My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooMy Girlfriend's Younger Sister Ch. 01

All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.
This was a real event that happened in 1969, when, bear in mind, there was no internet where anyone could readily obtain information like today. Only the descriptions have been embellished to make a more readable story. There is an element of cheating in the story, so if you don't agree with that, you don't have to read it, otherwise, enjoy.
Part One. The questions begin.
It was the time of mini-skirts, Austin Minis (I had one then), and just around the time the Beatles were breaking up, that at 20, I met and started going out with Jayne, who would eventually be my first wife. She was the same age as me, very slim, had long dark hair, as was the fashion, long legs, and wore the tiniest skirts you could imagine. She lived with her parents and had an elder brother and sister, both of whom had married and left home, and a younger sister Sarah, who was just 17 at the time, lived at home too and was in the final year of school.
I met Jayne in late spring at my school reunion dance, where she and her sister had been dragged by one of her friends who had been a former pupil at the same school as me. The three girls, the one I knew and the other two, were of course dancing together, around their handbags that they had placed on the floor – it's what they did then. When their friend left them to go and talk to another group, me and my mate plucked up the courage to shuffle over and join them, being the only two girls we could see that we hadn't been to school with.
They seemed happy for us to join them and having got their names, and introduced myself as Pete and my mate Dave, were soon chatting and asking the usual questions like 'what do you do', 'where do you live' etc. while we carried on dancing. We seemed to be getting on well, me with Jayne and Dave with her sister Sarah. As sisters, they didn't look alike at all. They were both about the same height, around five foot six or so, however, Sarah was a redhead, with curly hair, light skin and freckles, while Jayne was dark haired and very slim with only a slight indication of breasts. Sarah had more of a figure and so had a bit more shape to her, and from what I could see, nicely shaped, larger breasts. I was more a leg man in those days and Jayne more than made up for having not much 'up top' with her long slim legs, most of which were showing from under her small skirt. We stayed with them for the rest of the evening and at the end, it was natural then that we agreed to meet them as a foursome later in the week and go ten pin bowling at a local venue.
Jayne it turned out was training to be a nurse, and so worked varying shifts at the hospital, so we had arranged our date to coincide with her day off and an evening when her sister didn't have a lot of schoolwork to do.
It all went well, but we realised that going out as a regular foursome was difficult to arrange because of Jayne's shifts and Sarah's schoolwork, so that was the first and only time we did.
Time moved on and Jayne and I continued to date regularly. I didn't see much of Dave as most of my free time was now taken up visiting Jayne and taking her out. Apparently, Dave and Sarah's relationship didn't go so well and one night about 6 months later, Jayne told me they were no longer going out together. She said that Sarah had told her Dave thought she was a bit immature and had found someone a little older, so they had ended it.
I was often at Jayne's house for the evening as we couldn't afford to go out every time, so I did get to know Sarah a little better and we got on well. The three of us often sat on the wide sofa together in the evening watching TV and had chatted about a lot of things. I personally didn't think she was that immature, although she was a little school and study orientated, but that was to be expected as she was nearing her final exams. Nothing ever happened at this time, she was just Jayne's sister and was often around.
A few months later, it was Sarah's 18th birthday, and their parents invited the family round for a few drinks and a buffet, so there were quite a few people there.
We all milled around chatting, drinking and filling our plates from the buffet that her Mom had prepared, and it was a very convivial evening.
The other people were standing or siting chatting, but I found myself at the buffet with Sarah, both getting a second helping.
"Pete," she said, looking round to see where everyone else was, "can I ask you a question?"
"Of course," I replied, wondering why she had got me alone to ask.
"Well, you're a bloke, right?"
"Was last time I looked," I joked.
"Ha ha, funny, no, seriously, I need to ask you something."
"Ok sorry," I said, intrigued now.
"I meant, as a bloke I need your opinion," she said quietly, a slight blush creeping up her neck.
"Right, go on then."
She looked round again to make sure she wasn't being overheard. "If… if a girl offered it to you on a plate, would you accept?" she asked, concentrating on her plate of food.
This question threw me, for a moment, did she really mean to ask what I thought it meant, or had I misinterpreted it. I wasn't sure
"Ehmm, I'm not sure what you mean." I whispered, playing for time.
"Yes, you do," she said, her green eyes flashing at me, "don't procrastinate, I just want a truthful answer from a bloke I trust."
"Well," I started, "I suppose it would depend on who was offering and what the circumstances were."
"Yes, but would you be tempted?"
This was getting a little awkward with people not too far away.
"I'm not sure you should be asking me this, after all I am going out with your sister. I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea," I replied.
"I am not going to say anything, and I don't think I can ask anyone else; I just want to know what you would think." she pressed.
I paused for a moment, "I guess I could be tempted, if it was someone like you for instance," I smirked.
She blushed even more, "Oh… okay, well thanks for being honest, I just wanted to know how blokes thought." she mumbled.
"What's this about," I asked.
"It's nothing," she said, "I was just thinking about something, it's not important," she finished, as she slowly moved away.
It clearly was important I thought, or why would she risk embarrassment asking me. I didn't know what had prompted the question, but I was secretly pleased that she trusted me enough to ask me and a little intrigued.
The rest of the evening passed pleasantly enough and eventually the visiting family members left and the rest went to bed, leaving Jayne and myself alone at last in the living room. We had messed about before when everyone was in bed, but we were too nervous about doing much now, as we had nearly been caught a couple of times before by her Mom. We had also gone 'all the way' a few times both on the sofa and in the back of my Mini, but it required a lot of manoeuvring in there, and it wasn't very comfortable squashed in the back. One afternoon we had actually managed to do it in her bed while her parents were at work and Sarah was at school, that was much more comfortable and safer.
This time though, we only went as far as kissing for a while and then she let me put my hand up under her top and fondle her small breasts until I had got her nipples hard. I then transferred my hand up under her short skirt and down into her knickers, slowly finger fucking her for a while as we kissed, until she said she was really tired, and I knew it was my cue to leave. On those evenings, I would drive home with blue balls and the smell of her on my fingers.
The next time I went to see Jayne was a weekday, when she had been on an early shift, and theoretically finished at 4pm. We just intended to stay in for most of the evening or perhaps go to a local pub for an hour or so later, just to get a bit of privacy from the rest of the household.
I got there about 4:30pm, giving her a bit of time to freshen up a bit when she got home after her long day. Sarah answered the door which she did sometimes, and let me in. She was wearing a short, dark crop-top, that showed off her breasts and left a little of her stomach showing, along with a short, flared skirt and bare legs. She had obviously changed out of her school wear into something more casual. I couldn't help looking a little longer than perhaps I should have, but she was looking 'girl next door' attractive in that outfit.
"Sorry Pete," she said, "Jayne has just phoned, they need her to stay for another couple of hours, I couldn't get hold of you as you had already left home."
"Oh, that's a shame, I guess she will be more tired than normal," I replied, wondering if she would want to stay up late after such a long day.
"Maybe, but go have a seat in the living room, and I'll get you a drink, I was just about to make myself a cup of tea anyway."
"Thanks tea would be great."
I sat down at one end of the three-seater sofa and after a few minutes Sarah appeared carrying two mugs of tea and a few biscuits on a plate. I was slightly surprised that after she had put the cups down on the low table in front of the sofa, she came and sat right next to me on the centre seat. She turned very slightly towards me and was showing a lot of bare leg.
I made some conversation about her schoolwork and forthcoming exams, she in turn asked me about work and a few mundane things as we sipped our hot tea. It was all very normal, as I said, we got on well and it wasn't unusual to be chatting like this as friends, during the times I had waited for Jayne to get ready upstairs, on other occasions.
Then she said, "You know that question I asked when you were here for my Birthday last week?"
"Err.. yes , I remember."
"Did you really mean it, that you would be tempted if it was me?" she said, looking directly at me with those green eyes, a slight flush creeping up her neck.
"Well, it was a sort of joke, but…"
"You mean you don't find me attractive enough?" she butted in.
"No, emm… I mean yes," I felt I was digging a hole for myself, "what I meant was," I paused to try to get the next bit right, "that anyone would be thrilled if you offered, what you said."
Her fair skin was blushing deep red now, highlighting her freckles, "Well why wasn't your mate Dave then, when I gave him all the signals, he didn't seem to want to touch me and told me he thought I was too 'immature', and we finished after that."
"I don't know Sarah, perhaps he was being nice in a way, not taking advantage of you. You are intelligent, attractive, good company."
"Well he didn't make me feel all those things."
"Can I ask you… what made you decide to 'offer yourself on a plate' as you put it last week? I asked tentatively, "you don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious," I added.
She didn't reply immediately, and I thought that perhaps I should change the subject and talk about something else. I was just about to ask her a more general question, but we both started to talk at the same time, so I stopped and asked her to go first.
"You won't be annoyed if I tell you?" she said, looking down into her tea mug.
"We're friends I hope, so I am sure you won't annoy me whatever you want to say," I replied, softly.
She took a few breaths, "This is a bit embarrassing, but when you and my sister stay up late down here, my bedroom is directly above and sometimes you make a bit of noise and I can hear you."
"Hear us?" I said, getting a bit embarrassed myself now.
"Yea, you know, doing things."
"Oh," I said, I am sorry, I had no idea, we try to be incredibly quiet. But what's that got to do with the other thing with Dave?"
"It just sounded as though you were both enjoying it?"
"Well yes I suppose we do."
"So, I sort of wondered what it would be like, if you see what I mean."
"You've never, you know, done anything then?" I asked, not knowing if she would discuss it.
"Not much, no, I have not had much time for boyfriends with all the schoolwork, and anyway the boys of my age just want to boast to their friends about how far they have got with a girl, and I didn't want to be a school statistic," she smiled sadly.
"No, I can understand that."
There was silence again, but I had the feeling the conversation wasn't quite over.
"Can I ask you something else," she said, "sort of personal?"
"You can always ask," I replied, "but it depends on how personal it is as to whether I will give you an answer."
"Yea, that's fair enough."
"So, what was it?" I asked hesitantly, not knowing where this might be going.
"It's just, I'm not sure how to say it," she started a bit reticent, so I didn't know what was coming.
"Just say it Sarah," I encouraged her.
"Ok, well, I was just sort of curious if you and my sister had done it, you know, gone all the way?"
I wasn't sure I wanted to discuss this with Sarah, but it was kind of sexy for her to be asking such an intimate question.
"Hmm, I'm not sure I should be talking about it with you, I doubt Jayne would approve." I said.
"She won't know will she unless you tell her, I certainly won't." she replied quickly, her face still red.
I wasn't sure why she wanted to know, I could always just pretend we hadn't, but I thought that it wasn't that much of a big deal if she knew, as long as she didn't tell her sister we had been having this conversation.
"You promise to keep this just to yourself?" I asked.
"Of course, it's just between you and me."
"Then yes we have." I said, finally answering her question.
"How many times?"
"Oh just a few."
"Wow," she said, "where did you do it?"
"Do you need to know that?" I asked.
"I suppose not, but, was it like here, in the house?" she persisted.
"A few of times," I replied, giving in, "a couple of times where you're sitting." I added, thinking that would maybe stop the questions.
"Really," she said, touching the cushion and opening her eyes a bit wider, "is that what I might have heard?"
"Perhaps, Emm, didn't you think it was a bit gross, hearing us?"
"No, no, it was actually a bit exciting, but I didn't know what you were actually doing then. Wow, you were doing it right here."
I didn't know why she found that such a revelation or of such interest, although from what she had said earlier, I knew she didn't have much experience, and I could only think she was looking for some answers to things she had only imagined up to now.
"And once in Jayne's bed." I added, for good measure.
"There too…ohhh," she almost groaned.
Her skin was still flushed, and she seemed absorbed in the subject.
The intimate nature of her questions with her sitting so close to me had woken up my cock, which I felt beginning to stir in my jeans. It didn't help when she asked…
"Was it on here, the first time with Jayne?"
"Yea, it was."
"What was it like, the first time with her, I mean?" she continued.
"Sarah, like I said before, I really don't think I should be telling you any of this, if your sister ever found out we had been talking about it, there would be big trouble for both of us."
"Yes, and I told you, no, promised you, that she won't find out from me," she stated firmly. "As I got turned down, I haven't yet got to try it, I just wondered what it is like and how you, you know 'do it'?"
"I'm not sure as a male I can really tell you what it actually 'feels like' for a woman," I said, "what sort of things do you want to know?"
"Well not really that, but just how it went, like, for instance, did you both take off all your clothes right here, where we are sitting? Did you lie down or what?"
I noticed she squeezed her thighs together and then relaxed them, as she asked the last question.
"No, it would have been too risky to be naked, anyone, even you for instance, might have come downstairs for something." I said, remembering how we had listened hard for any slight noise.
"How…how did you do it then?" she pushed, her breath coming a little faster as she spoke.
"You don't need to lie down, there are other ways," I said.
"Yea, I know the mechanics," she said, "and I know it can be messy, but how did you do it, I didn't see anything on the cushion?"
"Do you really want all that detail?" I asked.
"I imagined how it might happen, but I'd like to know more."
"In answer to your question, we were careful, we left her skirt on."
"How does that help?"
I wondered how much detail she wanted. She was pushing further into intimate details that I never thought I would discuss with Jayne's sister, or anyone else for that matter, but I could see it had excited her. The memory of fucking Jayne where we were siting had turned me on too, and although I knew we couldn't and shouldn't do anything, my cock was now almost fully hard. The excitement of the taboo nature of our conversation was overriding the thought process that had told me I had said enough. Anyway, my excited brain rationalised that, she was an adult now, and it was an adult conversation.
"I knelt on the floor, with her in front of me." I said, in answer to her question.
"Like just there," she said, indicating the carpet in front of us.
"Yea, we just pushed the coffee table back a bit."
"Ohh," she sort of gasped. "Show me."
"What?" I asked, incredulously.
"Come on, show me how, I don't mean for real, we both have our clothes on, so it's not a big deal," she cajoled.
"I don't know Sarah, that might be a bit too weird and too far."
"I just want a real image to go with what I heard, it won't hurt anything and it's just between us…right?"
Was I in my right mind? I was actually thinking about showing her. The sensible thoughts in my head were getting quieter and the thought of getting into a potential fucking position with Sarah, had got my heart beating a little faster because of the naughtiness, but after all, it was only a demonstration, and we were fully dressed. It wasn't as if I was seducing her, I convinced myself.
"You're sure you want to do this?" I asked, giving her a chance to say she was joking.
"Yea, it sounds fun," her eyes sparkled, "what do I have to do?"
"I still think this is weird, but if you're sure."
I slid down onto the floor on my knees in front of her. I knew that to show her properly, she would have to open her legs to let me between them, I wondered if that would be the point at which she would change her mind.
"Now you need to lie back and slide your bottom right to the edge of the cushion, but keep you skirt underneath you, that protects the cushion" I explained.
"Like this," she said doing as I had said.
I edged forwards until my front was touching her knees.
"Now you need to open your knees so I can be between them," I said, "but if you have the idea now, you don't have to and we can stop."
"No, let's do it properly," she replied breathlessly, her face still very red.
Her legs slowly opened, the back of her skirt just covering the cushion, the front stretching further up her legs the wider she opened them. Her small white knickers came into view and even at this point, I could see the front was damp and had become slightly transparent, giving me a hint of dark red pubic hair underneath.
I shuffled forwards, aware that there was now a big bulge in the front of my jeans where my very erect cock was pressing forwards. I put my hands just on her hips and slid her a little more towards me until my bulge contacted the front of her knickers. I saw her eyes had a bit of a glazed look and she seemed to be trembling slightly.
"There," I said, pushing hard against her mound, "so does this answer your question?"
"Nearly," she whispered sexily, "show me how you moved."
"You want me to move?"

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