Teresa's face and the other hand on his cock. He very slowly pushes his cock forward until it touches the side of her face opposite his other hand.
I watch this thinking how nasty we are right now…I'm fucking my girlfriend-who's already been fucked by her father-while my friend touches his dick to the side of her face, gently rubbing it on her cheek.
It's when Randy tries to take it further that Teresa opens her eyes and sees what's going on. She instantly moves her head away from Randy's hard cock, so I resume pounding on her for all I'm worth…trying to give the impression that I didn't know what had been happening.

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