My Girlfriend Is My Aunty

Hi all horny guys and girls, I’m really happy to enjoy and solve problems of many girls and aunties, I’m Arjun Rane from Nasik but at present in Pune and this happened just in Jan 2012 with my aunts sister (cousin) her name is Megha and I always use to imagine her and masturbate but I was not sure on my luck that it would change so quickly whenever I use to get chance I use to stare at her bobs her figure is 32 26 34.

She caught me then onwards my luck changed her behaviour was a bit different from else days she started seducing me I understood that then one day she told me to accompany her to city center mall in Nashik. I was much happier to hear that so I got ready and waited below our apartment for bus it was a long wait then she told me to fetch my R15. So I told her to hold something properly.
She in returned replied me that I’m sitting behind such a muscular boy n holding something different she got more closer to me as on R15 the one sitting behind has to bend somewhat down she completely put her weight on back her bobs touching and pressing on my back I was feeling quiet horny my 7″ dick came to life, then she told me to start in horny mood I was driving furiously and was trying to take shortcut but she told me to take long cut.
Then after some time her hands started to roam on my stomach and chest when she came to my chest she just griped hardly on my nipple so due to sudden action I applied brakes but she continued her act now I was also enjoying then after that she did it several time to grip my nipples as I was not saying anything she put her hand directly on my dick and started pressing it hardly I was enjoying the act.
Then she started moving her hips in rhythm she was in fact pulling me towards her I understood that she’s going to cum so I courage and directly push my hand on her bobs and started pressing it hardly due to my touch she shivered and cum and her breathing was more heavier now, when we reached mall she told me to take her to our farm house then I understood and carried her to our farmhouse.
There was no one except me and her she called her mother and told that we are at Arjun’s farmhouse and will return late at night her mother accepted. I was seeing a different lust in her eyes she directly came to me and hugged me tightly. I caught hold of her head from behind in her silky hairs and brought her juicy pink lips near me and started kissing her passionately.
We were having a full mouth French kiss so she pushed her tongue in my mouth due to her small and sweet tongue I started sucking it madly then I slowly pulled her pink top from her body I was stunned to see that she had not wear any bra or slip her bobs with pink nipples were amazing and juicy site, I directly put my mouth on those nipples and started sucking them hardly she was just pushing my head as deep as she can on her boobs.
She was moaning like aaahhhh biting her lower lips. I moved down near her navel and started to suck it I was just enjoying her body as if tomorrow we are going to die. Then I removed button of her jeans and in swift action pulled it down she was wearing green coloured panty it was wet due to cuming of her on bike and all incident in bedroom I removed her panty also she was breathing very heavily. 
I pushed her on bed and I bend between her legs and started smelling the aroma of all juices oozing out of her I was getting mad I directly put my mouth on her love hole and started sucking it she was just moaning loudly aaaahhh uuuumm uiiiiiaa she was moving her head from left to right biting her lips and moving her body like snake. She pulled me more tightly on her pussy wrapped her legs on my head and shouting.
I’m cuming Arjun and splashed all her juices on my face I licked all it dry as this was her first time she was breathing heavily till that time I removed all my cloths and lied besides her and she was much more tired due to all act she saw my cock and said baby I was waiting for the same day when first I saw your dick while you were sleeping, I was shocked to hear her.
I put my hand on her right bob and started pressing slowly I was just bringing her in mood then she said you must be tired let me help you she came on top of me and kissing n sucking my lips she started grinding her hips on my already erect cock my dick started pain so I told her to stop she then started from my lips to my ear lobes biting them slowly then on my nipples sucking them. 
I was just losing control over me then she went to my dick hold it for some second and put it in her hot mouth and started sucking it hard while her hands were roaming on my body after 10 min or so I grunted and cum a lot in her mouth. 
I was completely exhausted now she came on top of me started kissing me slowly on my lips after some time I regained power and forced her down she begged me to fuck her and I was mad listening to her words I took missionary position on her kissed her rubbed her clitoris for a while then she told me that she’s ready for the real fun I placed my dick on her love hole entrance and pushed it a bit she started saying go slowly don’t hurt me I was pressing her bobs simultaneously kissing her she pulled me closer and in a swift move I pushed my dick deeper into her vagina tearing her hymen she was just pushing me away from her butt.
I was kissing her and pressing her bobs she started to move her hips I understood. She’s ready for the play so I started pumping her slowly then picking my pace she was just moaning madly like ohhhhh yeah fuck me fuck me harder deeper listening to such words I got more hot I increased my pace she wrapped her soft legs on my hips. I was just grunting she told me that baby now don’t stop I’m going to cum keep on doing biting her lower lips. I also told her I’m also going to cum baby I kept on pumping her she reached her climax she bend her head behind scratching my back.
I felt like I’m reaching my climax so I pushed a last stroke deep in her and cum a lot we both were breathing heavy our whole body was sweaty we lay there for some time I just lay besides her she put her left hand and leg on me.  I saw her face she was fully satisfied I felt good so gave her a last kiss and told her to come for bath she told me that she’s not able to walk properly I picked her in my arms and went in bathroom, we enjoyed one more session will let you know in next part depends on your responses and ratings.